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social media and my kids' privacy

I just uploaded photos to my Facebook profile for the first time ever (besides my profile pic). Before I did, I resized them so they wouldn't be huge (and steal-able). You've probably also noticed that I re-size photos here on my blog. I also watermark them. And I don't use my girls' real names. I […]

You affect me

I make Jo-Lynne's Chicken Enchiladas about every 2 weeks. I might start drying my curly hair with a t-shirt, thanks to¬†Gabrielle. Whenever I see the Nestle label, I stop before I make a purchase because of Annie. I know that¬†Steph and Love have had an effect on my desire to have a big(ger) family. When […]

I wish I could buy you a new car

One more hour until midnight. Our girls were in bed hours ago. 9pm is the new midnight for New Year's Eve, that's what we say. Before 2010 slips away forever, I wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your comments and your kindness. I love being a part of the […]

I want to be everything

I want to be everything. I want to be everywhere. But the days are short and my dreams are long. I want to make inspired meals - from scratch. I want to be on top of my inbox, responding to inquiries and comments with witty and wonderful replies. I want to be the kind of […]

wearing my heart on my screen

Sometimes I wish I could open up my heart and just lay it out right here on the screen. Even with a million disclaimers, it's hard to say things exactly right. There are lots of issues I am passionate about (birth, breastfeeding, babywearing, education, adoption, philanthropy, real foods, good books), but I care more about […]

6 blogging principles I strive to practice

Metropolitan Mama is almost four years old (that's pretty old in mom blog years) and I've learned a lot since my days of blogging infancy. Here are 6 lessons I've learned (and am continuing to learn)... 1. Publish your best. It's far better to publish a few well-written masterpieces than it is to hit publish […]

Buy One Ad on Metropolitan Mama, Get One Ad for Charity (FREE)

Do you have a small business, an etsy shop, a product, or a service that you'd like to promote to thousands of moms and moms-to-be from all over the U.S.? Consider purchasing an advertising spot on Metropolitan Mama this fall...and gain excellent exposure to an audience of intelligent, social media savvy, and involved mothers. Because […]

Niche Blogs or Personality Blogs {which do you prefer?}

Common Blogging Advice: "Find a niche & stick to it." "Niche blogs are more successful." "Narrowly focus your topic." Several big-kahuna blogs come to mind in that category. Mashable is one example. You go there and know exactly what you will find: tech + social media news. (I like Mashable a lot, by the way). […]

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