Tea Collection – $100 giveaway

I have two (soon-to-be-three) little girls. They select their outfits each morning with care. Kayla prefers dresses. Liv insists on outfits without buttons or tags. They both like to wear lip gloss.


When they reach into the closet, they choose Tea Collection frequently. The fabric is soft. The colors are appealing. The designs are inspired by different regions of the world. AND – the pieces are blissfully free of poky buttons, scratchy lace, or wrap-around ribbons. Simplicity is a lovely thing.


I keep an eye on the Tea Facebook page because they periodically have $15 dress sales (and lots of contests).

ABOVE: My 2-year-old is wearing the Awesome Aura Hoodie w/ Skinny Sweater Leggings. My 5-year-old is wearing those same leggings (unbelievably soft, by the way) and a dress from a previous season.

WIN IT! One winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to Tea Collection. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Saturday, December 10 at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!” or “Love it” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Thanks to Tea Collection for providing samples for the review and a gift certificate for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #27 Noelle. Congratulations!


  1. Sarah T. says

    My sister recently discovered the Tea Collection for her little girls – I’ve been so impressed by how beautifully made they are (and how stylish!) I would love to treat my adorable nieces to some fun new outfits :)

  2. Brie Tonk says

    I just adore the clothes they have at Tea Collection. Your girls look adorable in them and comfortable. I think my daughter would love the leggings too. She loves to look girly, but doesn’t like anything scratchy.

    • Stephanie says

      Just so you know – Tea’s leggings are anything BUT scratchy. They’re unbelievably soft. I wish I could buy a pair for…me. ;)

  3. Brenda says

    It would be great to win a gift certificate to Tea Collection. I haven’t purchased anything from them yet due to the price, but I do receive their catalog and loved the recent Mexican-inspired patterns and designs. I also love the mix-and-match multi-item gift sets. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  4. Teresa says

    I think Tea Collection clothes are lovely & I hate how scratchy a lot of kids clothes are. I would love to see how soft their clothes are.

  5. says

    I would so love to be able to buy stuff from them! But most of the time I just can’t justify the cost. :( I wish I could because I much prefer their philosophy to big box store clothing. :(
    Although at this point I much prefer the girl clothing because I’m not a fan of the Mexican “inspired” art. At least the kind they are using.

  6. Kristen M. says

    I really like the mini dress with leggings look. I was looking at the catalog online earlier today admiring the collections.

  7. Kristen says

    I wish I could get the sweater leggings for myself (and be the type of person who would pull it off!!!). I am enjoying having a girl… altho, today she insisted on wearing her brother’s train shirt and would rather drive a truck than play with a doll. :) In time…

  8. Leane says

    We inherited a Tea Collection shirt from a friend. Her son had outgrown some clothes that she passed along to us. As I was sorting through the clothes, the quality of this shirt was noticeably better than any of the other clothes. So, I made a point to check the label for a brand name. Tea collection. I had heard of the brand before, but thought it was pricey. The quality construction of this shirt made me immediately realize why there is price difference between the Tea brand & other brands of kids clothes. I would love to have the opportunity to own more clothes from Tea for my kids! Thank you for the chance to win!

  9. says

    Their clothing certainly is amazing! You don’t have to enter me, because Tea has sponsored my blog before but… I just had to say your girls are adorable, their outfits are sweet, and yes, Tea Collection is what I reach for when dressing my son!! They have really great boy clothing!

  10. Janette Crawford says

    Thanks for the post! I have never heard of the company, but the clothes look really comfortable and probably high quality. I will definitely keep my eye on the sales. My daughter loves to wear dresses and I would love for her to have those leggings for the winter months here in Nashville and also bring a little of the Southwestern feel here with those prints. Your girls are so sweet, hope all is well!

  11. says

    I actually have a gift card from here I have yet to use! I LOVE there stuff, I just keep trying to figure out what size I want to buy and when!! By the way, your girls are getting SO tall and grown up!!

  12. susanlanai says

    I always love looking through their catalog online. What I really love is that they have equally nice and cool outfits for boys too!

  13. Tatiana says

    My daughter has 2 pairs of pants from tea that she’s been wearing since she was about 18 months old…she’s now almost three and they still fit and look great! Tea Collection’s quality is incredible! Would love to win so I can get her the next size.

  14. D Schmidt says

    This post really reminds me that I truly should just go ahead and purchase some Tea Collection clothing, I am curious about the quality and it is one of the very few big brands I have yet to purchase. I really like you say their items are soft because my toddler is very peculiar with regards the feel of fabric on his skin.

  15. Tobster says

    I like their designs but somehow I’ve never bought anything from Tea Collection. Your girls look darling in their clothes, that’s for sure!

