Sweetpeace: The Lexus of Baby Swings

The newborn stage is a little bit foggy in my memory now that I have an active, adventurous, walking, talking little girl. I remember it with crisp clarity and yet it’s also somewhat vague and surreal. 

Although our daughter was generally a very content baby, there were nights when we weren’t sure how to soothe her. I would feed her and burp her and rock her sleepily. I was sleepy, that is. She wasn’t. Usually on those nights, my husband would put her in the sling and walk with her back-and-forth in our half-lit great room and let me sleep awhile. 

I think it would have helped to have the Graco sweetpeace Newborn Soothing Center in moments like that. Sweepeace is the “world’s only newborn soothing center.” What that means – really – is that it is most decked out and luxurious swing on the market. The sweetpeace is the Lexus of baby swings. 

Check out these incredible features:

  • Four unique seating positions
  • Six speeds
  • two-speed vibration
  • Sounds: heartbeat, rain, ocean waves, underwater, white noise
  • Music: sleep songs for quiet times and upbeat songs for alert times
  • Adjustable canopy and plush seating
  • Mirror, attachable toys, and swaddle blanket included
  • Oh, and did I mention the iPod/MP3 player dock?

Impressed? So am I…and so is my husband (and that takes A LOT when it comes to baby gear). We were especially dazzled by the iPod dock and speakers. The music quality was actually quite good and I was completely won over when I realized that I wouldn’t have to listen to raindrops or those same classical lullabies (that are so common on baby swings) over and over again. We also appreciated the soft, muted colors. It fits right in to our home decor – no obnoxious or overpowering colors to contend with.

The sweetpeace center is designed for babies 5.5 to 25 pounds and retails for approximately $169.99 at Babies-R-Us, Target, Wal-Mart, and Sears. Yes, it’s $170, but – remember – it comes with a swaddling blanket, a mirror, two toys, and speakers that play music! 

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Graco sweetpeace Newborn Soothing Center (MSRP $169.99). To enter, leave a comment on this post with your best newborn soothing tip OR one feature of the sweetpeace that you particularly like prior to Monday, June 30 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address. 

*UPDATE* The winner is #165 Kimberly. Congratulations!


  1. says

    I’d love to win this. Not so much for my little girl, but for a friend who is due in October.

    She could use this for her daughter to be.

    I like the MP3 Player as well. I HATE the “nature” sounds, they are great for white noise, but if I’m reading in the same room.. I dislike the sound.

  2. Theresa J says

    Beautiful! Where was this when my little girl was a baby and had the colic? She is now the one getting ready to have a baby, and I would love to win this for her.

    Hmm, my best newborn soothing tip is this: place your fussy newborn against your chest and let them be soothed by the sound of your heart. If that doesn’t work, I seem to remember that riding in a car seemed to soothe a lot of my friends babies.

  3. Carol says

    My best tip to soothe a newborn is to go for a ride in the car. My second best tip is walking and gently patting the baby as you walk. I’ve tracked many miles walking my babies!

  4. says

    My best tip is to swaddle the baby in light weight receiving type blanket and sing to her/him while rocking. The swaddling really focuses the baby on her surroundings and keeps arms and legs secure and snuggly. Glad it has four settings for seating position; looks great for baby to take a nap in too.

    Alyson LID 01/27/06 (IA China)

  5. Tracey Byram says

    I especially like that it has different types of music for the baby. And being able to connect your MP3 player gives you even more music options.

  6. Teri Meairs says

    Graco, such a trusted name! Perfect soother. I have a long lap, so I rest her, backside up, gently rubbing her back as I rock her side to side. Out like a light!

  7. Barbara says

    We also used the sling for soothing our newborn and I found he enjoued it if I “danced” with him in front of the running dishwasher :). That usually helped and the dishwasher always seemed to need to run at the end of the day when he started fussing! My friend got the sweet peace and it seems great, although their lo is in a carrier most of the time too. Would like to have it as an optioin for ours due in Oct….

  8. Sandra Brodeur says

    I just love all the features of this swing but mostly the sounds feature. My granddaughter is expecting her second child and this would be so great for her. Thanks for this contest.

  9. happyathome says

    One of the best tips that I got for soothing a newborn, and I want to pass it on is using a hot water bottle and placing on the crib mattress where the baby sleeps. Once you are ready to put them down for sleep, remove the water bottle and the area is warm, making the transfer from warm in your arms to warm in the bed. Worked like a charm!

  10. says

    We will have baby #3 someday, and I sold my swing last summer! This looks great! My best tip, swaddle and sing-or more like hum. But my kids were easy, and when they were really fussy I just nursed them! Though my swing was a lifesaver for when I needed to get stuff done because I hated putting my babies down!

  11. Lis Garrett says

    One thing that worked for me was to say repeatedly, “shhhhhhhh shhhhhhh shhhhhhh” in a very quiet, calming voice.

    I would love to win that for a friend who is due with twins later in the year. She also has a toddler, so I think she’ll need all the help she can get.

    I didn’t have a swing for any of my kids except Bridget. The seat went either side to side (for infants) or back and forth (for olders). When Bridget would wake at 4AM, I would feed her then plop her in the swing. She would doze right off, allowing me to get a little more sleep. It was a great gift!

