If I were a 1st time mom again

I would register for these products…[click on each picture for product details].



Baby Care


You may be scratching your head and wondering why I left out so many “essential” items. Cribs. Bottles. Pacifiers. Pumps. A matching changing table and bookcase. A swing. Baby toys. Travel systems. Etc. But I actually left those products out on-purpose. They might be worth considering for your family, but it turns out they weren’t so essential for our family, after all.

Also – I am certainly not presuming that all of the items pictured above are NECESSARY to have a baby. Babies actually need very little to grow + thrive – warm arms to hold them, sweet milk to feed them, and plenty of love. That said, registries are meant to be FUN, right? And these are the items I would choose.

YOUR TURN: What would you register for if you were registering all over again? Also: did any of the things on my list catch you by surprise?

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  1. says

    My registry would look similar to yours.

    I found, after my first, that so much of what everyone assumes you need, is just extra fodder you have to find a place for.

    Though the crib was useful for transitioning to a big girl bed.

  2. says

    What a great list! We found over the years with two girls that you don’t need much. The only thing I would add is a swing. It was literally a life saver for me with my first daughter!

  3. Becca says

    I laughed in agreement at the cordless vacuum. Only my list would also include a small dog, for the same purpose. I’m curious about the beach towel in the pregnancy section.

  4. says

    This is a great list and very similar to what I found so useful. I bought a cordless stick vac a few months ago and can’t believe I lived so long without it. I decided that it would be my go-to baby shower gift. I might get some strange looks but I’m sure the mom will send me chocolate or flowers once the baby is “eating”.

  5. Nancy S. says

    A king sized bed to fit my growing family on.(we eventually got one).

    Tons of different babywearing products. (I only had 1 ring sling)

    Grocery delivery service.

    Jogging all terrain stroller.

  6. says

    I had that pillow contraption for sleeping with and it was the most horrible awkward thing I’d ever had in my bed. If it was my list, I’d skip that one. the one thing I couldn’t live without? A change table with drawers underneath…not the open shelves kind.


  7. says

    Nice roundup. I’m curious about the fit flop walkstars. Have you tried them, or are they just on your wishlist? We take daily walks, but in the summer walking shoes just get too hot. Sandals, though, aren’t all that comfy for long walks. Are these just for bumming around or would a they be good for a not quite a mile walk around the neighborhood?

  8. Rena says

    Great list and I agree that lots is unnecessary. However, I would have to add the swing (a must for me to get ANY sleep with my second baby), a baby bathtub, lots of “grandma made” burp cloths, and lots of “grandma made” (meaning 36″ x 36″) receiving blankets. My babies were tightly swaddled for sleeping, and the big blankets are hard to find! I am still using my hoards of hooded towels on my kids too! I would also include those gowns with the elastic bottoms for the first few weeks. They were a lifesaver for midnight diaper changes!

  9. says

    As a first time mom I LOVED my Boppy and it was really a necessity. Now I can take it or leave it! ;) And I didn’t find a baby monitor necessary for our tiny apartment, but now I think it will come in useful for taking the big boy outside and having the baby asleep inside (when he’s not on me of course!)
    For us, the best thing we ever bought was our Pack and Play. It becomes the crib when we go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house and actually we used the bassinet as a crib for the first 6 months with baby #1 until some friends gave us their crib. Fabulous!
    That and nursing night gowns!

  10. Stephanie says

    Becca – I used a beach towel in place of a regular bath towel in my 2nd/3rd trimesters when my belly started really expanding. It was so frustrating to not have enough towel to go around. Now I use beach towels all of the time! ;)

    Madeline – The FitFlops are the most comfortable sandals I have ever owned! They are cushiony and supportive. I wear them all around the house, in our neighborhood, and beyond. They’re not ideal for serious walks/hikes, but I think a mile would be totally do-able.

    Krista – Hooray for nursing nightgowns, right? They may *seem* like a frivolous purchase, but they’re totally not. I wear mine every single night (and they definitely make breastfeeding easier).

  11. Sarah R says

    Great list! I found I registered for a lot of useless things. My son didn’t want to be in the bouncer or swing at all. My arms were enough for him. Looking back, I should have had a sling. We received a monitor but never use it, thanks to our small home. I used my Boppy ALL THE TIME. Definitely a must have.

    I would add an umbrella stroller. Our is the Chicco brand and it has come in handy when we go to Disney since I can make it through the crowds without running over small children. It’s very easy to fold up for the car and plane as well.

    Also, we did not want a changing table due to space issues, so we registered for a pack and play that had a removable changing pad. It also doubles as a great travel crib. We love it!

  12. Love Letters To Jesus says

    Probably nothing unless it was a girl and then I’d want a whole bunch of girly stuff… even girly stuff for me to wear. LOL


  13. says

    I love it! I can’t even imagine putting together my list now – two tinies later – compared to then. Even with my first, I wasn’t too into most of the “stuff” and didn’t get much. For instance, we’ve never had a special “nursery” decoration time or painted the kids’ walls a special colour. And I’ll second the King bed. Both of ours call our bed The Family Bed and that’s pretty accurate. A lot of life in there.!

  14. says

    Great list! While pregnant with my son, we registered for most of the items on the massive list that was “helpfully” put together by the big-box babystore. And the bulk of that stuff…really wasn’t nessecary.

    I wish we had registered for one of the booster seats that straps onto a chair or hooks table, rather than the enormous highchair that takes up so much valuable floor space in our apartment. I wish we had registered for a good carrier — ring sling, wrap, mei tai — rather than the horrid Infantino bag sling that we recieved at the shower.

    I loved my Brest Friend pillow during the early weeks of breastfeeding, then eventually graduated to a Boppy as my son got older and I became more comfortable & confindant w/ nursing. I love using cloth diapers — we started out w/ prefolds & covers, and only recently switched to pocket diapers. I never really had “nursing-clothes,” but lived — and still live — in my Target nursing tanks. I’d want to get plenty more of those before our next child arrives!

  15. Stephanie says

    Sarah R. – I agree about the umbrella stroller – so handy! We bought a $30 one from Babies R Us several years ago…and we use it often. :)

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