  16. Mami2jcn says

    I love the Talavera Yoke Dress from their site!

    Congratulations on 3 girls! My brother has 3 daughters. I have 2 boys and a girl. ;-)

  17. lisa says

    The Tea collection items are adorable – and look so comfortable!! Would love to win this, to not only try their girl items – but also their super cute boy items as well!

  18. c roylston says

    My oldest hates tags and cuts them off everything. she even wears her sock inside out b/c she hates the seam touching her toes.

  19. Carmen Van Deursen says

    Tea Collection clothing look so stylish and comfortable. I was just at their online store (tea collection.com) and there are tons of clothing for my little boy. I loved their beautiful guapo herringbone jacket and the double eagle wardrobe set. Thank you for a chance to win this fabulous gift certificate giveaway!

  20. Terri F says

    I don’t own any Tea Collection yet for my daughter, but I have certainly looked at it and drooled over it. I like that their clothing is age appropriate for little girls and comfy. I also like the international flair that it has!

  21. Noelle says

    My brother and sister-n-law have been trying to have children for over 17 years. They began IVF 5 years ago and were blessed with 2 pregnancies – first, twin girls Annie and Julie, and then a boy, Hunter. Both pregnancies lasted only 24 weeks and the each time the babies were just too tiny to make it. On October 24th at 28 weeks pregnant, my sister-n-law delivered Kaybrie Jane. She was 2 lbs and 5 oz and has been such a fighter. I have not been able to visit my niece yet because of NICU regulations :( but we hope she will be home by Christmas. She is healthy and beautiful and has just been moved to an open crib, using a pacifier, breathing fully on her own, and even learning to take a bottle! There is nothing I would love better than to give her this as a welcome home gift :). Thanks again for your blog and take good care of yourself!

  22. says

    We love Tea Collection! I think we had the dragon pants for Jasper in every size through 4 and now I am sad because we don’t have another pair for him to grow into… their clothes wash and wear incredibly well and mix and match beautifully. I would love to try their ladies’ clothes sometime, too. I’ve been eyeing the Las Ramblas dresses for a while now…

  23. Katelyn says

    No little girls here for those super cute dresses, but I do have a little boy who would look just darling in their boys clothes.

  24. says

    Sophia has gotten quite a few Tea Collection hand me downs. Even used they are some of my favorite clothes for her. They’re soft and comfortable yet also stylish and very durable. Love them!

  25. sara says

    We love tea collection as well. They are adorable while being a little bit different from the average kids clothes. A bonus…no cartoon characters all over too!

  26. Janet W. says

    I have two precious grandsons that would look adorable in these clothes! The styles are so cute, especially the Cinco Senses Hoodie! I love how everything is very reasonably priced and looks like top notch quality!

  27. Kalani says

    We’ve been avid Tea fans since our 5yo was just a little guy- I’m happy that the clothes hold up & are being passed down to the 2yo! I love their styles and comfy-ness.
    inalak at msn dot com

  28. Jenn says

    I do like the tea company products – for exactly the reasons you mentioned :) no scratchy, loopy, itchy stuff and no cartoon characters – just classic designs with soft materials!

  29. Susan P says

    I love the tea collection but they are out of my price range. It is good to hear about the $15 dresses – maybe Iwill check them out on facebook.

  30. says

    I know you’ve mentioned this collection before, and I’ve never checked out their website until now. What beautiful outfits! A little out of my price range, but, ultimately, you get what you pay for, and quality is important!

  31. Amy M says

    Will definitely check out their FB page for the $15 dresses, they have cute clothes but the $15 items are more in our clothing price range. Would love to win a $100 shopping spree!

  32. says

    I would love to buy some cute and comfy dresses and leggings! E mostly wears hand-me-downs (I’ve purchased maybe 6 things ever for her) — and they run to lots of jeans and t-shirts. I think she’d like comfy leggings and tops.

    • Stephanie says

      Yay for hand-me-downs. I’m a huge fan. We rarely buy clothes for our girls either. When we do, I usually go to Twice As Nice. It’s wonderful to be able to trade in clothes for store credit (and I can sometimes find boutique brands!).

  33. Soni A. says

    Is it terrible to say that I would buy Tea Collection Pajamas if I had a gift certificate??? They last FOREVER – through several kids. Love them :)

    • Stephanie says

      Good to know. I’ve never tried them, but I can see why you might spend your money in that category. PJs are worn almost every night, after all. :)

  34. says

    Tea Collection has such cute clothes! The kiddos have grown out of the Tea Collection clothes I had for them, so it’d be nice to win and get some new outfits for them! :-)

  35. says

    The girls look beautiful and I love your eldest daughter’s gestures when you take her pics, you can tell she is fierce yet very merciful. So glad you guys are all settled now. And Tea collection is one of my favorite.