  12. Heather says

    My best soothing tip is just movement. Whether is rockng back and forth standing up, in a rocking chair or in a swing. Singing while you do this helps also. I am not ashamed to admit that my daughter slept in her swing for at least the first month (until we discovered the miracle blanket). I would love to win this for our next child since we had borrowed a swing for our daughter. Thanks!

  13. Debra says

    My best soothing tip is singing and rocking the baby until she settles down. We don’t yet have a swing for our imminent (any day now) arrival — and that would be a wonderful help for soothing as well!

  14. says

    Wow! This is a VERY nice swing…an IPOD dock? That’s just cool! Our swing is a 10 year old hand-me-down so this would be a huge step up for our upcoming arrival! My soothing tips come from “Happiest Baby on the Block” I swear by that book. The 5 S’s swaddle, shoosh, suck, side lying, and of course SWING. I have a feeling this swing would provide a lot of soothing and it’s such a great color too! What a great giveaway!

  15. says

    Hands down, babywearing was the best thing that worked for me. I never would have made it through my daughter’s first year without my baby carrier! I literally owe my sanity to babywearing! :)

  16. Deanne S says

    My best soothing tip for a newborn: Both of my boys loved to be bounced slightly with their butts being pat. Neither liked being swaddled?!

  17. Casey H says

    I’d soooo love to win this, My baby shower was yesterday and the only thing that I was really desprate for that I didnt get was a swing!! This is amazing!! I’d be so grateful if I got picked for this one!!

  18. says

    We didn’t have all this cool stuff when my girls were babies! I would have to either take them out for a car ride or set them in their infant seat on top of the dryer while it was on a low setting. Oh, and they also liked my bed since we have a massage feature.

    This would be a GREAT baby shower gift for my niece that is due in November.

  19. Becca says

    I’ve been drooling over this baby swing since I learned about it. It does so much more than just swing! My favorite tip for soothing is swaddling and the whole process that I learned from “The Happiest Baby on the Block” by Harvey Karp. I recommend that book (or DVD) to all my friends that are having babies now.

  20. P Hafner says

    My best soothing technique is to swaddle the baby, place them in a cradle-type sling (or hold them where they’re laying sideways in your arms), give them a pacifier and start walking. My son had Gerd and this would usually put him to sleep. I wore him a lot the first few months.

  21. erica g says

    The best soothing tip I have heard over and over is to put the baby’s bare skin next to yours. I will find out any day now! I am due on Friday!

  22. katie v says

    Something I’ve read but haven’t tried myself is some sort of Japanese secret or folk remedy: when a baby needs soothed, swish/slosh liquid around in your mouth. Apparently this is very close in mHz to the sound while inside a mother’s womb.

    I’ll be trying this out with my fingers crossed when my baby girl arrives.

  23. Katie says

    Swaddling is what worked for us during the newborn stage. Now he is a pretty good sleeper so we are thankful for that but I am sure he would love to take a ride in this swing. Very cool. Thanks

  24. Margaret Smith says

    What a wonderful giveaway. I love that this has a sounds feature with the heartbeat, rain, ocean waves, underwater, white noise sounds.
    Thank you so much for offering this giveaway and please enter me. Thanks.

  25. themommykelly says

    Now that looks fabulous for baby! Do they make one for Mama’s too?!

    It looks so soft and comfy, and rocks almost exactly like a parent attempting to soothe baby. It would be perfect for our Baby arriving in August! I sure hope I win! I have hesitated to buy another swing simply because they seem to take up so much floorspace. This Sweetpeace system looks so compact, the perfect size for a family already overwhelmed with preschool and toddler paraphernalia! If I don’t win, I may just have to buy! Oh no!

  26. Amy T. says

    When my son was born our Dr. recommended the book “Happiest Baby on the Block”. I can’t remember all the points, but the things we’d definitely recommend for great baby sleep are swaddling and shh-ushing. (How do you spell THAT?!?) As soon as he was wrapped up tight, we’d bounce him gently on our shoulder & make the “shhh” sound in his ear. He’d relax right away and be on his way to dreamland! Hope it will help others, too!

  27. Kathy Scott says

    My boys love bath time. It totally relaxes them and gets them ready for bed. Thanks for the chance.

  28. says

    This looks so amazing. Our swing is ancient already and ready to be passed to the good will. I love all the different adjustments and settings for this! My best soother would be a nice rocker, a warm blanket and nursing your baby while singing. It works like a charm here!

  29. anna purviance says

    all i can say is wow! wish i’d had one of these! what always worked to calm my baby down in the car was to put the classical music radio station on. sounds corny but it actually stopped her screaming most of the time

  30. Barbara Ritchie says

    It’s been 34 years since I had a newborn, but he is now going to have a newborn. We used to turn on the radio and rock him, or take him for a ride in the car around the block.

  31. Erica says

    Oh man, I would have loved this for Cheeks! She’s still in the right weight category, too…hmmm, to keep it or to gift it? Not so sure yet. I’m sure everyone’s heard it before, but shushing loudly in her ear was one of our best tools for calming Cheeks down. She also loved her swing as an infant, but it was nowhere near this one. Blondie never liked the swing, but she liked to be held and shushed, too.

  32. jacqui says

    My best newborn soothing tip is when my kids were super fussy at night, I would rub their temples while I nursed…it worked every time. My kids still love when I do it. We really need a swing for our newest edition due this fall, our other one is broken and we love the idea of this newborn soothing center!!

  33. KLM39 says

    My best tip is what works for my grandson. Hold him close to you, and humm a soothing song into his ear. He always quiets down and then falls asleep. I favor “hush little baby”.

