Big List of the Best Stocking Stuffers for Campers

Best Stocking Stuffers Campers

Welcome to a BIG LIST of the best stocking stuffers for campers. Included on this list are small items that will be appreciated by campers, hikers, backpackers, and other outdoorsy people. Whether your gift recipient prefers tent camping, glamping, or RVing in a big rig, you're sure to find some charming, unique, and practical ideas on this page. I've tried to include a variety of ideas - gear, games, accessories, decor, candy, snacks, first aid, beauty, cookware, and practical items that will be used all year. I will update this page annually with new and unique ideas.


patch bamboo bandages

Being out in the wilderness can bring on blisters, bites, cuts, and splinters...but the memories are so worth it! Be prepared for basic first aid with PATCH bandages. They have four different bandage kits for different situations - one kit for burns & blisters (with aloe vera), one kit for cuts & scratches, one kit for bites & splinters (with activated charcoal), and one kit for abrasions & grazes (with coconut oil). These all-natural, hypoallergenic bandages are great to tuck in any camping bag or hiking backpack.


Extra towels and cloths are always useful when you're camping - whether in a tent or a recreational vehicle. Claudia Pearson's 100% flour sack cotton tea towels come in fun, travel-inspired designs. Pictured above: Camping, Picnic Bike, and San Diego.


great outdoors camping washi tape paper house stocking stuffer

Washi Tape is useful and fun to use - for school assignments, bedroom decor, craft projects, gift wrapping, writing to pen pals, and scrapbooking. The great outdoors themed washi tape pictured above is a fun stocking stuffer for campers - featuring an RV, tent, pine trees, and campfires on-repeat.


Woodland Measuring Spoons Talisman Designs

Outdoorsy people will love these solid Beachwood woodland-themed measuring spoons. The 4-piece set includes the four most commonly used measuring spoon sizes: 1/4 tsp, 1/2 tsp, 1 tsp, and t Tbs. This is an especially excellent stuffer for recreational vehicle owners since this set would be a terrific (and useful!) addition to an RV kitchen.


It is wise for campers and hikers to travel with first aid kits, but space is of high premium. That's where Adventure Medical Kits comes in! They offer first aid and medical kits of all sizes and for a variety of different scenarios. For holiday 2019, we're featuring two tiny kits that can fit in the palm of your hand. The 0.5 Tin is absolutely adorable and the quintessential kit in retro red. Despite its small size, it includes 36 commonly needed first aid supples. Another excellent option for adventurers is the Day Tripper Lite from the Mountain Series. This kit weighs only 3.4 oz, but it has plenty of supplies inside for a day hike or overnight camping adventure. Both of the above kits are a cinch to throw in a backpack and they barely take up any room (or weight!).


Old Trapper Beef Jerky stocking stuffer

Packed with protein, beef jerky is a satisfying and energizing snack that is easily packable for hiking and backpacking treks. We recently tried Old Trapper beef jerky and were impressed by the quality. Unlike some other alternatives on the market, this jerky is soft, malleable, and easy to chew. Available flavors include: old-fashioned, teriyaki, peppered, and hot & spicy. Keep your eye out for Old Trapper at grocery stores and other box box retailers. You can also save yourself a drive by ordering online.


Down Pillow Therm a Rest

Compact and lightweight, this down pillow by Therm-a-Rest is perfect for the backcountry adventurer or weary traveler in need of a good night's rest. Easy to take on-the-go, the pillows compresses down to a small size so that you can easily pack it in any backpack or carry-on.


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