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7 Reasons I DIDN'T Leave A Comment on your blog

One of the best things (maybe THE best thing) about the blogosphere is the amazing people in it. I am often in awe of all the intelligent, compassionate, and truly talented individuals that I come across as I "poke around" cyberspace. If you comment on my blog and leave your blog's URL, I will often […]

How to Get People to Read Your Blog {HINT: It's all about relationships}

You know you’re a blogger when…you start categorizing your friends into two categories: “blog friends” and “real-life friends.” For example, I might tell my husband about how Jo-Lynne just bought the most incredible dress or about how Caryn is pregnant with her second baby. When I first started my blog, he would often ask, “Hmmm…where […]

How to Start A Blog (in 3 steps)

Starting a blog really only involves three steps. Okay, so there's a little more to it than that...but you really can get "up and posting" in 3 easy steps: 1. Choose Your Blog Software. First things first. You have to choose what blog software you want to use. There are actually quite a few different […]

Themed Weekend: Blogging & Social Media

Have you ever wondered... how to start a blog how to get people to read (and comment on) your blog how to decide between all of the crazy blogging conferences out there (and if they're worthwhile) Well, you'll be in good company this weekend here at Metropolitan Mama. I'll be rolling out a bunch of […]

How I Do It

Sometimes people ask me, "How do you do it all?" Well, first of all, I don't. Do it all, that is. For example, I don't always fold and put away the laundry (Erin, I hope you're reading this...because I put those heels there on-purpose to make the photo cuter. I learned that from you!): And […]

Newsy News

Enter singing telegram in silly costume. "Announcement. Announcement. Announcement." Yes, my friends, I have a few announcements to make. No, I'm not pregnant again...if that's what you are thinking. These are busy-ness announcements: FAVORITES : Looking for some new & fabulous bloggers to add to your RSS feed? Check out my "Favorites" page. These are […]

National Moms Nite Out 2009...Tucson Style

Want to know which city has the BEST bloggers? I can tell you. It's a smallish (well, not really small...there are a million people that live here, last I heard..) city in southern Arizona. Yep, Tucson. But I didn't have to tell you that, right? I spent National Mom's Nite Out with two incredible ladies. […]

My Favorite Commenters...And Why You Should Comment Too {HINT: free ice cream}

What do you do when you read a blog post that inspires you...or makes you sad...or glad...or mad? I currently subscribe to over 70 blogs (31 of which are my "Favorites") and I stop in at quite a few others as well...and I am consistently amazed at the talented writers that exist throughout the blogosphere. […]

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