  34. diane says

    My oldest had coli the car ride was always the saving grace. With gas over $4.00 that won’t work. This product has it all, the soft music, vibration it was very well thought out! A mom must have designed it.

  35. Judith T says

    Seems to me my best tip, was a fussy baby always feel asleep in the car. I really love this new soothing center, we are expecting our first grandchild in December, and would love to give this to my Daughter the NEW MOMMY and my great son-inlaw!

  36. Tangie says

    My best newborn soothing trick is this: (By the time I got to my 3rd baby I had this down and never EVER had to worry anymore!! Grab the baby up and hold him tightly! Now, making sure of course that the baby’s head is not moving, jiggle/rock/sway, whatever you call it with him like you are going to break a hip!!

  37. Tangie says

    A great way to soothe a newborn takes practice and each baby has a different “dance” that soothes them.(By the time I got to my 3rd baby I had this down and never EVER had to worry anymore!! Grab the baby up and hold him tightly! Now, making sure of course that the baby’s head is not moving, jiggle/rock/sway, whatever you call it with him like you are going to break a hip!!

  38. Sundi says

    Wow — what a fabulous swing! I sold my baby swing in a garage sale a couple of months ago, and then found out I am expecting! I would love to win this “luxury” model :)

    My newborn soothing tips are a lot like the ones already posted: driving your sweetie around in the car, swaying while humming, holding him or her very close. I will say that our old baby swing also proved helpful!

  39. Jennifer Monteiro says

    The only soothing tip I remember with my first is breast-feeding. He is the best tempered child i’ve ever known. He never had a tantrum. Everyone comments on his sweetness. i don’t know if it’s possible to have two like that so, I may really need this baby swing.

  40. Gen says

    My son was soothed best by going for a walk (carrying him) outside. My daughter LOVED the sling and practically lived in there until she was too heavy for my back:-). This looks like a mighty neat invention I would like to try for babies to come. Thanks!!

  41. Ashley says

    I love that it swivels, and vibrates, and does so much more. There is no need to clutter your floor with 4 different items when this one does it all!

  42. Catherine copeland says

    having the ablity to connect your MP3 player gives you more music options.

    I know my baby loved rocking with me in our rocking chair while I sang to him.

  43. Claudia M says

    rocking the baby works great ( most of the time :)
    i love it !!!! so many features -wow- i need one for baby and ME :)

  44. Eloise Carlson says

    This would be so nice to have for my newborn. My favorite feature has to be the different sounds as well as the MP3 player which is so different from anything else out there. It has so many great features! Thanks so much for a great giveaway!

  45. Chris says

    That is an all-around great product. I would love to win for my sister-in-law (who is expecting her third in October).

  46. Amy Meyer says

    I wish they’d make these things for adults!! I especially like that a little baby can be in this. I was so excited when my daughter got big enough to put in a swing! What a luxurious baby item this one is.

  47. Sherri B. says

    I like the fact that it has “natural” sounds as well as music. I cannot sleep without my sound machine. It is super nice!!!!

  48. Belinda says

    I would love to win this for my newborn nephew. It looks wonderful and I couldn’t afford to purchase one for him. Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. alison says

    When both of my kiddies were fussy, I would lay them over my forarm with their cheek in my hand, and rub their backs with my free hand. Tummy issues usually felt better from the pressure and closeness of mommy made them relax and stop crying.

    Great contest!

  50. judy brittle says

    when my baby had colic i was told to warm a blanket and just lay the baby on it for a few minutes and that seemed to soothe the tummy ache.

  51. dawn says

    Very nice. My way to sooth the baby was either rocking them or rubbing lightly at the base of their ear.

  52. amira says

    my best soothing tip is to sit down with your legs together and place baby in between your legs. slowly rub their legs lightly, like a massage.

    also on a hot day, get a towel slightly wet and trace gently over baby’s body

  53. Heather W. says

    Swaddling worked for my two children. We would wrap them tight in a blanket so they wouldn’t flail around. It also helped them stay warm and sleep better. And if all else failed a ride in the carseat in the car would work instantly. The only problem would be that the car had to be in constant motion.

  54. Christy Hickman says

    We always had luck with the swaddling also. My daughter also liked to rocked while humming “Jesus Loves Me” very softly. What a great giveaway. Thanks for the contest!

  55. Aisling says

    This is a beautiful design and I love all the features. I’ve never understood why, but many babies can be soothed to sleep by the vacuum cleaner. Just put them in a sling and go to work on the carpets.

  56. bonnie says

    this is just a terific prize. i have my first grandaughter arriving in august and would love for her to have this

  57. says

    My second daughter is due in September, and we don’t have anything like this! it would be great to win. What we did that worked best for our first one was wrap her tight and gently pat her bottom. It soothed her every time!

  58. Kim says

    I put on some calming music and swaddled her. If that didn’t work, I would put her in the car, go for a short drive and when we got home, I would give her a gentle massage. Thanks for the terrific giveaway!

  59. Michelle Elsey says

    My daughter Jocelyn is due August 10th and I would love to have this. We tried so long to carry to term and now everything seems possible!

    Thank you

  60. chickadee says

    it looks so snuggly! my best tip was to use a sling. having my babies close to me kept them happiest.

  61. Cheryl W. says

    When all else fails, we put her in her carseat and went for a drive. Never failed to put her to sleep!

