Liv, you are 3 (how can it be?)

G’morning, mama” you say, running into our room in baggy pajama pants.

I slept all through the night,” you spout proudly – though the sun has barely peeked over the mountains. Without a word more, you snuggle the side of my expanding belly.

Later, you stretch out your legs to show me how long you’ve grown in the night. And, baby girl, you have.

Wispy blonde hair that falls in your eyes, blue eyes – the color of hydrangeas in the spring, the sweetest round cheeks. You still walk on tippy toes, hands on the hips.

You like peas and corn, watermelon and frozen blueberries, peanut butter balls and gummy bears. But NOT meatballs. And most definitely not tags on your clothes (we have to cut them all off).

Favorite past-times? Dressing up as Sleeping Beauty. Telling princess stories in dramatic voices. Digging in the sandbox in the afternoon sunshine. Riding in the Kelty on daddy’s back. Pretending to be a mommy. Playing chase and hide & seek. “Reading” chapter books, with amazing concentration.

You sing songs about Je-sus and pray ferverently for “people who don’t have food” – and you list family members by name (including your not-yet-born baby sister).

Sweet little girl with impeccable manners, you say “peas” and “tank YOU” and “I’m sawwy” and “Xcuse me.” That tender heart of yours can’t stand raised voices or BIG “no’s.” A peacemaker, that’s what you are.

AND a negotiator. ME:We have to shampoo your hair tonight.YOU:Tomorrow?ME:I don’t want any grapes right now.” YOU:Just try?ME:Try not to suck your fingers.” YOU:On my next birthday, I do that.

Words to describe you? You are empathetic. Intelligent. A defender. An introvert (we think). Rich in love and thoughtfulness.

This world is a better place with you in it. Always has been. Always will be. We love you, Liv.


  1. says

    Hi Stephanie, Happy Birthday to Liv. Congratulations on your next little girl to come. I had three girls in a row before a boy…I have to say it is wonderful. Of course, God knows and He is in control.

  2. says

    Sweet sweet! Noah’s birthday is Saturday, but I’m not as good about writing this way. ;)
    He’ll only be 2… how close are Kayla and Cory? He’ll be 5 at the end of the month.

  3. mary beth says

    Yes!! Happy Birthday to my grandaughter Olivia! We had a birthday party out in the park on a beautiful day!
    May the Lord continue to bless her as she grows!! :)

  4. says

    What a poetic way to describe such a very lovely little girl. We count ourselves blessed to know precious Liv. (LOVE the negotiotiations you included!) She certainly is one smart little cookie:)

  5. says

    Pretty girl! Happy birthday to her! I’m so ready to move on to three. Lucy’s birthday is Apr 24. She rocked our world as a two-year-old and while I think much of that is just her personality there are some “ability” matters that will help me out a lot. Things like getting dressed, putting shoes on, getting into the carseat on their own, are all things I so adore about three-year-olds.

    My Lucy loves everything princess too. And not because of any encouragement from me. How do they find out about this stuff?!

  6. Stephanie says

    I know, right? Despite my best intentions, both girls love the whole princess scene. They’re actually getting quite the collection of princess books + clothes too – all from grandparents. ;)

    I’m not opposed enough to say good riddance to the products, but we do “talk through” the stories…and we encourage a focus on the good qualities (kindness, humility, etc).

  7. says

    She sounds like such a lovely little lady. I’m finding that my almost three year old is an introvert too…

    On the princess scene, I’ve thankfully been able to avoid most of the Disney versions, but my girl still loves to play princess and read princess books I’ve found a few alternates to the Disney stuff that we do like around here – I’ll drag them from the bookshelf, bedside table, or wherever C has them at the moment and share them with you soon! :)

  8. Rhonda B says

    I am very opinionated that babies born in the water are especially peaceful and grounded souls – what a blessing she is to your family ! Happy Birthday Olivia !

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