  36. Kathy Davis says

    Our daughter Katie called us two nights ago to tell us that she is expecting. We have all been waiting for this moment for 6 long years. What a blessing for us all. This little “peanut” will be our 1st grand child. We didn’t think it would ever happen. I would like to win this giveaway for her and her husband Richard so they can start preparing for their new arrival. Thanks, Kathy

  37. Stephanie V. says

    Love Tea’s funky clothes. My little man (age 4) loves comfy clothes with character – no tags or “scratchies” as he calls them.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  38. Courtney Schmidt says

    Tea collection makes quality clothes. they are fabulous! I wish my clothing budget were larger – but they really are worth the money. You can pass them down child to child – so a few quality pieces are worth the investment. we LOVE Tea!

  39. melissa n says

    Thy have the most adorable clothing have been looking at their site for some of y last minute chiristmas shopping.

  40. Mica says

    I keep hearing about Tea Collection’s clothing from friends, but do not own any pieces myself. After looking at their site, the clothing is adorable!

  41. Trish says

    We received a kimono style wrap jacket/ pant outfit by Tea Collection when our daughter was born. It was so cute and the material so soft. We loved it. She’s 4 now and loves their dresses and I must say, I’m glad because I really love them too! The fabrics are so soft and the prints are all so lovely.

  42. says

    my little Clara is in need of some pretty winter wear…well it doesn’t even have to be pretty…poor thing needs some winter warmth to keep her toes toasty! (she basically wears fuzzy footie pajamas every day)
    The Tea collection is just lovely and full of pieces that we would never be able to afford…it would be so special to have a few “forever” pieces that can be passed down to her future siblings.

  43. says

    Wow, what a neat giveaway. My girls won’t do the foofy stuff. If it’s not comfortable, they don’t wear it…and who can blame them? This would be fun to win.

  44. Betsy says

    I love Tea clothes for my boys for all the unique looks. For all my cousins having baby girls Tea makes great baby presents.

  45. SnKmommy says

    Super adorable girls! Tea Collection clothes look really unique and different. I would love to try them out for my kiddo’s.

  46. says

    Had a look at the current collection and just looking at the names of the outfits– named after places in Mexico– I totally see how each piece was inspired. This collection is right up my aisle, bold and beautiful!

  47. says

    I love Tea Collection clothing. Sure, they are a bit pricey but I find their clothing to be the highest quality and last forever! Worth the investment.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  48. Pinky Sade says

    The dresses for girls are too cute! I really love the Frida Flora Dress. Thanks! Great stuff, Tea Collection!

  49. Lachelle B says

    Every time I look at the Tea Collection – I wish they made the clothes in my size! My two girls would love these clothes.

  50. McKim says

    I’ve never purchased from Tea Collection, but looking at their website the clothes look they would be good quality. I love the little sweaters for boys.

  51. Anne Jensen says

    I love Tea Collection and would love to win the gift card to pick up a few pieces for my niece! I love how each piece reflects different cultures! Thanks for having the giveaway!

  52. Sarah Davis says

    They’re so beautiful! I knew tea collection made baby and toddler clothes but I just recently found out they make adult clothes as well! Not sure about the maternity clothes though. I’m due march 2 with a boy and i could use all the help i can get buying his baby clothes!
    sarah at realtorsd.com

  53. says

    My oldest only started caring recently about her clothes! She does love dresses although she doesn’t wear them much as it is winter and the temperature is about 10 degrees and there is snow on the ground. One thing she does loves is NOT wearing jeans. she hates jeans and it is a shame since we have a lot of jeans in her closet. She loves yoga type pants (me to!) My youngest LOVES her pretty dresses but for the same reason above does not wear them much in the winter but in the summer she always wears dresses. And my youngest if much more picky about her clothes.

  54. Sarah Hirsch says

    I love tea collection, too. The clothes are adorable, and very nice quality. I don’t usually buy much of it because the prices are higher than what I generally spend, but I will keep an eye out for more sales!

  55. Sarah says

    I love their stuff!!! I especially love the “packages” with all the mix and match pieces and how comfy and stretchy everything is. I haven’t bought one of the multi-piece sets, but I totally will if I win!

  56. Deanna says

    Your girls look adorable. Kenna is still young enough we have lots of clothes we have receieved as gifts (and she doesn’t care yet what we put on her). I know that will be changing though. Mom always let us dress ourselves when we were little and we had some interesting combinations at times.

  57. jennifer bubolz-miller says

    I’ve been an admirer since they had their Korea collection- My Korean born son loves his Kimchee delivery truck t shirt from them.