  62. Tiffany says

    My tip is similar to others, but I’ve always loved carrying my babies in a baby sling. They seem to feel so secure when they are that close to their mom and listening to their heart beat!

  63. says

    I have been thinking about the newborn stage a lot lately. My baby just turned one and I keep thinking of the first week…such sweet memories. :)
    I could completely relate to your story too – we would walk him back and forth in the middle of the night in our Bjorn and one of our favorite soothers…our fan. We love to sleep with a fan noise on and my baby loves it too.

  64. says

    What a sweet give away – my kids were so opposite – my daughter liked to just lay on her boppy and watch the ceiling fan, but my son had to be held… and they have stayed that way! My D gives “drive by” love, where as my S is always trying to sit onmy lap :)

  65. Rozie H. says

    What I really love about this soothing center is all the different sounds it has. I think that would be very soothing to baby. My son always liked to lay across my stomach/chest area – I think the sounds of my heartbeat or maybe the tummy noises soothed him.

  66. michelle rosborough says

    The smooth, consistent motion of a car or stroller ride, in addition to the snug comfort of a car seat or stroller, lulls many fussy babies to sleep.

  67. Michelle says

    Would love to win this!
    Baby wearing worked great to sooth my son. He loved being close and my movements lulled him to sleep.

  68. Rena says

    Hard to pick just one fave feature. Probably the ability to change the vibration speed!! Beautiful product.

  69. Patty says

    When you’re baby is crying, but hasn’t quite work up, but just needs a little comfort, rub her back lightly. It will call her/him down.

  70. Sarah Mitchell says

    I found that sometimes baby is either too hot or too cold. After making baby comfortable I put them on my chest and hold gently while rubbing their back in an upward motion from the small of their back. Sometimes if baby is really fussy, you can whisper to them and they will stop crying to listen to you.

  71. Dottie says

    This would be great for my new grand daughter who is still in the neo natal unit but hopefully will be home soon.

  72. says

    My tip is that sometimes it takes multiple soothing techniques (swaddling, white noise, etc) and that what works will change from stage to stage. Just be patient, persevere, and try not to take the crying personally!

  73. Steff-e says

    This swing looks really compact and has great features. The feature I like best is hands down the iPod/MP3 player dock!! How cool is that…so ingenuous!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that feature!! Hope I win!!

  74. says

    for ethan i just laid him on my chest and rubbed his back. i guess it was the sound of my heart beating that would sooth him.
    this would be an awesome gift for my expecting bf!
    moore.g at insideconnect.net

  75. Teresa Hoyt says

    I LOVE the fact that there is nothing over the babies head that could lead to a bump when placing or removing a baby!

  76. says

    My best tip for a newborn is to bounce them. Litterly sit in a chair and bounce your legs while you pat their bottoms. I know they have created bouncers for this purpose, but it’s always worked for me.

  77. Cindi says

    What a plush baby soother. It kind of reminds me of a Lexus style swing! The two things that fascinate me about his item is the sounds that imitate in the womb sounds and the scent blanket that comes with it. Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks very much! Cindi

  78. says

    I’m not entering this contest for me (unless there is a new baby in my future that I’m not aware of!) but for a friend!

    My son was a pretty well-behaved baby. He didn’t cry much. Common “soothing” things didn’t work for him, though. He hated his swing. He hated the chair. He HATED the car! He loved to be held, standing, and rocked back and forth. I would hold him close with his head on my chest and just rock slowly back and forth. Worked every time!

  79. elizabeth says

    I loved having my son fall asleep on my chest, sometimes that was the only thing that would get him to sleep. Of course, I would quickly fall asleep as well…

  80. Monica says

    My sister just called me in tears today because her 4week old is not sleeping and very cranky. When my second daughter had colic the only thing that worked was walking while carrying her in my sling. If I sat she cried- this would have been a lifesaver!

  81. Jill Myrick says

    I love the fact that the Sweet Peace has it’s own soothing music and sounds.
    This to me is worth the price of the swing.
    This would definitely be the swing to have and would allow me a quick nap(in the same room of course)or the ability to get a few things at home accomplished. Oh how I need this !
    Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful giveaway.
    I would LOVE to win !!

  82. says

    I have to say that you had my husband at the ipod dock

    My son loved his swing…the only other thing that soothed him to sleep was being next to mommy and daddy….some things never change!

  83. Terra Heck says

    You’re not kidding, this is quite a swing! I really like the selection of sounds it offers and I also like that it has an iPod/MP3 player dock.

  84. Autumn Howard says

    I always felt that the best way to soothe my son is with breastfeeding but I know not everyone does that. Another trick could just be to lay them skin to skin – it always calms my son down!

  85. LINDA LOU says

    Gosh this prize is awesome!!! I have a friend who is due this fall that I would love for her to have this.

  86. Stephen Saunders says

    No soothing tip here, just smack em’ round a bit when they act up. bwahhhahaha joking, joking of course. omg did you think I was serious LOLOL.

    hehe… did I win?

  87. Suzie G says

    What I wouldn’t give to have one of these right now! Little man got 5 shots today and slept most of the afternoon. It’s now 2:30 in the morning and he’s having trouble sleeping. I’ve got him in his papasan chair, but the batteries are almost dead and it’s not vibrating enough. I think it’s awesome that the Sweetpeace has two vibration speeds. An iPod dock too? That’s got to be my favorite feature! This thing blows my Papasan chair away!

