Summer Fashion: Lands’ End (for kids)

In my opinion, the best clothes for small children are comfortable, well-made, affordable, and SIMPLE.

We tend to stay away from snaps, buttons, frills, lace, collars, cartoon characters, and sassy sayings. In fact, my 3-year-old doesn’t even like jeans because they require a button and a zip.

When we shop, we look for soft materials, elastic waists, plain tees, slip-on pants, and breezy dresses.

As a result, we LOVE brands like Lands’ End (these pieces are exactly our style):

I’m swooning over those bright colors. You?

And just wait until you see the prices!

Left to Right: French Terry Pedal Pusher Shorts ($10.99), Knit Full Skort ($9.99), Short Sleeve Shirred Dress ($19.50), Short Sleeve Super-T ($4.99), Short Sleeve Tie-dye Mesh Polo Shirt ($11.99), and Vintage Fleece Shorts ($14.50).

If you’re a bargain hunter, you’ll want to bookmark the Lands’ End Overstocks section of the website, where you can save up to 65%. Here’s an example of a great find: girls’ leggings for $3.99!

P.S. If you would like to stay connected with LE, you can Follow Lands’ End on Twitter or Like Lands’ End on Facebook.

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Toddler or Kids’ Outfit from Lands’ End (Top, Bottom, and Pair of Shoes – your choice!). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Saturday, July 17th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Lands’ End sent me a sample for review purposes and is also providing 1 outfit for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #8 Becca. Congratulations!

  • Carrington

    Wow, I love that little photo of her in the blue dress! I adore Lands End for all the same reasons, and I never knew about their overstock section! That rocks!

  • jjean

    Land’s End has great quality clothes, I have to say. Another tip for the bargain shopper, go through Ebates (2%) or some similar site for extra cash back. I didn’t know they had an overstock section, either. I am checking it out. :) Thanks!

  • Celeste

    We like the same types of kids clothes. Simple is best!

  • susan

    I agree with simple. It is hard to find well-made, comfortable clothes however these looks like they fit the bill. We’ll have to check them out.

  • Molly

    I love the little polo shirts! And I especially love that Land’s End doesn’t splatter logos or graphics all over their clothing. There are so many kids’ clothes that I love, but I hate the writing on them. I’ll definitely keep Land’s End in mind.

  • Emily

    Land’s End clothes have held up so well for us, too. We used to live near an inlet that I’d haunt around the change of seasons, but there are some really good deals on their website if you’re lucky!

  • kristen

    Land’s End is such a great company! Thanks for the reminder to check out their overstocks! I am always up for a great deal… And the quality of their products really makes them worthwhile.

  • Becca

    Are those really their regular prices? I’ll definitely have to check them out for autumn/winter clothes.

  • Madeline

    I’ve gotten a few items from their clearance section for Levi and loved them! They are simple, but very high quality.

  • Holly

    I love that picture of your little one modeling the blue dress, so cute.

  • Kerri

    Love these cute and simple clothes. I haven’t shopped on their site, but will definitely be shopping there in the future.

    And I would love to win this for my 2-year-old who is quickly outpacing older sister’s hand-me-downs :)

  • MaryBeth @ FourSillySisters

    Lands’ End is one of my first online stops when shopping for the girls. Their quality and sizing is very consistent and I always come away with items that are well worth their price. They are also very nice to send good coupons to customers!

  • Krista

    Um, yes please! My “toddler” is wearing size 5 now and I’m forever on the hunt for new clothes as it seems like he’s growing out of something every day!

  • Joanna @ Starving Student Survivor

    Lands’ End is the only catalog I get in the mail (because of a couple of maternity items I got on clearance almost five years ago). And every time it comes I try to make myself throw it away before I open it because I inevitably want everything in there.

    I still remember clearly a few favorite Lands’ End outfits I had when I was eleven. So I definitely agree that they’re comfortable, simple and good quality for kids.

  • Chrissy MacCEO

    Lands End is one of our favorite online stores to shop at! Their clothing washes the best and their shoes are so supportive for little feet! Thanks for another great giveaway!

