For “What Not to Wear” Fans and Would-Be Contestants

About two years ago, I won a BIG contest. The prize was an all-expenses-paid trip to Santa Monica and a $1,000 shopping spree with a wardrobe consultant. My husband and I flew with our baby and stayed at a swanky hotel, dined on fine cuisine, and I had my hair done at a ritzy Beverly Hills salon where I was served bubbly champagne while the stylist worked his magic. 



The whole experience was fun, but the best part was having a wardrobe consultant while I shopped. I literally just got to wait in the dressing room while the consultant brought clothes in my size that she thought would look good. Then, I tried them on and she’d hum and haw and ooh and ahh…just like on What Not to Wear! For the most part, I thought her advice was spot-on for my body type (hooray for pencil skirts, bootcut/flare pants, fitted tops, high heels, and vertical stripes!). 

All I have to say is celebrities have it made in this area. It’s so great to have an honest voice and a fresh opinion while you shop. But not all of us can afford such services. So, what’s a girl to do? 

Well, for starters, you can take a peek at the Wardrobe 911 blog from time to time for fashion inspiration and advice. Secondly, you might want to pick up a Wardrobe 911 Recipe Box, a little kit with “cards that easily show you how to dress and develop the perfect wardrobe for your body type.” Each kit contains:

  • 15 Wardrobe Recipe Cards with 24 designed outfits, plus 6 recipes for avoiding disaster
  • 5 Wardrobe Basics Cards that show you what to have in your closet
  • 16-page Wardrobe Guide that provides step-by-step instructions for dressing 
  • 10 Recipe Outfit Cards that help you notate your favorite outfits
  • 10 Shopping List Cards to keep in your purse to guide you while shopping
The Wardrobe Recipe Boxes are available for four different body types (you can take a body type quiz to find out yours…) and retails for $30.  

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Wardrobe 911 Recipe Box for her body type. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post prior to Monday, October 13 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #3 MaryBeth. Congratulations!


  1. says

    My husband is a grad student and I’m a SAHM, so it’s been years since I’ve bought myself clothes that weren’t from a clearance rack. But he’ll graduate and get a job in a couple of months, and I’m going shopping! I’d love to win this prize just in time to put it to good use.

  2. Michelle S says

    I am currently working on losing weight baby weight & weight gained from a very stressful business endeavor we took on for two plus years and would LOVE this Wardrobe 911 recipe box. I’ve been in plus clothes for some time now and will not know the best way to dress myself once I drop all this weight! :) I’m excited as I’m on a great road to being healthy! I can’t wait to go shopping for a new wardrobe and could REALLY use the tips! Thank you, this is a great give-away.

  3. says

    I would love to win this… I’ve been telling my DH that I wish they would come and wisk me off to What Not to Wear even though it would be embarrasing for everyone in the free world to look/laugh at my current wardrobe! I did try to figure out my body type and the 911 system was unable to determine based on my measurements, hum?!?

  4. Erica says

    I’ve always wanted to go on one of those shows! As embarrassing as they might be, I’d love the money to get a wardrobe that fits me properly (rather than the three different sizes I have in my closet) for both my size and body type. Which I can’t even name…I’ll have to take that quiz. Anyway, I’d love this since I doubt they’ll ever come to whisk me away to New York! Thanks! :)

  5. Janel says

    I could really use this. I lost 40 lbs. a couple years ago and could really use this to pin down what style looks the best on me. Thanks!

  6. Jas says

    Would love to have this–the only issue I face is that I wear non-synthetic clothing, so that cuts down my options.

  7. Julianne says

    How funny! I won a big gift card to Saks and I went to the store and felt like I had NO IDEA which clothing looks right on my body type. I did not buy myself anything. My teenage daughter did not get my body type so she can pretty much wear anything and looks great. This sounds really cool. And I loved hearing about your win/trip. You deserved the sweet blessing!!!

  8. says

    Wow….what an awesome experience you had! They did a fantastic job! : )
    I have no time to buy clothes and I have no idea what to do with what’s there. It would be so nice to know what the essential are for my body type!

  9. Andrea McMann says

    Wow, Stephanie! That is the coolest! I’ve often wished I could get a fabulous prize like that, without having to be humiliated on national t.v! That is a really cool story! :)

  10. Polly says

    Hi Mama – thanks for the 911 link. You and I are at the same stage of our pregnancies ( although I think my tummy’s bigger since I’m having #5) — I look forward to seeing what you wear this winter.

  11. Shannon says

    How fun to win a big prize like that! And fabulous you go to take your family along!

    I’d love to win a Wardrobe 911 Recipe Box!

  12. Lisa says

    As a single mother with two children, I do not have the time or resources to buy anything other than clearance. Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. says

    That trip sounds awesome. Would love for someone to do my hair and makeup and make me look great.

    Glad to see you are back online and healthy.

  14. Shaunda says

    Hi, this prize is right on time. I am endeavoring to open a daycare and I would love to have the Wardrobe 911 Recipe Box to help me pick out a wardrobe that will make me look professional and lovely at the same time. I am short, 4′ 11″ to be exact and I am still carrying baby weight plus some. Sooo, needless to say I have been having a hard time picking out clothes. I no longer try them on and often when I get home they are too big or too tight. I would like for shopping to be fun again. Plus hubby and I are trying to lose weight. ;)

  15. says

    I’d love this, what a great prize. I took the quiz & learned that I am a triangle. I never knew that, thanks for the great resource!

  16. Whitney A says

    What I would’ve given for this when I sprouted hips way back when. I would’ve saved a lot of money on clothing that wasn’t right for my body type and my poor husband from the dreaded question, “Does this (insert clothing item here) look good on me?”

