Children’s Book Giveaway: Miss Nelson Is Missing

The kids in room 207 were misbehaving again.” So begins the tale of a mischievous class…and their very creative teacher.


Written by Harry Allard and James Marshall, Miss Nelson is Missing is a hilarious and colorful story – with the perfect combination of mystery and humor. The worst-behaved class in school is in for a surprise when their kind teacher Miss Nelson goes missing…and is replaced by the wicked Miss Viola Swamp! Who is the woman in black? And what happened to the students’ beloved teacher? You’ll love to watch your child’s expression as he/she discovers the truth.


Equally wonderful to read-aloud is the sequel: Miss Nelson Has a Field Day. The illustrations are super fun and the ending has a twist that will keep kids guessing until the final page.

If you can get a copy of either book with the accompanying CD, do. If not, be sure to use your own “voices.” These books are meant for entertainment.

WIN IT! One winner will receive both books in the series – Miss Nelson is Missing and Miss Nelson Has a Field Day! To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Wednesday, December 7 at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!” or “Love it” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Thanks to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for providing copies of the books – for review and for this giveaway.  

*UPDATE* The winner is #22 Brandy. Congratulations!

  • Christy

    I loved Miss Nelson’s missing when i was little. It was such a fun book.

  • Ashley

    My 1st grade sons love these books!!!

  • Annie

    These are fantastic books! I use them as classroom management for my 2nd & 3rd graders – they can earn Miss Nelson & Miss Swamp points for group rewards & consequences. “Miss Nelson is Back” is another fantastic book in the series. (I don’t need to be entered in the drawing – I have several copies of each book!) :)

  • Becca

    I loved Miss Nelson is Missing when I was a kid! Will definitely be sharing these with my kids.

  • Kendra

    Oh my goodness! I loved these books growing up but had completely forgotten about them! I would love to read them to my girls!

  • Jenn

    I just realized that I haven’t read these books to my kids yet… they are on the library list now such fun stories with great illustrations!

  • Kristie

    I would love to read these books to my little ones. It’s always fun to read a mystery and I love that they are funny too! :-)

  • Rena

    I had forgotten about these books. I used to love them as a little one though. It is easy to forget about the good old classics. One I picked up the other day was Frank Asch’s “Popcorn” book. It was one of my favorites as a kid too!

  • Sarah

    I had completely forgotten about this book! I now definitely want it for my children’s library!

  • c roylston

    My mom’s name is Viola, we always used to tease her when we were kids and say they wrote a book about her. :0)

  • JulieK

    I loved these books when I was little (along with several of your readers!) They are hilarious! :)

  • MaryBeth @ Four Silly Sisters

    The Elementary school my girls attend has a book parade each year before Thanksgiving break. One of the classes presented Miss Nelson is Missing! and I thought it would be a good one to check out.

  • Sarah R

    I loved these books as a kid! It’s good to know they have stood the test of time.

  • Rachel

    How have I never heard of these books?? We’re always looking to expand our personal library!

  • Staci A

    I loved these books growing up! I’ll have to see if our library carries it with the CD!

  • Melissa

    I too remember these books and am looking forward to reading them to my soon to be boys!!! We get them December 16th!!!

  • jennifer b

    Wow- thanks for the new author! Im always looking for good ones before the baby starts pulling all the books off the shelves.

  • jes [a mountain bride]

    awwww…memories with these book are dear to my heart! i used to read them to my baby sister! i’d love to have copies for my daughter’s library!

  • Carol W

    This is perfect as I am talking to my son about misbehaving in school!

  • Noreen

    I had forgotten about this series

  • Kelly

    I remember the book Miss Nelson is missing, but have never heard of Miss Neson has a field day! Sounds interesting!

    • Stephanie

      I like the 1st one best (classroom-themed instead of football-themed), but both are creative & funny.

  • Brandy

    Wow! I didn’t recognize the book by the title but the pictures brought back memories. I loved this book as a kid. It is so funny! I hadn’t heard of Miss Nelson Has a Field Day but I would love to read both of them to my girls. If I don’t win I will be looking into getting them for our family!

  • Katie

    I loved these books as a kid! I think voices are definitely key.

  • Sara

    I remember this book. It always made me so happy!

  • Marina at My Busy Children

    looks like a fun book
    honestly, though, my kids would like it better if the pictures more a little bit less “cartoon-looking”

  • Naomi

    These cracked me up when I was little! I’d love to share these and Allard’s Stupids series with Roo and Jasper. I am sure they would love them, too! Thanks for reminding me of them.