  • jennifer

    I love to keep it simple as well! The bright colors just make me think summer too! Besides, when you keep it simple, things can be passed down, without looking dated!

  • Lydia

    My boys go through clothes so fast! So I pick simple and cheap!

  • Lisa at Heaven Sent

    Simple, comfy, colorful, and “breezy” (as you say) describe the perfect outfits around here. I bought Emma a pair of of skinny capris from Carters earlier this year because they were on super clearance, and she will not wear them because they are not comfy. And you know what, they don’t look comfy, so shame on me for buying them. I just have to stop being lazy and buying everything from Target. Sometimes you get what you pay for!

  • Ashleigh

    I buy a lot of Lands End products, simply for the cost factor. They are so cheap and I really like what I’ve bought. They are cute!

  • Allison

    Love, love, love those pieces! They just LOOK soft and cozy!

  • Mikaela

    I LOVE Lands End for my son’s clothes (and me too!). They are made so well and outlast most of his other clothes while being affordable.

    Whoo-hoo for all the recent giveaways! :)

  • Kimberley

    The blue dress looks really comfortable…I frankly didn’t know that Land’s End sold children’s clothes?! I’m going to look into it…I love all the funky girls’ clothes on the market, but sometimes you just want something SIMPLE.

  • Brandi

    I love Land’s End. we buy most of our school clothes from them. i love buying my daughter monogrammed sweaters to go over her uniforms!

  • Nancy S.

    I had no idea they were that inexpensive! Wow…I will be checking them out from now on.

  • Joy

    Oh don’t those look comfy! This would be the perfect style for my little girl.

  • NGS

    Oh, my. She looks so adorable in blue. You’re such a good mama to give her cute clothes!

  • Deborah Buckingham

    Most of the clothes I have for my daughter are hand-me-downs, and there are so many pieces that are too hard to get on her, so I don’t bother having her wear them. I have to say that actual buttons, tiny buttons, are so hard to get buttoned with a squirmy 1-year old.

  • Krista S.

    I love Land’s End! Such quality clothes, I could pass them on to all my kids! And what you said about picking clothes is so right on. I didn’t always think about that, then would buy clothes that ended up being such a pain!

  • Nini Lettner

    I love how your little one is modeling her dress! She is beautiful. I really think she and Analise would have a blast together. Two three year olds, dresses, tutus, and lots of personality = a GREAT time!

  • chelsea

    I didn’t know Lands End made kids clothes! Um, and your daughter is SO darned adorable – all the time but she just looks sassy and confident and lovely in that pic.
    Anyhow, I will definitely be checking this site out. Lilly is similar in not liking buttons and zippers – and who can blame her! She is just gaining confidence with potty training but doesn’t need anything making her need help when she wouldn’t otherwise.
    Heading over to that overstocks page on their website now…

  • Tobster

    You know, I never thought of Land’s End for kids clothes– I’m gonna check them out!

  • Marcela

    I have to definitely agree with your best clothing for kids….and for mom’s too ( :

    Simple, comfy and affordable= perfect!

    My favorite has to be the green dress. I love how Audrey looks in that color.

  • Mami2jcn

    That little yellow skirt is adorable.

  • Tari Lawson

    One thing I would get for sure is the Boys’ Short Sleeve National Treasures Grand Canyon Graphic T-shirt. We were just there last month so this would be a great momento for my son.

  • Carol

    You truly have a gorgeous family!

    I love Lands’ End. I’ve raised four kids in simple, basic, quality clothing, and always could depend on their products.

  • Jennifer T

    You have such gorgeous girls! I’m sure you’re told that all the time.
    We like those types of clothing for our kids too. It’s good to know they can stay fashionable *hehe* and still stay comfy. Especially during the potty training times when pull on pants are essential!

  • Nicole C.

    My daughter would love the Girls’ Short Sleeve Horse Graphic T-shirt. She loves horses!!

