Boy or Girl? Guess and Win!

Tomorrow marks the almost halfway point in my pregnancy and the day of THE sonogram.

For the sake of fairness, I am going to give you some "clues" (okay, they're not really clues, but if you believe in old wives' tales, then maybe these "facts" will help):

  • We don't have a preference. A boy would be fun because it would be a brand new experience. A girl would be fun because then our Little Beauty would have a sister (think: bunk beds, shared rooms, shared clothes, etc.).
  • I don't have a gut feeling. Sorry. No warm fuzzies or sneaking suspicions either way.
  • I was sick for the first trimester and then some...and I don't mean a little bit sick. I mean all-day, all-night, lay-on-the-couch-as-still-as-possible, throwing-up sick.
  • The baby's heartrate was at about 140/bpm at our last appointment.
  • I started showing at about the same time as my last pregnancy and I'm not sure if I'm carrying high or low (take a peek at the pics below to see for yourself).
Boy or Girl? Guess and Win! 1 Boy or Girl? Guess and Win! 2 Boy or Girl? Guess and Win! 3  

If you have other questions, just ask. But remember that you have a 50/50 chance either way.  

Here's how the contest will work. If you guess the correct gender, then you'll be "put in the pot" for the prize. If not, you'll be ineligible to win.  

Boy or Girl? Guess and Win! 4And now for the prize! When our daughter was a newborn, our favorite diapers were Pampers Swaddlers. They fit just right and didn't leak like other competing brands. Plus, they were better at containing blow-outs (and we had our fair share of those). As she got older, the brand name didn't seem to matter as much, but we have always maintained a good opinion of Pampers because of the Swaddlers. And now - Pampers has Swaddlers Sensitive in sizes N, 1, and 2. They boast "ultra breathability" and "a wetness indicator to show when baby may need a change." I haven't personally tried them because our daughter isn't in diapers anymore, but one winner may be able to. One winner will walk away with a coupon for a FREE Jumbo pack of any Pampers diapers or pants!  

Boy or Girl? Guess and Win! 5If you don't have a little one in diapers, you can opt to receive a coupon for a FREE Family Size Tub of Nestle Toll House Refrigerated Cookie Dough.  

Again, there will be ONE winner selected out of the group of people who choose the correct gender. All guesses must be in by Saturday, October 25th at midnight (yes, you'll have to wait for the big announcement until then!). This contest is open to readers from all over the world. Have Fun and Happy Guessing!

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68 comments on “Boy or Girl? Guess and Win!”

  1. I'm going to say a boy, why because I want a boy. lol And the cookies look great, but pampers are better. Hey I need a head start on the diapers. lol Steph I can't wiat to hear what the baby's sex is. Now if I can only get that far.

  2. I am guessing a boy...

    i would love to win the coupon for the tub of cookie dough!My grandsons would love this!Me and their mom are always baking with them!they love it.They will be able to bake when they get grown better than their wives,,lol...

    thank you and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  3. Ok, by what I remember on heart rates and that I was so much sicker with my daughter than with my sons, I think you are having a girl. Congratulations either way!

  4. Because of the horrible sickness and the heart rate I'm guessing a sweet baby girl. I'm sure your very excited.Congrats!!!

  5. We're so happy that you are feeling better. I remember how sick you said you were the first time around so I can't imagine it being worse! So glad to hear that it's behind you. That being said, you must be having a girl!

  6. I think you're gonna have a boy based on the morning sickness and HR BPM. I'd love the cookie dough for my 2 sweethearts...and my occasional sweet tooth!

  7. I'm guessing girl...all-day morning sickness is the worst!!!!! But as the mom of 2 girls (who love cookie dough :o) ) is all worth it in the end!

  8. I'm going to say Girl. I was so very sick when pregnant with my girl...and have heard others say the same thing! Either's a blessing!

  9. I'm going to guess a girl. I have no basis for my guess I just think it's so fun having 2 girls! We loved Swaddlers too. I will say though that I didn't like the new wetness line but only b/c I liked how they were all white before. It seemed more classic to me.

  10. I'm guessing a girl. No real "reason" - just a guess. :-) We're out of diapers now, but we loved Swaddlers too, for all the same reasons you mention. And, just thinking about cookie dough is making me hungry....

  11. I think you'll have another girl....we are having a ball with our boys already (#2 is just 10 days old). I am so glad to have two of the same gender just over 2 years apart. It's going to be matter what you have.

  12. Look how adorable you are. And how in the world are you at the half way mark already? WOW!

    I say Boy :--) Can't wait to find out what you're having. Such exciting times.

  13. I will go for a boy because of the difference in the morning sickness. I will take the coupon for the diapers (we have a baby in diapers but she is in size 3) and give the coupon to my sister in law who is due with twins in January and could use some help saving money for diapers!!

  14. I'm guessing it's another girl. Just a gut feeling.

    I second your thoughts on Swaddlers. They are the best. When our son was a newborn I once bought the Target brand and my husband was struggling with them so much that he made me take them back. Swaddlers were well worth the extra money.

  15. I'm guessing a girl because I have 3 and couldn't be happier. We thought with the third that we wanted a boy and, I have to admit, I was little pissed off at first, but now I couldn't be happier. They are SO much fun to raise - so sweet and gentle. Of course, if you have a boy I'll pretend I never wrote this email.

  16. I have a good feeling about this guess, especially since I REALLY LOVE chocolate chip cookies! Throw all the medical hoopla and wives tales aside, the cookies are telling me it's another cute little girl.

  17. I think it's a boy. You're carrying a little high, but if it was a girl I think your FHR would have been in the 150s or 160s. :)

  18. I'm guessing a girl just because it sounds so much like my current pregnancy! And I love Pampers Swaddlers, and I need them for this baby!

  19. I'm terrible at this stuff, but I'm gonna guess that it's a little girl. And Amen, Pampers are totally the best. :)

  20. I'm going to guess girl! Although like you - I have the same thoughts about what I want my next child to be (already have a daughter).

  21. Well the throwing up and basketball bump prompts me to guess BOY! Just because that's how I looked and felt with my boys.

  22. I'm guessing it will be another sweet baby girl. My thoughts on gender preference for our next one are exactly like yours. We'll be so excited either way.

  23. I am going to guess boy! I am 20 weeks, and I have been SO sick, and I mean sick since about 3 weeks pregnant, sick all day long, nothing taste good, and I am still in the slump! I was ready for the 2nd wind here, but not so much.

  24. I'll guess boy simply because it looks like you are carryiny the pregnancy weight only in your belly. With girls I've heard it goes all over.... belly, hips, thighs, etc. At least that is what some *grin* kind lady told me when I was pregnant with my first daughter. You look great for 20 weeks!

  25. You've got a nice baby bump! I'm going to guess boy because it seems like a lot of people I know who already have a girl have a boy (and all my friends who already have a boy have another boy?).

  26. I'm gonna go with a girl...Yay for shared clothes, bunk beds, and little sisters! But I have a boy and they are really something, too!

  27. It is so fun to hear about your pregnancy mostly because I will be 20 weeks along with my second on Saturday. I am having a girl (already have a boy), so I will guess that you are also having a girl.

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