  88. Marie Fink says

    My kids were always soothed bycar rides when they were tiny. And of course, cuddling from mom and dad!

  89. Cynthia C says

    Lots of great features, but I especially like the two speed vibration. Babies find it very soothing. Thanks for the chance to win.

  90. Nicole says

    All of the features on this sound great, but, just from first looks, I like the fact that there’s nothing hanging over the baby’s seat.

  91. says

    When my son was a newborn he loved to have his head rubbed. It put him out every time. This is the coolest baby swing I’ve ever seen. So hip with it’s own IPOD dock!

  92. Jennifer Williams says

    Since I’m due this fall, this would sure come in handy. I like this swing because it offers so much….different seating arrangements, lots of music choices, and various speeds and vibrations.

  93. Carrie says

    My best tip is to get a really comfy rocking chair, nothing beats holding a fussy bay on your chest and gently rocking, but we all need to sleep and having had 3 kids who NEVER slept, I think this would be a great addition for every new parent.

  94. Rachel Watts says

    My babies were always soothed best by just being put on the breast. It was always such a wonderful boding time.

  95. charline s says

    The one feature I really like about the sweetpeace is that it helps to soothe the baby. Everyone knows that when the baby is soothed and calm so is mom.

  96. Amy says

    Swaddling really soothed my little ones. My son had colic and swaddling was the only thing that helped him.

  97. Rachel Chip says

    I can’t believe that it has an iPod dock! My husband would LOVE to make up playlists just for the baby swing! :) Thanks so much!

  98. Deborah R. says

    My best tip for soothing a newborn is to lie down, place the baby on his/her tummy on top of you, with the head over your heart, and cover the two of you with a clean, warm blanket (or sheet in the summertime). Gently rub the baby’s back.

  99. Kati Corbett says

    My best soothing tip is to run the shower. Both my girls love this and it gets them to sleep everytime. However it also makes my water bill go up.

  100. Sarah Z. says

    Since I’m just expecting now, I don’t have a lot of tips to give out! But I love this baby swing. I like that there are soothing sounds that are played for baby. I think I’ll like to hear them too!

  101. says

    I love the SweatPeace. I actually wish my son was still a newborn when it came out (we missed it only by a few short months). I love that you can put our SafeSeat Infant car seat on it and have what seems like a 10 in 1 system that works so great! Our son LOVED to be swaddled until he was 7 months old, I’m sure he would have loved this. Now that #2 may be on the way, this could be a FANTASTIC addition to our living room :)

  102. Monique Rizzo says

    My best soothing tip is swaddling baby and putting her in the carseat on the washer. My daughter LOVED that!

  103. E. Cooper says

    My family is due to increase in October – first time parents! I’d love to be able to sooth my child with this :) My favorite part is the fact that it plays soothing sounds (a great variety!)

  104. Kacy says

    You know, I just visited a friend last month and she had this same thing and I thought to myself, “this rocks!” And I also noticed the little iPod button, but wasn’t sure if I saw it correctly…low & behold, you have confirmed that I could indeed actually play my iPod on this–SWEET!!!!!!!!

  105. says

    This is really neat! I love that the music can be set to upbeat or for quiet times not to mention the fact that this looks REALLY comfy! Wish they sold these for adults! lol

  106. Kari Follett says

    that’s insane!! I wish I’d had that for my babies, esp. my middle son. He was a very very jerky baby and it was so hard to soothe him. I’d have to do a lot of baby massage to keep him calm and let him sleep with us…which actually led us to continue co-sleeping with him until he was 4, and still co-sleep with our now 4 yr old.

    I’d give this to my sis if I won :) Thanks!

  107. says

    This would be a godsend for our baby girl due in September! I’ve heard such great things about the Sweetpeace.

    What worked to soothe my boys was the following: swaddling and classical music, it usually did the trick to comfort/soothe them!

  108. Aletha says

    I have had plenty of experience with newborns. The most soothing trick that works is gently rubbing their head, and even tho I cant really sing, singing to them in a quiet even tone really worked for my babies. Newborns love the sound of their mommie’s voice, they have been listening to it for 9 months, it is one of the first things they recognize when there born, so give it a try, you might be surprised.

  109. Sierra says

    I would love to win this! The iPod feature is SO cool! My best tip — and it worked with both my kids — was swaddling. I got them really squeezed in there like little burritos, and they loved it! Worked every time!

  110. CHRISTINA says

    my daughter is choir all by hersel when she cries. i could use this to soothe her. oh the peace!!

  111. Amy says

  112. Carolyn Reilly says

    I watched the video on this at Babies r us and loved all of it! I especially like that the seat can be put on different ways so the baby swings either side to side or front to back.

  113. casual friday everyday says

    What worked for my kids was to swaddle them or wear them. However, on the days when those options just wouldn’t work the Graco sweetpeace Newborn Soothing Center looks like a perfect solution. I would like to be entered into this contest.

  114. Elizabeth Mays says

    For me I alternate with swinging side to side and a gentle bouncing while swinging side to side. Any kind of gentle movement while being held close to me seems to work with mine.

  115. Tracey M. says

    My favorite feature of the sweetpeace ar ethe built in sounds, especially the heartbeat sound.

    Thank you for the contest!

  116. Tonya Froemel says

    That is the coolest baby product I have seen. My best tip for soothing a newborn would be to swaddle them in a cozy blanket.

