Big Sis/Lil Sis

Someday, sweet girls, I hope that you'll be the very best of friends.

I hope you'll share many wonderful memories and secrets and hugs.

I pray that there will be much laughter and love and forgiveness and gentleness between you.

I trust that you will encourage each other, that you will want the best for each other, that you will look out for each other. 

Don't compare yourself to each other; just celebrate who you are and who she is...and how marvelous it is that you both can cheer each other on to success.

Be close. Be compassionate. Be patient. Be sincere. 

Revel in the wonder of having a "built-in" friend every day of your life.

I'm sure there will be tea parties and treasure hunts and clubhouses and bicycle rides. You'll likely do each other's hair and help each other with homework and whisper into the night about a million different things.

In all of it, remember that you are blessed - truly blessed - to have a sister.

big-sister-1 little-sister-1

big-sister-2 little-sister-2

big-sister-3 little-sister-3

big-sister-4 little-sister-4

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75 comments on “Big Sis/Lil Sis”

  1. Where have I been???


    What a touching post. Your sisters are both adorable and you are such a great mom.

    I thought of you at the WD/BEA Conference this year.

    Here's to making good things happen, dear!

    Have a great summer!

  2. Your daughters are such little darlings! And Just Jen has such cute shirts. I love the womens Flower Peace Sign T Shirt.

  3. My girlfriend would love some sweats at Just Jen, we both started exercising so we've been sweatpant shopping, so expensive!

  4. Sisters are special. I was blessed with nine sisters. I love all the personalized clothes.

  5. wow what a great concept so siblings dont feel left out i love the Sister to Bee T Shirt

  6. When I was pregnant with my second child and found out we were going to have another girl, I was really excited with the idea that they will be sisters and always have that built-in friend. I only have a brother and, as close as we were, it's just not the same and I'm so happy for my girls knowing that they will have each other to grow up with. Now they're 2 1/2 and 5 months and they're already close! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  7. Your 2 little ones are adorable! I have one older sister and we are so close yet to this day!

    Thanks for this super giveaway:)

  8. This is a really cute idea. Now if only they had a line that continued into teenage years. Me and my sister had quite a few "conversations" about her taking my clothes haha

  9. Beautiful children! We made certain our little boy had a Big Brother shirt when he went to visit his new sister at the hospital! The pride on his face beamed! Moments that make memories! Thank you for reviving that memory!

  10. I love the clothes at JustJen. The women's cupcake shirt is gorgeous!

    mercsmercado at yahoo dot com

  11. I really liked the Fleur de Lis Hoodie and Just Jen shirt. Anything paisley or with a fleur de lis on it I generally take to.

  12. My grandson just turned a year old and his three year old big sister is finally starting to like him! It took awhile, but I think they will be good friends. Your children are beautiful!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  13. We have a 2 yr old daughter and another child due July 18th. I would just love to have a Big Sister shirt for our 2 yr old when Baby #2 arrives. I can only hope that our daughter will have a strong bond with her lil sis or bro someday as I'm sure your girls will.

  14. The shirts are adorable and I wish they made some for twins. The name with crown shirt would be really nice for my little princess. I love how her 4 year old big brother always comments on her clothing and he really likes shiny things for his princess.

  15. How sweet! I love the personalized tees at their site! Every girl wants some sparkle in her life!

  16. How adorable! Love the girly colors! This would be the perfect gift for my friend who has a 18mth old girl and is expecting twins!

  17. I really like their "My Dad Rocks" tee and cupcake tee for girls, too!
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  18. Super cute pictures! My sis and I fought like cats and dogs when we were young, but we are the best of friends now. Don't be too shocked when those days come and believe me, they will!!!! Thanks!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  19. They have lots of nice things on there. I even saw some thing "I" would like such as the Flower Peace Sign tee and the Skull tee! Thanks.

  20. Oh my goodness! They are so adorable I just can't even stand it! You are not helping my mission to be happy with four boys and no longer wish for a girl.....Darn you! And my sister is one of my best friends so I can't imagine just having one....and then if I even got two girls that would be SIX kids. Wowser.

  21. give it time and they will be the best of friends and the worst of friends when mad but still love eachother

  22. This would be great since im about ready to have my first child and i have bought NOTHING!!:) my best friend is also preggers so i might, if i won give this to her. Im so nervous!

  23. this is wonderful! i am due with my 4th baby in july and my 3rd child is a girl. she'd LOVE getting a big sister shirt from here!

  24. How lucky are you guys to have two gorgeous baby girls?! :) (My daughter Gracie Lyn is five and she still is & always will be my baby girl:) I also have a 21 month old son named Shane Anthony (he absolutely adores his Big Sister!)

