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Are vaccines safe? Should I vaccinate my baby? What immunizations are most important for babies? Get answers to these questions and more.

Ask Dr. Sears: Sick Child on Day of Vaccines

Please welcome Dr. Bob Sears back to Metropolitan Mama. Sears is a nationally known pediatrician, father of three, and author of The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child. Sears has graciously offered to extend his expertise about vaccines through a bi-monthly column where YOU ask the questions...and he answers them. See the […]

Ask Dr. Sears about Vaccines

Today was my daughter's 15-month check-up. For some reason, I had thought that this was "the appointment" with no shots (I think that must be the 18-month appointment), but I was wrong. We were offered four shots and oh-how-I-wished that I had my copy of "The Vaccine Book" with me. We decided to go with […]

Objective Information about Vaccines from Dr. Bob Sears

As you know from previous posts, I am a huge fan of the Sears family of physicians. They come across as warm and sincere rather than sterile and stodgy like so many MD's. I trust their advice and that's why I was overjoyed when Dr. Bob Sears wrote a book about vaccines this past year. […]

Pregnancy and Vaccines: 2 Things that Dr. Bob Sears Wants You to Know

I recently interviewed Dr. Bob Sears, author of The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child. I'll share more of my interview with you in the forthcoming weeks, but I wanted to be sure to pass along two pieces of information about pregnancy and vaccines that Dr. Bob particularly stressed. Flu Shot - […]

Book Review: The Vaccine Book

Finally. That’s what I kept thinking as I read through Dr. Bob Sears’ newest book, entitled, “The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child” (Little, Brown, and Company, 2007). For a long time, I have wished that there was a comprehensive resource about vaccines from someone I could trust. I admit that I […]

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