  58. Autumn B. says

    i first heard about tea collection on your blog and have checked out the site frequently, their girl stuff is so cute! i wish i had one to dress!!

    autumn398 @ yahoo.com

  59. Tina says

    I fell in love with Tea Collection when we received some hand me downs. I have two and another on the way, would be so cute to see them in in more of their clothes. Very sweet and comfortable clothing for kids!

  60. Tina says

    I fell in love with Tea Collection when we received some hand me downs. I have two and another on the way, would be so cute to see them in in more of their clothes. Very sweet and comfortable clothing for kids! (This is the correct email! Oops)

  61. Sarah says

    We love Tea Collection! The play dresses and leggings are perfect for active play, and the world-inspired prints are gorgeous and unique. The clothes are well-made and can be handed down and enjoyed by more than one lucky little one!

  62. says

    Oh, I didn’t know you were having three girls too! Yippeee! It really is so much fun. And, yes, simplicity is nice. Give them a twirly dress WITHOUT obnoxious bows and cheesy sparkles embedded IN the fabric, please. I digress… I LOVE Tea clothes. My girls would definitely have a lot more of it in their closets if my budget allowed.

  63. Kara says

    Goodness, Liv is looking SO grown up! I love the leggings, that’s all my girls will wear now (they both dislike jeans at present.)

  64. Anash says

    The Tea Collection clothing is so classic and adorable. I love their clothese because it takes kids back to classic@ Thanks for this splendid giveaway

  65. Amy B says

    Just discovered Tea Collection through their giveaways, and have fallen hopelessly in love with their Mixteca Alta Sweater (and a few other things). These clothes look so soft and comfy!

  66. B.C. says

    I love how they have clothes for girls that don’t have silly things like Diva or Princess on it, they’re just nice clothes!


  67. Sara Haaf says

    My son has a tea collection outfit and it’s one of my favorites, so soft and durable. I really love their kimono robe for boys and am trying to work up to splurging on it

  68. Christy Johnson says

    Tea Collection has always been one of my favorite brands to dress my son in. I would love to win this to buy him a cute outfit for the holidays!

  69. Zsuzsa says

    Tea is my favorite clothing brand for my kids. I love how each season is inspired by a different country. The clothes are so stylish, comfortable, and great quality. My daughter has several dresses and my son several tops from Tea but I would love to get them some pj’s or pants if I win :)

  70. says

    Your girls are getting so big. I love Liv’s top, I think Lily would love something like that. She hates tags too, we have to cut them off of everything.

  71. Amanda Mclemore says

    I have never bought anything from Tea Collection before but after looking at their website i found a bunch of cute outfits for my daughter:)

  72. Rebecca Peters says

  73. anna pry says

  74. Brittney House says

    I really love the women’s collections. It is very feminine and beautiful. I absolutely love the bella luna skirt.

  75. Ann Marie Walker says

  76. Shilo Beedy says

    I have loved the clothes Tea Collection offers with everything being so unique and stand out compared to what I see at the stores lately. Your kids are adorable and they seem to love there clothes.

  77. simone says

    OMG the girls are getting so big and congrats on the 3rd girl. At least you can re-use the clothes. I loved TC’s Barcelona collection last year!

  78. says

    We don’t own any Tea collection, however I am somehow on their mailing list now and do drool over the catalog that comes in the mail.
    Although mine seem to be super girly-girls, they definitely prefer simple soft comfort in the clothes and then add on oodles of sparkly accessories:)

  79. Terry Cross says

    The Tea Collection has such adorable clothes! I’d love to get some for my granddaughter. Thanks for the giveaway!

  80. Heather M says

    We love Tea Collection here and with a growing 4.5 year old and a little boy on the way I could always use this certificate!

  81. Lisa Garner says

    My daughter is almost 2 and I’ve been looking for clothing that was more than just cutely little baby styles. I love that the clothing at Tea Collection has such a unique look and are clothes that I would wear if they where in my size!

    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  82. Sarah Matos says

  83. Nicole Thoresen says

    I like how their clothes are cute but comfortable too, my daughter Kayla (same name as you daughter!) was looking over my shoulder at the collection and was loving the clothes!

  84. April G says

    Those skinny sweater legs are absolutely precious. I love their clothing, and would be thrilled to get my daughter into some of those outfits (ok, and my two sons too), especially some of the dresses like the Gitana Mini Dress. GORGEOUS! :)

  85. JoAnn F. says

    With the beautiful clothes they have for girls I wish I had a grand daughte!. They have cute clothes for boys too & would love to win for my grandson.
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  86. AEKZ2 says

    I’ve been wanting to buy my daughter something from the Tea Collection for a while. I especially love the Lantana Wrap Dress.

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