  117. Jessica Cote says

    I like the sounds and music that it will make to relax and soothe the baby. The Ipod dock is pretty cool too!

  118. Tiffany says

    Wow – I love the idea of this swing. We live by our swing. Lily sleeps in her crib until 4am or so and if she wakes up after 4am she goes back to sleep in the swing and she takes her naps in the swing. We got our swing for free and it has no special frills but it is still going after 2 kids.

  119. Sarah says

    I feel slightly guilty that in the four years since I had my son, the gear has gotten so much better! My third baby, coming in January, would be very lucky to enjoy this amazing baby soother. Singing to my kids has been one of my favorite soothing techniques, and I’d love the Ipod accompaniment. I could use a “happy baby station” to help out when the others need my attention. Thanks so much!

  120. says

    My newborn soothing tip: The day my daughter was born, the nurse was checking on her and she was crying that stomach-churning newborn cry. I gently stroked the side of her head (from side of forehead to base of cheek), with my index finger and she instantly quieted. This trick still works today (17 months later)!

  121. Noelia Gutierrez says

    Honestly the magic way to soothe a baby is to breast feed him. Works everytime, also a warm bath with lilac scent, that relaxes the baby. Thanks

  122. says

    sign me up! This thing looks amazing! I always sang to my daughter,anything and everything and that almost always helped to quiet her down.

  123. Megan says

    I’d love to give this to my friend who has been having a difficult pregnancy !
    Thank you for the contest!

  124. matthew meisenhelder says

    when my newborn is crying i put her in the nook of the sofa and let my dog come up and sniff her.

    She loves to feel his whiskers on her and is so intrigued by him she stops crying instantly !

    this would be such a nice prize

  125. alice tracy says

    The best way that I found to soothe my baby, is to wrap him in a soft blanket and just move around with him. Rocking, swaying, humming, all these let him know he’s not by himself. He is secure in my arms.

  126. Thelma says

    The best thing my sister did for her baby was wrap him up snuggly & lay the baby on its side and rock him back & forth. Worked like a charm!

  127. says

    Teething is a time when babies can be very irritable. I found that Teething tablets are a great natural way to curve some of the pain. It worked with both of my children.

  128. Dawn Cummings says

    I would have to agree with you. This is the Lexus of baby swings. I love everything about it. It looks so comfortable for a baby. The decor is simple and would match any room. It can be used for either a boy or girl. My favorite feature is the Ipod dock, how cool is that!

  129. Vickie Couturier says

    wow,I wish I had this when my kids were little,an now with grandkids coming i could use this now,but when they were little,i sang an swayed back an forth until they went to sleep,it wasnt easy back then so I really could use a break now,thanks

  130. Marlena says

    My daughter loved it if I cradled her while sitting on an exercise ball. I would gently bounce her…and get a bit of a workout! :)

  131. Jodi Adams says

    My son was a hard baby to sooth. He hated the car seat, so a quick ride in the car only made him worse. He did, however, love his stroller, so I ended up keeping that stroller in the house and pulling it out in emergency.

  132. hazel hunt says

    I just love all the features of this swing but mostly the sounds feature. My granddaughter is expecting her second child and this would be so great for her. Thanks for this contest.

  133. Robin says

    Hardly anything worked with my son. The only thing that did finally work was my dad holding him and bouncing on the bed (while sitting!) but ONLY my dad! This would be great!

  134. Erin says

    The best newborn soothing tips I used were either skin to skin contact, or using a heating pad to lightly warm the sheets of the basinett before putting the baby down. That way, there was not a huge difference between your body temp. and the sheets. This worked well for our February baby.
    That swing looks amazing!

  135. brenda elsworth says

    I would have to say that my best baby soothing tip is not what most would expect, but worked well on my own children as well as when you are with someone elses child. rather than holding them cuddled in your arms facing you, turn them around, laying on your arm with back towards you while you kind of bounce/rock them. For some reason when they get fussy, sometimes they want to be “held” but not “bothered” this way they feel the comfort of being held, but they can not look at you, in many cases, it settles them down quickly.

  136. Trisha Dowling says

    what a great item. personally i sang a song to all my kids. it was a made up song with all our names. it really seemed to work and my older kids get a kick when they hear me sing it again!

  137. says

    It vibrates while it swings- WINNER!! That is a HUGE plus. My newborn son is colicky as all get out and I bet that would do the trick

  138. kirsten says

    Sounds: heartbeat, rain, ocean waves, underwater, white noise! Such a wide variety including a heartbeat? That makes it great for me.

  139. Betty N says

    It is absolutely beautiful! And I love that it has such great features: watching the video on the website, it was awesome to see how it works gently swinging left to right but it can also be taken apart later and used as a rocking chair on the floor. The sounds feature is a big plus.

  140. says

    I would super, duper love to win this! I have a new baby coming in January, so I could really use this!

    My best advice, put baby in a bouncer while taking a shower…they love the sound of the shower.

    Thanks for a great giveaway~ Stephanie!

  141. jun bae says

    this would be great for our expecting girl. Dec 06,2008. my friend has one similiar to this. thnx for the baby contest.

  142. leigh says

    Driving around WAS my favorite way to sooth my daughter (my husband and I used to have the nicest chats on these drives), but with gas prices as they are I could hardly afford to start the car to put the baby on the way to sleep. Now I think my favorite baby soothing trick will have to be my grandmother’s trick of putting the baby on top of the dryer. And holy smokes this swing doesn’t look kitschy at all!