  • jen

    oh my gosh, could your little one pose any more for you, shes a little fashion model! good thing mommy has a camera in hand at all times right!?!

    we love lands end too, we get ours from sears and we use the soft cottons as well!

  • evelyn

    I like that green tee and orange shorts

  • Hannah Sewell

    I LOVE Land’s End. Their products are so durable but they are a bit out of my price range. Glad to know they have an overstock section. Thanks a bunch for the info :-).

  • Sarah R

    The picture of your daughter is so cute. I love how she “models!” Land’s End is the best, isn’t it? We live in WI and the company is based here so I am fortunate to have a Land’s End store right around the corner! PS – They have great women’s bathing suits too.

    • Stephanie

      You’re so lucky to have an LE shop so close! Do they have good deals there? I’ve always wanted to try a Lands’ End swimsuit…I hear that they’re the best of the best.

      • Sarah R

        They are pretty good deals. My mom just spent 2 hours there and walked out with 2 suits, which is a miracle for her (she’s very picky). It’s just nice to try something on before you buy!

  • Jessicah

    How cute! I like the little dresses, they look fun and comfy, perfect kiddy style!

  • Naomi

    That blue looks gorgeous on her! I haven’t actually tried Lands End kids since I was a kid. I have to say that their styling has gotten MUCH cuter since then. It used to be very boring and preppy. I love the mix and match colors and bold prints they offer these days.

  • Sarah Hirsch

    Those bright colors are great. Very nice for basics, and the tye-dye is very in style right now.

  • McKim

    My kids like their selection of backpacks for school also.

  • Melinda J

    I love that polo shirt! I had forgotten about Lands End. I’m heading to their site now.

  • Erinn

    I love to see kids clothes in bright colors like these instead of everything being pastel.

  • Melinda J

    I went and looked at that polo shirt and I have to add that I love the way they have the sizes laid out on their site. Thanks for the fun shopping!!!

  • Sarah D.

    My son is growing like a weed and could definately use some new summer clothes.

  • Ashley

    I am swooning too…their colors are so bold! Our kids are all about comfort and would enjoy a new outfit from Land’s End!

  • danielle

    I didn’t know about the Lands End overstock section of their website thats good to know. Love the dress Kayla is sporting.

  • Christy

    I had never thought of looking at Land’s End for kids clothes. I love their adult clothes so I bet the kids stuff is great.

  • Terri F

    Land’s End is one of the companies that I think of when I think of quality clothes that last a long time. I love their adult clothing, so their children’s lines are probably also a great buy. I also like that it seems as though their clothing is made for children…it is age appropriate and ready for playing!

  • Christine Jensen

    I love how Lands End always keeps their look classic! Awesome, thanks for the chance to win some great clothes for one of my kids ;)

  • Katelyn

    I’ve never thought of Lands’ End for children’s clothing. Definitely going to have to check out their overstocks. Thanks!

  • Sara

    I have shopped lands end for myself but never for my daughter. They have great deals and I am definitely going to keep them in mind. Shoes too! They are always so expensive or poorly made so I would love to try them for her.

  • Jessica@Coffee and a Cookie

    I haven’t tried any Lands End kids stuff, but I always liked the quality of their adult clothes. I think that little dress is very cute :)

  • Stephanie V.

    Kids’ Medium Trekker Shoes in black look great too
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  • Christine

    quality clothes and inexpensive

  • Amy M

    Land’s End has such great quality clothes. They’re so durable, they last a long time so they’re a staple in our wardrobe!

  • Simone

    I love the tie dye polo! We live off Land’s Ends overstocks, such great deals! Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Andrea

    I love the clothes that I bought for my son. After using them for long they still look nice. I would day they are good value for the money.

  • Janelle

    Simple and comfy is how we do it here! Although, I must admit I LOVE my little girl in a pair of designer jeans (purchased from ebay of course!). She however insists on comfy cozy. Lands End is a definite go to for us! Cute, comfy clothes!

  • Jenny N.

