6 Pregnancy Products You Probably Want

pregnant-9-monthsWhen I was pregnant, I tried very hard not to spend money on pregnancy-specific products. After all, I reasoned, why should I spend money on items that I would only use for 9 months?

I was fortunate to have friends pass on maternity clothes to me (I always pass my maternity clothes on to others too, by the way...even in between babies...I figure...why keep a bunch of unused clothes around for one or more years when a friend could be using them?).

And I'm not big into pregnancy gadgets and gizmos either.

That said, these 6 products are ones that I think are worth buying:

chip & pepper jeans 3rd trimester1. Fabulous designer maternity jeans :: I had this AMAZING pair of maternity jeans from Chip & Pepper for my last pregnancy. I wore them all of the time because they were the only article of clothing that I owned that made me feel beautiful and small, even during my 3rd trimester (that's me in my 3rd trimester over there to the left...). $100 or $200 is a small price to pay for that feeling. Especially toward the end when you just feel frumpy and clumsy and humongous.

liz claiborne reversible two tone oversized towel2. Oversized bath towels or beach towels :: It's totally not a good feeling to get out of the shower and have a towel that won't wrap around your bum or your belly. Having a few oversized bath towels on-hand is very nice. I actually still prefer them...and I'm not even pregnant anymore.

maternity bikini underwear old navy3. Maternity underwear :: No, I'm not talking about those huge granny-style maternity undies (although I bet those are super comfy...). I'm talking about bikini-style maternity underwear from anywear...or underwear that's one size up. It's totally wonderful to have a little stretch and extra room for your bottom. I wish I could say that your bottom doesn't expand when you're pregnant, but - unfortunately - I can't...

bellaband lace4. at least one BellaBand :: BellaBands are great for:

  • your first and second trimesters when you're starting to bulge, but still want to wear your pre-pregnancy clothes.
  • your third trimester when your pants start to fall down and you need something to hold them up.
  • the post-partum period when you can *almost* squeeze into your pre-pregnancy pants, but would prefer a little extra "breathing room."

I suggest that you start by purchasing a black one (but you'll probably want to buy a few other colors as well; BellaBands are incredibly useful). I know there are "knock-off" versions of these available, but I have only tried the "real thing" so I can't tell you if other brands are equally soft and stretchy.

utterly yours pregnancy pillow demonstration5. Utterly Yours pregnancy pillow :: With my first pregnancy, I stubbornly refused to buy a pregnancy pillow - even though my husband offered. I just felt like I could "tough it out" for those last uncomfortable months. But, with my second pregnancy, I was soooo glad to have the Utterly Yours pregnancy pillow. It was such a relief on my back and tummy...and the pillow is brilliantly engineered. It's compact and portable, yet it provides plenty of support. I highly recommend it.

pink polka dot nursing gown motherhood maternity6. Nursing Nightgown :: I always ended up reaching for my pink polka-dotted gown in that last month or so. It just felt comforting to have something that was relaxed around my tummy and "floating" around my legs. Actually, that nightgown ended up being my "coming home" outfit. It wasn't the most flattering nightgown I could have bought, but it was only $25 and it provided easy access for nursing and there was plenty of room for my I-just-had-a-baby tummy too.

YOUR TURN: What products did you LOVE during your pregnancy?

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43 comments on “6 Pregnancy Products You Probably Want”

  1. I'd have to agree with the pregnancy pillow. Best thing I ever bought. To help with my moring sickness I used Morning Bliss which is a all natural herbal remedy. It really helped.

  2. Nursing bra and body pillow.. they were both a must in being somewhat comfortable pregnant with twins :)

  3. I lived in supportive, seamless sports bras, night and day. I simply couldn't go without them without discomfort. I had several and wore them with everything, even though they were not the best under some tops.

  4. I am currently pregnant, due in December and I have been really worrying about a few months down the road needing maternity ware. This is my second child, however my last "baby" was 10 years ago lol and I found it hard to be taken seriously at work with pants with spandex up to my chest and "baby on boar" and teddy bear maternity shirts. It seems as though the clothes you are advertising are much more sophisticated and exactly what I am hoping for, just because I am pregnant does not mean I need the whole world to affixiate on my "baby on board" shirt and not my personailty and my work. I am sooooo glad this time around maternity clothes are available in a sophisticated look and much more options and variety THANK GOODNESS!!! ~Well done on the jeans that are sleek and not spandex clear up to your chest, what a relief :)

  5. One of my pregnancy must haves is a foot spa. I had to give my feet a good soak every night while I was preggers.

  6. My daughter is pregnant with her second in two years and could sure use these pops, I'll pass on the suggestions you put above too

  7. My best friend is having terrible morning sickness, with her baby #2. These would be great for her to have.

  8. I loved my pregnancy pillow that went between my knees and kept me in a comfortable position all night, and I practically lived in my hideous paisley nursing gown for months!

  9. Yep I totally agree with the towel. As you read on my blog before I posted about using a beach towel. I loved that I had some thing to wrap around me all the way.