  143. Sarah Hirsch says

    Wow, that is one all-inclusive baby soother! My favorite technique that soothed my kids is rocking them in my arms in a figure eight. Something about that combo of back and forth and side to side really stopped those cries (thank goodness!)

  144. Gloria S says

    When my grandson starts whimpering while in his carseat, I just put my hand on his head and he quietens down immeadiately–just knowing you are there helps.

  145. Connie G says

    This swing has so many great features, I like the two-speed vibration. I have found this feature on other products helpful in the past.

  146. Angela C says

    My best newborn soothing tip. Put them in their carseat and swing it, with your arm…back and forth. You need arms of steel to do it, but it works like a charm! :) That was the only way we could get our first son to sleep! Whew!

  147. Sarah T. says

    This does look like a fabulous swing – and the mp3 player dock is definitely a very cool feature. My babies both liked being swadddled, and patting their bottoms while “shhhhhh”ing and bouncing them was usually a sure-fire way to soothe.

  148. Jenny G says

    I love that it vibrates. I bet that is extra soothing. It is extra cool that there is an iPod dock so you can customize what your child listens to! Thank you for the great contest.

  149. Molly Capel says

    I looked at buying one of these when I was pregnant (wow! was it really only a short 3 & 1/2 months ago?). But my mom found an awesome deal on the Fisher Price Aquarium swing & bought it for us. I love the fact that you can plug it in- save money in batteries! And also that it has 4 different seating positions. My best soothing tip is to turn out all lights, and by the light of my computer, rock in a rocking chair.

  150. Carrie M says

    I do not have any tips yet since I am just now pregnant with my first but I sure could use some tips! I like that you can have white noise, prerecorded music and you can connect your own MP3 player so that you can sooth the baby to tunes that you like. I also like that you have the option to plug it in.

  151. says

    When my first was born 17 years ago (yes, 17!), he was born after an emergency C-section due to fetal distress. While in the incubator on oxygen, the nurses placed a teddy bear I brought with me that had a heartbeat sound inside of it. He came around in just a few hours, needing no more special treatment. I have sworn by the soothing heartbeat with each subsequent baby born in our family ever since. Having that sound incorporated in a swing is truly a genius idea!

  152. Janine Brotzman says

    Even though I have a horribe singing voice, my two month old just loves when I sing to her. It calms here right down!

  153. Tricia Fandrey says

    The white noise, plush seat and sleep songs on the Sweetpeace is just what my colicy, reflux, cranky baby needs to get a good night sleep or a good afternoon nap. Just what the doctor ordered.

  154. Tabitha says

    Swaddling, or as my husband calls it “Baby Burrito” is a must! I also like to do the “Shush and Bop”. I just keep shushing while doing a bopping step to the beat of my shushing.

  155. Jennifer says

    To soothe my daughter, I give her always give her a bath, massage some lotion on her afterwards, swaddle her up in blanket and then put her on my chest. I Rub her back in a circular motion and quietly sing lullabies.

  156. Michelle says

    Wrapping them up real tight and putting the radio on a static station, yeah, I know they make white noise tapes but the radio is free and the static is neverending!!!

  157. Diana says

    Wow this would be great for my upcoming grandbaby. I sat in a rocking chair rubbing the babys back and humming any and every song I could think of for hours at a time.

  158. lindsey says

    I work at the apple store, so the ipod dock sort of blows me away. I have never heard of such a thing on a baby item, and I have to say, it makes so much sense and its about time!

  159. Sandra Blackford says

  160. April P. says

    Hold your baby close to your chest and swing them back and forth. It works like a charm. The feature I love the most is the Ipod dock; how cool is that?

  161. says

  162. Jess says

    Breastfeeding! When my son got fussy, I’d nurse him and rock in the rocking chair. It worked like a charm.

  163. Aura says

    With 4 month old twins I’m enjoying reading other peoples posts for ideas to sooth them. We usually try swaddling with a paci in the mouth and when all else fails a walk in the stoller usually does the trick.

    I really like that you can choose between upbeat and soothing music. I can’t stand trying to put my kids to sleep when all of a sudden an upbeat song is mixed in with lullabies.

  164. becky h says

    This is a great product.Looks like a nice warm cozy place to soothe any baby. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  165. Tobster says

    Well, we’re expecting our first so I’m no expert on baby soothing — yet! But I have noticed that babies seem to calm from gentle swaying and rocking. What I like about this soothing center is that it has so many options — speed of vibration, types of music to be played, attachments — surely there’s a setting for every baby!

  166. Linda B says

    This is such a great idea. I’ will have to check into this for my new 3 month old niece if I don’t win this.

  167. says

    Get the car seat out, place baby in it, In the washing machine place a heavy blanket, and wash. Put baby in car seat on top of washer! Put my 21 year old to sleep every time when she was months old!

  168. louise says

    My tip to soothe a newborn is to go for a ride in the car.This worked for my son!I soothe my grandson by rocking him holding him close to me and he has his bottle and I sing a silly song to him. ty 4 the great contest! We have our 9th grandbaby due in Aug. This would be perfect for my daughter.:)

  169. Margaret V says

    Oh this would be so wonderful. Right now we either go for a walk outside in his snugli (during the daytime) or swaddle and rock and pacifier and classical music (at night). If he’s absolutely inconsolable I’d better hope daddy is home, because sucking on daddy’s pinky is sometimes the ONLY thing that works.

