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Babies are miracles. Follow along for articles on pregnancy, breastfeeding, baby products, birth, vaccines, and baby care.

Morning Sickness [remedies for emesis gravidarum]

I had it for both of my pregnancies - unrelenting, all-day nausea + vomiting. For 4 months. My appetite disappeared (but I HAD to eat or I felt worse). My skin turned pale. I lost weight. All I wanted to do was lie perfectly still and hope with all my might that I would fall […]

Are "Well Visits" Necessary?

"Maybe we should call and cancel," I said to Tim last night as we were pulling our white comforter up to our chins at midnight. "You're just telling me this now?" he said sleepily, "Their appointments are tomorrow." I reply, "I know, but I'm just not sure how I feel about it. Why are we […]

babywearing basics (plus, my favorite/least favorite carriers)

If you were to see me in real life - at church or running errands or at the park - this is what you would probably see: A curly-haired woman with green-hazel-blue-gray-always-changing-colors eyes - holding a preschooler's hand and carrying a toddler on her hip or in a carrier. Smiling at you (I smile a […]

vaccines [undecided]

Two kids (and hours of research) later, Tim and I are still undecided. We've read "The Vaccine Book" (an excellent book, by the way). We've interviewed Dr. Sears on phone and by e-mail. We've scribbled down questions for our pediatrician. We've read blog posts and heard reasons. We've looked at what Dr. Tenpenny has to […]

how to host the best baby shower ever

Congrats to all of my friends - both offline and online - who are pregnant, adopting, or reveling in newborn baby bliss. In honor of all of you, I'm going to digress from my regular content to share¬†my top tips for planning the best baby shower ever: DO host a shower for the 2nd, 3rd, […]

Summer Fashion: Eleven Collection

For the longest time, my 3-year-old's favorite color has been green. And not just any green. "Dark Green," in particular. Other parents often express a bit of shock when my blonde-headed, blue-eyed beauty pipes up with her favorite color. Not pink! Not purple! Not even red! Green, it is. Someday she may change her mind […]

Summer Fashion: Robeez

My 16-month-old gets more confident on her feet every day. She still has the "new walker waddle" and I just can't get enough of it. I am enamored by the way she stands up, walks around, smiles a toothy grin...sometimes stopping to clap. It takes all of my willpower not to just scoop her up […]

Summer Fashion: Vincent Shoes

I've mentioned Vincent Shoes before, but I wanted to take a quick minute to tell you about the Summer Clearance Sale (up to 75% off!). Here are the shoes that caught my eye, but there are many more options to choose from! PICTURED - Left to Right: Ally ($11.25), Bobby ($11.95), Djungel ($8.45), Tobias ($19.95). […]

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