GIVEAWAY: Mommy/Delivery BFFLBag

Expecting a baby or know someone who is?

Take a look at the Mommy/Delivery BFFLBag®.

Designed by Dr. Elizabeth Chabner Thompson (an oncologist and mom of four), it is described as “the ultimate hospital bag, providing comfort, convenience, and caring for women preparing for childbirth.”


The bag, which retails for $120, is designed to be used for either C-section or traditional birth.

Contents include:

  • axillapilla® pillow for recovery and nursing support
  • a collapsible water bottle
  • perineal ice packs with disposable sleeves
  • soft, washable bamboo nursing pads
  • a wound/incision care pack
  • expandable folder for important papers and cards
  • skin care gift pack
  • flip flops
  • toiletries
  • KIND healthy snack bars

Best Friends for Life also sells specially designed bags for a variety of hospital stays including a Double Mastectomy Bag, Prostate Bag, Neuro/Brain Bag, Chemo Pack for Him, Chemo Pack for Her, and more.

* 15% of net profits from bag purchases are donated to the Harvard School of Public Health Women’s and Health Initiative.

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  • Megan Lusiak

    My third baby is due in May and I would love to have this bag! With my first 2 children I made sure I had my boppy pillow, a nice night gown that I could nurse in, and my own toiletries so I could freshen up before going home.

  • Kate @ DCL

    laptop, change of clothes, & a magazine :)

  • Richelle

    Top few things I’d like to have with me during a Labor and Delivery:
    1) Hubby
    2) My own Sanitary napkins (less diaper-like than the ones provided)
    3) My phone
    4) Birth plan
    5) A baby bag with necessary items for bringing baby home.

  • Deanna

    Camera and laptop were the top two when our daughter was born! After that not much matter. Brushing my teeth was nice and something to wear home.

  • nicole lewis

    Books my own Jammie’s and a cell phone

  • Kristen

    My own pjs, a flannel shirt (from my husband) for easy nursing and also warmth, Chapstick, socks, and my own pillow.

  • Fleurzty

    My husband of course. My nipple soothing cream. My cell phone. My hospital bag. These were the instrumental items with our first son. I don’t see that changing much this time around.

  • Jennifer Bubolz Miller

    A picture of my other two kids, socks, running shoes (for walking the floor), cell phone, peanut butter m and ms.

  • susan

    Our camera was important for catching those life changing memories (and when all the guests visited), a toothbrush, and my eyeglasses.

  • nicole

    comfortable clothes, toothbrush, makeup

  • polly keintz

    robe, change of clothes, toothbrush & toothpaste and socks

  • Jessica Sheltrown

    My pillow, tummy wrap (for right after birth) and hubby:)

  • Aura

    camera, my phone and pad of paper with pen

  • lace

    my own pjs, lip balm, book

  • Melissa

    chapstick, comb, toothbrush and comfy shoes to wear when I’m up and walking around. :)

  • Cindy r

    mp3 player with hypnobabies tracks, comfy socks, and my own pillow

  • ginger g.

    good snacks, flip flops, and my own toiletries!

  • Jes (A Mountain Bride)

    I’m delivering in TWO weeks!!! I think I need this bag since last time I overpacked like whoa. The three things I will be SURE to have are: my cell/charger, make up, and a razor (I forgot a razor last time and the hospital doesn’t dispense them anymore…so I had to go without for two days – so icky!)

  • Carol W

    lip balm, hard candy, hair rubberband, socks, and your own pillow

  • Amanda S.

    Robe, pillow and snacks!

  • Elaine

    a change of clothes and SNACKS

  • meegan whitford

    snacks pillow clothes and personal items (bath and make up)

  • Jessica O

    My phone(and charger), a few good books and magazines and snacks.

  • Marlena U.

    The three things that I could not have lived without when giving birth were my husband, a tennis ball for back pain and honey sticks for energy!

  • Jamie

    Hair ties, a toothbrush, and some comfy clothes.

  • Christy Wiggins

    I need my husband, lipbalm and hair ties. :)

  • Leigh

    This is wonderful! I’d say my top three necessities were my iPod, comfy easy-to-remove clothes, and my husband :)

  • Jami Castaneda

    Hair ties, water bottle, boppy:)

  • Jonathan Baker

    I’d love to get this for my wife! Top three things we like are a good water bottle, laptop, and scrabble!

  • Lindsay H

    I’d say warm socks, iPod touch, and ponytail holders

  • Mandi P.

    Slippers, my own pillow, and my phone so I can listen to my own music!

  • Manda

    Chapstick, iPad, and my own snacks

  • Staci A

    Slippers, a comfy sweater, and lip balm!

  • Nurserachet

    Good food, something good to drink and my phone!

  • Jessica S

    My own gown/clothes, my husband and midwife!

  • Denise Clark

    My ipad mini, my bedroom shoes and a stash of Dr. Pepper!

  • Monique Eckert

    boppy, slipper, my own jamies and ipad!

  • T.R. Alvarez

    My Brest Friend pillow, my camera, and my flip flops!

  • Sophia Mancetti

    My tablet, My own pillow, and some resting music.

  • S. Lo

    My camera, my computer and music.

  • Brenda Burgess

    my slippers, my blanket and a good book

  • Amber Perry

    A heat rice pack (I always have back labor), music, chapstick and my Husband who can run home and get anything I’ve forgotten – which always seems to happen ;-)

  • Marcella Chapados

    my husband, warm comfy socks, and camera. all I need to welcome our first baby to the world :)

  • Felicia

    I am 37 weeks with our first baby and have been thinking about what to bring. I think I’ll pack some nursing tanks and a foldover skirt (just in case pants are not too comfy with the post delivery padding). Will bring some post delivery snacks, and chocolates for the staff. :)

  • Sarah Schmunk

    I need to pack my hospital bag soon. I like to have slippers/slipper socks, hard candy, and my own pajamas.

  • Taryn Pasco

    I bring my boppy, slippers & I like to bring my own comfy nightgown since I am a C-section.

  • Dawn Sterner

    Slippers, robe & snacks!

  • Ashley Nolan

    Need my pajamas with slippers and a camera!

  • Kristin Ulsteen Evans

    Snacks (they never bring breakfast soon enough for me), flip-flops, and my robe.

  • Dawn Ganey

    Personal hygiene items, fresh clothes, & food.

  • Molli Reisman

    a book to read, a puzzle book, some paleo-friendly snacks and some sort of device to go online

  • Brittney House

    lip gloss, slippers, and a book

  • Jill Myrick

    My favorite are my pajamas, socks, slippers and throw.


  • Michelle Tucker

    Toothbrush, hair brush and clothing :)

  • Thomas Chappell

    3-5 things hummmmm
    for me Energy drinks to stay awake
    a phone to call everyone after
    and a comfy pillow

    for her comfy shoes
    comfy pillows
    and something to squeeze?

  • Vikki Billings

    My toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, hair tie and socks