  170. Julie says

    Wow. This is amazing. I love all the sound choices, the fact that they have sleepy time music and upbeat music for awake time and of course the iPod dock. Wow. Just wow.

    When my first was a newborn, this is how I would lull her to sleep sometimes. I had the stroller in our condo and I would recline it to the most horizontal position, I would stroll her form room to room until she fell fast asleep. I would either let her sleep there (or naps) or would transfer her to the crib (at nighttime).

    This Newborn Soothing Center looks fabulous and would really come in handy for baby #2.

  171. Nancy Blaisdell says

    Our son and his wife are expecting their first baby, a girl, Nov 1st and I would love to win this for them! Being 1st time parents, I’m sure they can use all the help they can get!

  172. Sheryl says

    What a “dream” of a baby swing! This would be a blessing in my home.

    I recently hosted a baby shower and I learned some great tips Metropolitan Mama’s discussion on them. See the link to “baby showers” on the upper right hand side of webpage. Thanks.

  173. R Hicks says

    This is the neatest swing I have seen in quite a while. Wish I saw it before we bought one recently

  174. Mary Thomas says

    I would trace a heart shape around my daughters face. she is 13 and still ask me to do the heart on her face sometime. :)

  175. Tanya Moyer says

    What a GREAT system! There are so many features that I like. The 4 unique seating positions is a great idea! But I really like ALL the differnt sound options available! I like that it has not only sounds (nature, etc.) but also music (it’s own or your choice) options! Great item! Great giveaway! Thanks for offering this!

  176. Christine says

    What always soothed my babies was to hold them and walk or rock them near running water. I spent a lot of time pacing around near the kitchen faucet!

  177. Heather says

    Now that looks cool!!

    Best newborn soothing tip;

    Master the swaddle (I love the Miracle Blanket)

    Wear newborns in a tummy to tummy hold in a pouch or stretchy wrap, it recreates the womb experience and babies just love it!

  178. Meg says

    Swaddling always helped soothe my son. My husband perfected the perfect swaddle for him… maybe I will get the hang of it next time around.

  179. says

    I found that putting a warm towel on my little girl’s tummy sometimes helped when she was colicky.

    I love that this soothing center has white noise and heatbeat sounds! This looks like a really cool thing.

  180. sarah woods says

    Well if this isn’t the Lexus of Baby Swings it Certainly is the Porsche of Baby Swings; Absolutely design wonderful with style in the BAG!!!!!! Happy 4th to ALL!!!!!!!

  181. Brooke says

    My best advice is to read that Dr. Harvey Karp book AND watch the DVD and do everything he says. What a lifesaver. I wish I had him around for the first kids!

  182. Eileen D says

    My kids liked to be wrapped nice and tight and I would whisper, oh so very softly, in their ears sweet-nothings. Just like adults, they will make the effort to listen if they know you are talking and they can’t hear you.

  183. says

    Wow! What a great giveaway! My baby soothing tip – my daughter loves it when I sit on an exercise ball and just gently bounce her on my lap. It calms her down immediately.

  184. Judy Y says

    The best soothing tip for us was to swaddle our baby. She wanted to be swaddled to sleep until she was 6 months old.

  185. Penelope says

    When I watched the demonstration video, I found it soothing in and of itself! Maybe it is good for soothing Mommies too! : ) My best baby soothing tips are a combination of: Gentle Baby Oil (by Young Living) difused in the room, a medium sized industrisl fan in the room BUT NOT POINTED AT BABY (for white noise, it works on my 7 dogs too : ), moisture in the room (humidifier plain or with natural baby safe scents) and lastly a soft cooing lullabye. Oh, soothing colored gels in windows that shines on the wee one or soft pastle colored lights. Experiment and see which one your baby responds to most restfully. Peace, Penelope

  186. suzanne says

    I may get some sleep with the twins if I had this great itesm.

    I found that when nothing else works turn on bathroom exhaust vent and it put the babies to sleep just like daddy’s snoring. LOL

  187. Jennifer Harriman says

    I am in love with this item! We’re having a baby in August and would just LOVE to have this. My best soothing method is the good ol’ nursing. However, my son uses a sound machine (hes 2 and has used it since birth) we turn it on every night to “rain” and he chills and falls asleep. I chose rain because if the power went out due to a storm, bam its still raining.. lol

  188. Taneil says

    I think swinging a baby is one of the best ways to sooth a baby. This swing is definitley the Lexus of Baby Swings! What a dream to win it!

  189. Sara G says

    I did the 4 S’s to calm and soothe my babies. Swaddle, side (as in hold sideways), sway, shoosh with a white noise. Always calmed them down! This swing is great!

  190. simone says

    I think I like the mp3 hookup the best too. The fact that I can download music and have it play there serves us both. Thanks for the contest!

  191. Linda says

    Swaddling and placing them in this swing
    it is the best swing ever 1. Very sturdy so if older children go
    by it,you can feel safe.
    2.comfort level is a 10 baby looks so comfortable.
    3. Added features are GReat , Sound and mp3 .
    4, the tray is does not get in the way to place
    baby in or take out.
    5. The toys are very eye catching to baby.
    Just a few of the highlights of this swing.
    I have 2 granddaughters 4 months Sparta
    and grandma could sure use a swing when mom’s
    are at work..

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