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Breastfeeding products, tips, and advice for moms and moms to be.


When I was pregnant with my first baby, I remember being a bit bewildered by all of the hospital packing lists out there. I wondered what to pack in my hospital bag...and I especially wondered what to bring as a "coming home outfit." Now that I have had two babies, I know what to look […]

Nursing Clothes Review: Japanese Weekend

As I mentioned in a previous post, nursing clothes are not a necessity...but they can be very nice. Especially in circumstances that may require you to nurse in public (example: taking a trip by plane).   I know some women feel comfortable nursing anytime, anywhere - but I'm a more private person. If I am […]

Nursing Clothes: An Introduction

Think of this as your primer about nursing clothes. Nursing Clothes 101. A Q & A session for the new mom and mom-to-be. Here goes... WHAT ARE NURSING CLOTHES? Essentially, they are tops, tanks, camis, pajamas, and dresses that provide easy access to your breasts to help you nurse with home or on-the go. This […]

My Brest Friend Versus Boppy

A nursing pillow is one of those products that some moms consider a necessity...and other moms scoff at as an unnecessary luxury. I'm in the middle camp: I think they're a "nicety," not a necessity. If you're short on money, you certainly can use regular pillows for support. But if you can spare the change, […]

Basic Supplies for Breastfeeding

You're pregnant with your first baby and you have no idea what breastfeeding will be like. Questions float through your mind at midnight as you try to get comfortable enough to fall asleep... Will it hurt? What will it feel like? Will my baby nurse right away? What if I don't know what to do? […]

Oh my! Oh me! Melinda G!

It's hard to recommend bras to other moms because not all moms (and not all boobs) are created equal. Some moms like underwire; others hate it. Some moms want padding to "enhance"; others want to minimize. Some prefer the snug fit of sports bras; others don't like wearing bras at all. It's really a very […]

Sometimes A Mama Just Needs A Hug

I have to admit: when I first saw this product, I kind of scrunched up my eyebrows in skepticism. It seemed like just another useless "invention" that might appear on the Home Shopping Network or in a package with one of those cheesy "As Seen on TV" labels (that somehow always manage to get my […]

Themed Weekend: Breastfeeding

There are so many things to talk about when it comes to breastfeeding... We could get down to business and talk about how much it hurts, but also how worth it is to continue because there are so many benefits of breastfeeding. Or we might discuss more "embarrassing" topics: what to do about engorgement, how to know […]

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