    We LOVE Land’s End. Mostly because they have incredible winter gear and when you live in MN you care about that kind of stuff. :) But I really should check them out more often during the summer months. Their stuff is always affordable and always of great quality.

  • Susan P

    Lands End is great! I mostly buy thrift store clothes and get hand-me downs from friends for the kids though. I will definitely check out the overstocks category, especially as the kids get older!

  • AutumH

    My grandmother used to buy my brother and I clothes from Lands End all the time. When I was in my teens I thought they were a little “blah” but as a mother now I love the simplicity and ease with which you can pair up their basics. Plus they seem to last a bit better than generic brands.

  • Blessed

    Those are exactly the types of clothes we like around here too. Sugar’s favorite play outfits are simple t-shirt dresses, they are comfy and easy to wear. Land’s End is great – I really do appreciate the quality of their clothing.

  • Amy

    thanks for sending me to the outlet. $130 later I have 4 shoes for the girls and several uniform items for Jade. that so wasn’t my plan for today, but they were adorable and great prices.

  • Michele J.

    I couldn’t agree with you more! They really do have some great pieces. My favorite is the Short Sleeve Shirred Dress – it’s something that I know my three year old would enjoy wearing.

  • Crystal F

    I really like the Girls’ Shirred Ruffle-hem Dress. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Lucy

    i love plain tshirts, and skirts or shorts or pants for my girls, but it is hard to find at most stores. i always forget about land’s end. i do love the skirts with shorts (i think they are called scooters) from kohl’s. we have tons of them!

  • Abbi

    I like land’s end clothes too. They are good quality. I also like simple and don’t prefer words on clothing either.

  • Denise

    My daughter has so few clothes right now and they all came from Walmart. I really need to get her some nicer things soon.

  • Amber King

    I am with you on the simple and comfortable part. I have heard great things about Lands End kids clothing. I hae had my eye on a couple things, but forget to keep checking for sales! :P

  • Autumn B.

    I haven’t ever bought anything from Lands End but I always have wondered what their clothing items were like – I didn’t even realize that they carried a kids line.

    auutmn398 @

  • c

    I love the green dress! How cute and simple. And i love the tye-dye, i love any thing tye-dye.

  • Lori

    The clothes look comfortable and that is the most important thing to my kids and my husband! They are cute as well, so it is a bonus!

  • The Jacobsen Family

    I didn’t realize that Land’s End offered kids clothes! So many cute options for my daughter!

  • Debra @ A Frugal Friend

    Oh my goodness I didn’t even know Lands End had kids clothes. How awesome. My almost 3 year old is wearing size 5 clothes….so tall. I’m in need of some serious shopping.

  • Kirsten

    Honestly, I didn’t know they had such cute clothes! I will definitely check out the sales. Thanks.

  • Nanci K

    I would love to get an outfit for my daughter from Lands End. Their products are great.

  • Susan C

    I love Land’s End. They have great customer service and extremely fast shipping!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  • betsy

    I love that Land’s End has a wide variety of sizes especially slim for my skinny boy.

  • Sariah

    I have never purchased anything from Land’s End before but they look fabulous! I love the picture of the girl in the blue dress and bet my son would be adorable in these clothes and best of all comfortable!

  • Kristi C

    I love Land’s End. The company makes such quality products. The polo shirt would look great on my son.

  • Monique Rizzo
  • Linda

    I love Lands’ End, they have quality clothes.

  • Tiffany

    I really like Lands End clothing, great quality and great prices! And sometimes simple is best! I love the Chelsea Tunic dress and the rain jackets! The backpacks are cute too!

  • Tara V

    I love the Short Sleeve Tie-dye Mesh Polo Shirt! It would look so cute on my little man.

  • Katrina

    I love lands end especially since they sell woman’s tall bathing suits….my fav!!!!!!!!

  • Dluxe Dana

    I think this is the first time I’ve browsed Lands’ End clothing in the Summer. Always loved Lands’ End items for the winter months and for back to school but never noticed how awesome their Summer clothes are too!! Thanks!