  • Rica B.

    Would love them for our school library!

  • Lucy

    I’ve never heard of these books, but I’m always looking for ‘new’ books for the girls! P.S. I’m also giving a book away on my blog.

  • Mica

    I loved the Miss Nelson books as a child and know my son would love them too! If I don’t win, I’ll add the book to my list of books for “Santa” to bring him.

  • Megret

    I loved these titles as a kid — I’d love to share them with our children and add them to our picture book library!
    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Maria Sykes

    The first time I heard this story, my cousin Kristine read it to me. I was convinced it was about Mrs Hamilin, my second grade teacher who actually looked like Miss Swamp, no joke! For a week, I follwed Mrs Hamilin around knowing at some point, she would morph into Miss Nelson…she never did and I ended up spending an afternoon in the Principal’s office (thank goodness Mr Chemileski liked me!) explaining why I had been following my teacher around….specifically why I was hiding in the faculty bathroom (waiting for her to change)! Mrs Hamilin, though maybe a bit “rough” was still one of my three favorite teachers as she instilled in me a great love for reading….which I looked forward to passing onto Lucy! Thanks for sharing this book with your readers…and giving it away to one very lucky child!

  • heather

    seeing this post reminded me of how much i loved this book when i was younger! i had forgotten about it. my favorite elementary school teacher read it to our class. i will definitely be putting it on my list of books to read to my own kiddos : )

  • Deanna

    I had forgotten about these books! Sigh, I love children’s books. . Caps for Sale, Blueberries for Sal etc. I’m looking forward to reading all my childhood favorites to Kenna.

  • Beth C

    I don’t remember reading either of these books but they look like a lot of fun. I love the illustrations and would enjoy reading them to my grandchildren!

  • AEKZ2

    I remember reading Miss Nelson is Missing when I was a child! My children enjoy books about school.

  • Vanessa

    These books were the best when I was growing up. I recently read one to my 4 year old daughter and she totally didn’t get it, which made me chuckle a bit, but she still loved it!

  • Melinda J

    I’ve never read these! They look really fun. :)

  • Terra Heck

    I enjoyed reading Miss Nelson when I was younger and I think my step-daughter would like the books too. Thanks.

  • Tobster

    I’ve never heard of these but they sound like the kind of books that would make it into our bedtime reading selections.

  • Carmen Van Deursen

    My niece just started reading independently; these books are perfect for her. They seem to have an interesting story for a first grader. Thank for the chance to win these great books.

  • Crunchy Beach Mama

    oh gosh I totally remember these. I still have some of the books my mom kept for me. Loving reading them to my kids.

  • Ashleigh

    I loved these books as a kid. My daughter is really diving into books and I think her and her sisters would think these were hilarious.

  • Jenifer

    I used to love these, too. We actually rented the Scholastic video version of these last week, and my son got a kick out of Miss Viola Swamp!

  • Lydia

    Miss Nelson is Missing is definitely a favorite book from my childhood. I loved the artwork, especially the pages that were formated to look like their school pictures. I don’t know that I ever read the sequel, so I guess the Boy and I will need to go to the library to check that one out. Thanks for sharing!



  • Aimee E.

    I loved this book as a child, and I think my son would especially like it because his dad is a teacher.

  • Lauren

    aw, how fun. these would be great to add to my collection for my niece.

  • Estella

    I remember reading these when I was little. I have been pulling out some of my books from when I was a child and reading them to my boys.

  • Amy W

    I am always looking for fun new books to read with my son!! These look great!

  • Gina

    I loved these books as a child, and the funny thing is, my friend who was also my daughters 1st grade teacher, and my other daughters dance teacher, her name is Mrs. Nelson, so I think the kids would get a huge kick out of these books!

  • Nancye Davis

    I LOVE the Miss Nelson books! These books would be perfect to read with my daughter. Thanks for the chance!

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  • annie s.

    at least once a month we check miss nelson out of the library. we love her!
    annsavd at gmail dot com

  • natasha hudnall

    I had forgotten about this book! Thank you for reminding me

  • Gale

    I remember these stories from when I was a kid. Would love for my kids to read them!

  • phxbne

    I want to read them even if my daughter doesn’t!

  • Dayna

    I know I missed the giveaway but thanks for the reminder. I had forgotten all about these books that I think I enjoyed. I will have to add them to the library list!