    I'll bet you're enjoying the precious moments that come out of 'Big Sister' helping throughout this wonderful experience we call motherhood, and they call childhood.

  25. How cute are your little girls in those shirts?! =D
    Having a sister is wonderful, I have a twin sister and we are so close. Your girls will have so much good times together!

  26. Those are such cute pictures! Lily and Mikayla are starting to play more and more with each other and Mikayla loves her little sister. Mikayla wants to give Lily all sorts of hugs but I have to stop her because Lily does not want more than one.

  27. I have a thing for the big/little sibling shirts. I got them for my older sons when their younger brothers were born. Perhaps my younger two sons will still wear big brother shirts when their sister is adopted...most definitely she will wear a little sister shirt! These are really cute, too!

  28. Look at those cuties! Love the shirts.

    My friend has 2 daughters that get along better now that they are teens than when they were younger. They always seemed to argue but now it's much better.

  29. Hi Stephanie!

    I just would like to tell you that you have beautiful daughters. iLoveThem!!! They make me smile especially in this difficult time my family is going through.

    Anyway, I admire your desires for them for their growth. You are all in my prayers. So adorable models. hehehe! Thank you for the comments you have left in my blog. Very much appreciated. You have a beautiful heart. You are such a wonderful blessing to me. I'm glad I found you in this huge blog world.


    iLoveYou all with the love of our LORD JESUS CHRIST!

  30. Stephanie, your girls are so beautiful! It is such a blessing to have a sister. I pray the same things for my girls as they grow.

  31. Wonderful pictures! I've been meaning to ask you, did your older daughter experience any sibling rivalry with the birth of your second daughter? I have yet to hear about an older child who didn't face some adjustment with the birth of a younger sibling, but I was hoping to avoid some of the issues if possible!

  32. You can DESIGN YOUR OWN shirt over there!! SO cool! Having all boys that is a total plus (not having to settle for footballs and big trucks...I can design my own!) Do you think they'd like sparklies...hehe.


  33. Wow, I want to go hug my sister now! Your babies are about the same age-spread as my sister and I were. We were such good friends no one could believe we were sisters...except that we look just alike. She's one in a million. Your girls will be great friends!

  34. Great post! I cannot wait for my daughter to become a big sister this fall. There are some really cute shirts in her shop...I liked the maternity shirts and the "Sister to Bee" shirt. All so cute!

  35. I love this post.

    When we have #2 I want a boy so we can experience both flavors of kiddos but really in my heart of hearts I want a girl so Lily has a sister.

  36. Those are great things we all want for our kids. I hate seeing them mistreating each other. I just want them to be friends all the time.

  37. The shirts are darling. I don't want the gift certificate because I have a son and the one on the way is a boy too ( I think!) but it would be great if the company started a JustBob site or something. I've been having a hard time finding nice Big Bro/Lil' Bro shirts that are not cheap silkscreened or printed on those papers you find in Office Max. Maybe not bedazzled with jewels but maybe nuts and bolts or something manly like that (though child-friendly).

  38. So cute! I was always the big sister while growing up and always wanted a bg brother of my own, so I decided to give that to my baby Kaiya. How cool to have 2 big brothers to watch over you.

  39. They are gorgeous, especially with the added sparkle! Roo has finally outgrown her sparkly "Big Sister" tee, so we are definitely in the market for a new one...

  40. Aww the pictures are adorable! Your daughters are beautiful. My baby is 5 months old and I'm already hoping that my next child will be a girl so she can have a sister. I never had one growing up (just 4 brothers) and the bond between sisters is awesome! I hope my little one will experience it in the years to come as well!

    Great article, love reading what you write!

  41. this is getting me all teary-eyed. there's nothing like watching your kids together and thinking that, with a little luck, they'll be lifelong friends. what sweet little girls you have.

  42. Adorable. I did not have a sister growing up (only a brother) but now he married so I have the next best thing, a sister-in-law. Love all the sparkles and know my daughter would, too, especially the Personalized Name T-Shirt.

  43. It's amazing to me to watch my daughter's grow up together as sisters. I only had brothers, so its nice to watch sisters. Even though they sometimes fight horribly, they truly do love each other and it shows at the end of everyday when they hug and kiss each other before bedtime.

  44. Oh my goodness, those are some of the most precious pictures. I had shirts for my son and daughter awhile back but both have out grown them and my daughter really isn't the baby sister anymore as new baby will be coming along shortly! I'd love to win this gift certificate to spend for my kiddo's! Thanks!!!!

    mommainflipflops AT

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