  • Ashley Elaine

    The prices are great and I love the cute outfits for the girls.

  • Beverly Whipple

    I really like the Little Girls’ Knit Wrap Jumper for my daughter.

  • Brittany

    Love that photo with her sweet little hand on her hip… Too cute!

  • Erica

    I love the comfort, the versatility, and the great prices of Lands End! My kids would love these (and if I got them in Taylor’s size, the quality is good enough that I’m sure they’d last until Tiny needs them, too!).

  • Lo

    I’ve been a huge Land’s End fan since I was a teenager. Classic, durable clothing. No reason it isn’t perfect for my kids as well!

  • Heather

    I’ve never heard of Land’s End before, but I think its my new favorite! I definitely think kids clothes should be simple not only because its easier for me but it is much more comfortable for them! Thanks for the contest!

  • Becca

    For some reason I never remember to shop at Lands End. I don’t know why, I think that Target has brainwashed me. Horrible, I know.

  • Krystel

    I buy lands ends clothes for adults and I love the quality so I would love to win the kids clothes for the same reason.

  • Dee

    Land’s End is the one place where I can get everyone their clothes. They’re awesome and last a long time. Love the Overstocks and kids stuff, in particular!

  • jennym

    Lands end is fantastic and I love that they’re local to me- a wi company=)

  • Mary @ Parenthood

    We love Land’s end – they are one of the only places my tall skinny husband can get jeans that fit (he’s size 30 / 36 – instead of the more normal 36 / 30…)

    Haven’t tried any of their kids stuff yet but mostly we’ve been given hand-me-downs so far. I hear you about keeping it simple! That’s essential when doing early toilet training too. Although sometimes we’ll put something more fiddly on if it’s adorable enough…

  • Allie

    I adore Lands End and was just discussing with my friend how stellar their customer service is AND the quality. The only thing from them that I currently have for my daughter is a waterproof mattress pad for her crib, but that thing is so luxe and well made, I need to get another for when this one is in the wash! I have been meaning to get her some items from their clothing line!

  • kris

    WE love Lands End. They are some great quality, and like you said, great prices.

    I love checking out the overstocks and getting wonderful deals. It’s especially nice this time of year getting ready for school

  • Soni

    Lands End is great for basics! They are talking, too, about adding a Made in the USA line to their collections (they used to have an extensive one) so I’m hoping this happens! Good giveaway :)

  • Christina

    I love Lands End and wish they still carried more in Sears stores. Shipping is fast, but I am oh so impatient!

  • sara l

    Land’s End is my go to place for kid’s (and my!) clothes!

  • angie

    I have recently bought a few Land’s End pieces at my Sears store, and love them, they are amazingly good quality for the price, and I love the basics. It makes it fun for my 5 year old to mix n match. I am a loyal Land’s End customer!

  • Rachel

    My parents were always huge Lands End fans, and for some reason, I always thought of them as being on the more pricey end…thanks for pointing out their very reasonable prices! I would love to have an outfit from them for my little girl!

  • Kim

    I just bought a Lands End skirt for me this wkd!! I love their stuff.. very good quality. :)

  • Mary A

    I would love to get my son the t-shirt with the giant squid going after the whale. I think he would really like it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Jeanine

    Land’s End makes quality clothes and I love to buy Land’s End clothes for my grandchildren

  • Sarah T.

    We definitely like simple, classic, mix-n-match clothing without cheesy characters or sayings splashed all over them. I guess I’d never thought of Land’s End as a “kid’s company” – but it looks like they make some great things for little ones too!

  • Julie G

    Land’s End is one of our favorite brands. I love their diaper bags, their shoes, their outerwear and their super-soft clothes. One of my favorite lines was last summer’s butterfly dress with leggings for girls. So cute!

  • sara

    We love Land’s End clothes and would love to try out their baby line because their adult clothes are so soft and comfy!

  • Tiffany

    Very cute clothes. I always look through their catalog but I never buy anything because I am mostly looking clothes for me and to me their clothes are to “mommy” or “old lady”. Do you get what I mean? But these are some cute clothes for my kids.