  17. Tiffany says

    I took the quiz and even though I guessed at the measurements I think I am a trrangle – especially since nursing has left me with an A– chest size and too much weight in my tummy. I really need to get that weight off.

    I could use some hints with clothes because I always wear the same thing – jeans and a tee shirt.

  18. says

    Oh I could *so* use this.

    Congrats on winning that contest! That must have been absolutely amazing. I keep saying that I want to be featured on What Not To Wear. I would LOVE to have that help getting a new wardrobe–not the mention the 5000 dollars!

  19. says

    I would absolutely appreciate this, as I’ve started some work for a publishing co recently and I’m needing to figure out a more “professional” wardrobe than my at-home “jeans and t-shirt” writing uniform. LOL. I loved reading about the trip you won…lucky you!

  20. Amy Meyer says

    The past few days I’ve been going through my closet trying to figure out what to wear now that it’s getting colder. I’m in Minnesota so I’m starting to get out my sweaters that have been boxed up. My closet is desperate need of updating so this would be the perfect thing to make sure I pick the right wardrobe pieces!

  21. Ann says

    What a fantastic prize you won. I wish I had a friend or somebody that could help me out some more with my wardrobe. Mind you I’m still loosing weight after my 3rd child was born so I need to wait some more before I go shopping anyway. Thanks for this giveaway!

  22. jeannine says

    this would be great i could really use something like this especially knowing i need to get new clothes since i lost over 100lbs this would help alot seeing i was never small and really have no clue to putting together small stylish clothes

  23. says

    What a cool idea. I’m not always very good at “what’s hot” and “what’s not”. I love your “What Not to Wear” photo shoot. That would be so fun! Thanks for all the fun girlie giveaway! SOOO glad you’re back. :)

  24. Gina Stratos says

  25. Kathy Scott says

    I have been working from home for the last five years. My wardrobe consists of warmups. I really need to become a little more classy.

  26. ab says

    I’ve dreamed of a consultant like that! (Although I’d never be brave enough to go on what not to wear – not even for the $5000 shopping spree!) This seems a great way to get some sound advice though. Thank you for the chance to win!

  27. hetal g says

  28. Jill Miller says

    I recently joined Weight Watchers and have lost 10 pounds (45 more to go!). I know I’ll need an entirely new wardrobe, and I am absolutely terrible at choosing clothing that looks good on me. I could really use some help!

  29. Belinda says

    Please count me in on this one. I could use some advise on my wardrobe sometimes. I think I really need to just let some things go and update on fashion. Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. Clifton Wade says

    My wonderful but disabled wife of more than 38 years would just love this prize.
    Thanks for this great contest and prize!

  31. Amy says

    My daughter keeps saying I should be on “What Not To Wear”, which tells you why I could really use this prize.

  32. Kari Follett says

    Im a lounge pants and t-shirt kinda girl, yes I should own stock in American Eagle Outfitters. I really need this, you can tell Im a stay at home mama!

  33. chris swanson says

    WOW that sounds like something I need. I am looking for a job and really don’t know what to wear. Thanks for the chance.

  34. Teresa M says

    I took my youngest daughter to her first day of school and the teacher asked me if I was her grandma. I am only 33. I seriously need help.
    Unfortunately, this is not the first time someone has mistaken me for my daughter’s grandma.

  35. says

    Oh this is great! I have lost 45 lbs so far .. have a million more to go but with the weight loss I am more confused then ever on what to wear.. ect.

    cloudspassby78 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  36. Paula Harmon says

    My sister is a huge fan of that show and recently got promoted at work and is trying to dress better-I’d give this to her.

  37. terra jones says

    ohh how I’d love & do need this!!

    I’m a sahm mom to two young boys (18 months & 2 months) & my hubby is a seminary student. I’d love to have something to help me dress non-maternity, lol :)

  38. says

    Oooooh, I love that show. I have so wanted someone to put me on that show, my closet is a wreck with clothes I bought 15 years ago when me and my husband went on our first vacation together as a dating couple – worst part is I’m still wearing them. How sad. So this kit would definately help me to not look so much like a dumpy mom and more of a woman.

  39. Sarah Berry says

    This would be fabulous. I have a beautiful one year old daughter who has changed my life in so many ways. Sadly she also got my waist line.(such a small price to pay for such a wonderful little person). Although, I would love to know what clothes flatter my new found figure. This sounds like a great product thanks so much for the giveaway.

  40. Elizabeth M. says

    I visit that site all the time and love it! I would absolutely love one of their recipe boxes then I wouldn’t have to covet it anymore.

  41. says

    I am the tragic stay-at-home-mom and wife. I was small in college, and after I had my baby (1 year ago) I am still trying to get down to my old weight. Everyday I look at the clothes in my closet and WISH that I could fit into them. So, my solution … I still were maternity clothes … it’s so sad. I am not huge, so these clothes just look rediculous on me … making me look short and stumpy. HELP please!!!

  42. dee says

    This is a GREAT idea! My mom is ALWAYS telling me I dress to frumpy and am not as big as I think I am. The other day while i was in the dressing room of a store she handed me a size six and I just laughed at her….but tried them on anyway…and they FIT!!!! She says I’ve lost all the style I had after I had my son, and she’s right because I see myself so different now! I could definately use some help!

  43. says

    I’ve been watching “What Not to Wear” for years now and always wanted to get some style help without being on TV! This would be great, esp after babe #3! :)

  44. Erika Sternberg says

    My husband is a teacher and I’m a SAHM, so it’s been years since I’ve bought myself clothes that weren’t from a clearance rack.

  45. Janice Wright says

    This would be wonderful to win. I’m clothing & make-up challenged & this would help my self-esteem so much.

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