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My Top Blogging Tip {in video format}

I just recorded my first video for And I feel like a dork and a half. Janice of 5 Minutes for Mom (I love her - and her twin sister Susan too!) called me last night on Skype at midnight to ask me if I would cohost a Snazl party with them today and […]

I'm not in Chicago today

Last year, I went to BlogHer. This year, I woke up and nursed the baby in bed (it's one of my favorite parts of the morning). Then, I ate yogurt with my 2-year-old at the kitchen table. My friend Rhonda came over with her almost-2-year-old son and we made homemade granola bars (I finally tried […]

How to Plan A Memorable Mom Blogger 7 easy steps

"You're invited to join an exclusive group of bloggers for an all-expenses-paid trip to..." I have received 6 e-mail invitations like that in the past year. Guess how many events I attended? Zero. But it was not for lack of desire. I have either been pregnant and super sick (1st trimester), pregnant and super big […]

How NOT to Pitch to a Mom Blogger

Every morning, I wake up and change my newborn's diaper and nurse her. Sometimes I sing "Good Morning Beautiful." Often my 2-year-old comes in from her room and climbs into the king size bed with us. "I want to lay next to my baby," she says. So the three of us lay in there together […]

Notebooks versus Netbooks

Where is your "computer spot"? Mine used to be in my office, but lately it's been taken over by my 2-year-old because all of the craft supplies and "school time" materials are in there. She actually said this to me yesterday: "Let's go in my office and make a flag" (we made American flags out […]

Blogging Conferences: a primer

Last year I attended BlogHer '08 in San Francisco: I had dinner at Guy Kawasaki's house (see left: that's me with Nicole of The Pixel Boutique and Caryn of Rockin Mama...LOVE those girls!). I met with a book agent. I went to a cocktail party at a swanky club. I took a yoga class. I […]

How Much to Charge for Ads on Your Mom Blog

Let's think about TV for a minute. You're watching your favorite show and an ad starts rolling. Did you know that there's a good chance that the 30-second piece about deodorant or potato chips that you're watching cost $300,000-$700,000? FOR 30 SECONDS! Or let's say you are skimming Parents Magazine. A full-page, color ad costs […]

How to Get Products to Review on Your Blog {An Intro for New Bloggers}

So, here's the thing about product reviews. I think they're fun - fun to write and fun to read. I appreciate creatively crafted reviews that have a personal touch. It's super helpful to read another mom's take on things and I often make purchasing decisions based on reviews in the blogosphere. There are really two […]

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