  • Janice Wright

    Land’s End has nice quality clothing. This would be great to win for one of the grandkids.

  • nicole

    I like the Boys’ Long Sleeve Tie-dye Pullover Hoodie in classic navy stripe.

  • Aura

    Love the quality and classic styles of lands end but they’re sizing is huge- they also usually have free shipping which is really nice and they’re overstocks have great deals. My favorite item we got there is the fireman hooded towel for my son, wish those would go on sale sometime.

  • Nicolle B.

    I LOVE bargain shopping but have never tried Lands Ends. Sounds great! Thanks for the chance.

  • Hahnah Ellington

    Lands’ End clothing is so great! I’ve ordered several items from them and am always very happy with it! I hope I win :)

  • zmama

    Love the quality and durability of lands end clothing!!

  • Emilie

    I love Land’s End! Their clothes are such great quality and they are so cute. I love that the clothing is often basic, which makes it easy to pair with anything in the closet!

  • Sarah@EmergingMummy

    I’ve often swooned over Lands End. Your way of dressing your girls is very similar to my philosophy. Kids’ work is their play so dress appropriately! I hate seeing restrictive clothes on them. I find it hard to find good play clothes for girls in particular. It’s like they’re just miniature grown-up clothes.

  • Ashley

    I love all the designs of these clothes. Kids deserve to look stylish also :) very cute interested in purchasing also!

  • Meredith

    Women’s Regular Lightweight Calf-length Terry Robe is something I would love.

  • Sarah Chase

    These look like great comfy clothes for kids.

  • Shannon F.

    Land’s End makes such classic clothing, my oldest can wear this outfit and they’ll last for many handmedowns!

  • Elsie

    Thanks for the introduction to Lands End!!

    I adore the bright aqua dress, and the other colors are exciting too!

    What a worthwhile site, I am so impressed!

  • LaurenS

    I’m always on the look out for places to buy my kids clothes and shoes. The overstock section is one that I will keep in mind next time.

  • Tiffany

    Great tip about their overstock section! I had no idea. Saw a few things I might have to snag!

  • Janelle

    My son is all about comfy clothes! I love Lands End for me but have not tried their kids clothes yet. This would be a great opportunity to try them!

  • Jessica Halsell

    I love Land’s End products. Not only the clothes but the furniture, too.

  • Ames

    I’ve never had any of their kids things – but it sure would be fun to try!

  • Lona W

    I love the Boys’ Vintage Fleece Shorts. It is so hard to find cute boy’s clothes. This would be great to win!

  • Katie R.

    I wasn’t even aware that Lands End sold kids clothing. They look like they would be very comfortable.

  • Amanda S.

    I love Lands End clothes! They last through more than one kid too, so that’s a bonus. :)

  • Carol G

    Land’s End has been a favorite for adult clothing, and I know that an outfit from them for my grandson would be a good one.

  • Snowflake07 (Audra)

    I love the Little Girls’ Short Sleeve Mesh Polo Dress in red. They have some really cute dresses to choose from.

  • Nicole L.

    My mother in law is constantly buying my stepson stuff from Lands’ End. It’s her favorite shop in the world and I’m certainly not complaining. We end up with sweaters, swimsuits, and we even got a nightstand from her and they were all Lands’ End. At least I never have to worry about the quality of the stuff she sends.

  • Molly K.

    I have always shopped at Lands End for myself but I never realized they had such cute kids clothes. I will definetly be checking them out for back to school shopping this fall!!

  • Louis

    I like that these clothes can be combined with almost everything

  • shawna

    They have such cute afforable clothing, would love to pick out some stuff for my daughter for school.

  • Heather McDonough

    I’d love to win. I saw some really cute clothes my son would like.

  • Carolsue

    I would love to win — my son is in desparate need of pants for pre-school and they have some cute ones!
    digicat {AT} sbcglobal {DOT} net

  • Jennifer M

    I love Lands End for clothes for myself as well, but their kids clothes are really cute.