  10. I loved my Snoogle pregnancy pillow. I did the same thing -- tried to tough it out. Thank goodness my husband took charge and bought it for me! It made a HUGE difference!! Now I recommend it to anyone who will listen. :)

  11. i am expecting my 4th child and have never tried preggie pops! i have heard of them but never run across them in my local stores. if i win and enjoy them. i may need to order some online!

  12. The gown you have looks like a great item to have for nursing. I was given two nursing gowns that have holes for the breast to come through for nursing. I don't like either one of them. The holes aren't quite in the right spot so the whole gown gets all bunched up and twisted when I try to use it. Also, my breasts are not completely hidden when not feeding, so I need to wear a robe over it around the house.

  13. all 6 are great items for pregnancy! I'd like to add pickles to the list. and i just noticed that preggie pops are sold blocks away from my home! hope i win some, thanks!

  14. Preggy Pops were a blessing with both my pregnancies...
    Also a double pillow,it was like a body pillow but had 2 sides and velcroed together in the middle that way the front and back were supported..
    Of course good nursing nightgowns, I love my "Motherwear" pieces even now that I'm not nursing they are so comfy.

  15. I need Preggy Pops now. I am having morning sickness so much more this time than with my other pregnancies. I haven't tried Preggy Pops but I need to get some. I can't make it without my body pillow to support my back at bedtime. Blessings

  16. I love that the preggie pops are organic. We try to keep as many chemicals as we can out of our little developing ones.

  17. I couldn't live without my Hubby. He offered to do anything I needed whenever I needed it and when I asked him to do something he did it. :) And he was a great pillow.

  18. I second the towels. In fact oversized are all I use (except for the hair)

    That Pillow looks awesome. I'm going to have to look into one of those.

    And I love that nightgown too.

    PS. Don't enter me in this contest -- I don't need the preggie drops -- no sickness here anymore. But I had to comment on the post anyways.

  19. A Maternity belt! I borrowed one from my sister and I was so glad I had it. My daughter was situated so low that my lower belly needed the extra support badly!

  20. My first pregnancy I went without maternity clothes, being only 100 pounds when I got pregnant, I only got to 113, and it was all belly =) I have to admit I fell in love with walmart tshirts, they were soft, yet still stylish! This time around I'm a stay at home mom ana can't afford any extras but also cant fit in my regular clothes and live in tank tops and pajama bottoms.

  21. The nightgown is adorable! Since I'll be in the hospital a few days I am using a sleeveless, long knit jumper with wide armholes that easily pull over for nursing and a short knit bed jacket. It's a comfy combo and works really well for me! (Oh - and since I accidentally ruined the jumper by getting bleach all over the bottom four inches of it - I cut that off and rehemmed it, but it doesn't look right as a jumper anymore - it was a great way to re-purpose something comfy that I loved while at the same time meeting a need I had in an easy way!)

    The one thing I wish we had spent money on - especially this time is a pregnancy pillow, the way I'm carrying this baby has been tough on my back and hips - I'm sure a pillow like that would have helped. At this point, I'm not going to spend the money but oh well :)

    Oh and I'm done having babies so I don't need the prize!

  22. (no need for the prize - I'm DONE with the preggo thing). but... My best pregnancy "gadget" was some really nice nursing tanks from Target. So comfortable and so nice to nurse with. You can easily nurse in public without having to show the world your not-so-flat belly!

  23. I have not yet been pregnant, but my good friend broke down and bought a pregnancy pillow when I was visiting her [during her 2nd pregnancy] . . . saying she had wanted one the whole time she was pregnant the first time: it was all she could have hoped for :-)

  24. actually I have a friend who could use these so don't delete the last post... but delete this one :)

    sorry I'm causing all this trouble!

  25. You can delete this comment, because i don't need those, but I wish I had this list when I was pregnant! I went without post of those things, because i think the same way you do, but looking back I could have really used all those things! Especially the jeans and towels! I'm going to save that list to my computer so I know what to get next pregnancy... thanks Stephanie!

  26. when i was pregnant with my second, i loved the maternity gaucho pants from old navy. they were cute, comfy and went with all of my tees and tanks. i bought a new (non-maternity) shirt to go with them and wore them home from the hospital... i also wore them for a few weeks after he was born.
    i also used cinnamon toothpaste during my second pregnancy... with my first, i couldn't brush my teeth without gagging. i don't know if it was the mint toothpaste, but it didn't happen the second time around with cinnamon toothpaste.
    (please don't enter me in the contest)

  27. I could not have survived without two things (I was working full time if that helps explain). I would come home every night and put on these amazing stretchy work out pants (not tight though, no worries) and a this gray tank top. The tank top was kind of cute at first, but as I got bigger, it covered less and less, and ended up being awful. I ended up wearing it to the hospital when my water broke, what a sight I am sure, but it was awesome because I was using so much lotion at that point to avoid strethmarks, and I didnt care abour ruining it! I threw them both away though the second we got home with the baby, will need a new set(s) with the next pregnancy!

  28. I've been looking for a nursing nightgown, and the polka dot one is very cute, and not too flimsy for me to wear around my mother-in-law, who will be helping us out for a while. Thanks!

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