  • Jill L

    I love Land’s End for their girls’ dresses. They are so cute and comfy. They last well too.

  • Kelley

    The quality and style of Lands End clothes is fantastic. I love that their styles are clean and classic.

  • Annette E

    My son could use some new clothes for school. I like the Big Kids’ Long Sleeve Solid Mesh Polo Shirt.

  • Rosey

    I really like the bright colors featured here too, and Land’s End always makes quality clothing.

  • Bao

    I heart Land’s End! Love how soft & durable the material is. I would love to win this. Thank you so much!!


    Lands End clothing for children is top of the line, and very durable whichis a big plus

  • Karen

    We love Lands End clothes because they are simple but well-made out of quality material. My boys want simple and easy, and I want clothes that will last and wash easily. As we look ahead to back-to-school, buying clothes from Lands End will defnitely make the outfitting part of the process a snap!

  • Heather M

    I would get the Caroline Smocked Shirt, the Stretch Slim Leg Jeans and the Ruffle Ballet shoes in Grey!

  • Danielle Malaise

    I love how durabale Land’s End clothes are. My kids don’t destroy them.

  • Marcia

    The 5 year old granddaughter starts kindergarten in Sept and I know we’ll find some great back-to-school clothes for her

  • Nicole Greene

    I’ve actually have never shopped at Land’s End–but, I am definitely looking forward to it–she looks adorable in that beautiful blue dress!!

  • Andrea B

    I like the overstock section. Found Girls’ Pattern Jersey Dress and navy Toddler Girls’ Knit Skort that I like.

  • Viva

    Lands End makes great quality clothes for a reasonable price. They always have fun, bright colors to choose from. I love the Tie Dye Gull Gray Multi Swirl shirt.

  • Jana

    We love Lands End. We bought our daughter’s raincoat and boots there last fall. Their newest back-to-school catalog is adorable – fancy leggings, adorable sweaters… :)

  • carol y l

    My little grandkids-either little man or Rachel could use and enjoy this!

  • jeanine

    lands end has the cutest clothes!my only issue if i won would be picking which of my littles to get this for!

  • Liza

    Love the bright colors on my babies, too! :)

  • Jennifer R

    We love Lands End clothing… it lasts great for my active children. They love their new Tie Dyed Shirts and I love the new Trekker line of pants and shoes.

  • Anara from able2able

    This is a great time of year to buy for next Spring and Summer! My kids don’t care if it’s last Season’s styles.

  • Jennifer Jozwiak

    i love lands’ end that have such colorful and sturdy clothes!

  • Jenny L

    I love that I can order from Lands’ End online and return to Sears stores if something doesn’t work. Little things like that let me know that a company is looking out for my best interest – plus it helps that the quality is fantastic.

  • ReggieMann

    I’d love to get the Little Girls’ Jersey Skort in Orchid Petal Delicate Floral

    ReggieM1961 [at] gmail [dot] com

  • Donna K

    Lands End has hight quality clothes.

  • momznite

    They have some great cotton basics, such as the Toddler Girls’ Long Sleeve Shirred T-shirt in orchid petal.

  • tina reynolds

    I like the blue dress, its cute, I also liked the Girls’ Pleated Corduroy Skort my daughter loves skirts. thanks for the chance

  • Gianna

    I love the Girls’ Ruffle-front Dress (grey) & Girls’ Shirred Ruffle-hem Dress (pink) cute clothes! I have 4 girls so i’m always on the lookout for dresses.

  • Kim B.

    Gotta get some of those Vintage Fleece Shorts for my son – so stylish AND comfy looking!

  • Renee WeME

    Both my boys like clothes. I just want to keep ‘m warm this winter. I like the fleece wear/
    Homepage > Boys > Pants & Shorts
    Lands’ End Boys’ Fleece Pants Pewter Heather
    Boys’ Fleece Pants look warm.

  • rajee

    I love your selection of kids cloths. So stylish and comfort for them to wear all day long