Couches {a writing exercise}

For the longest time, Tim and didn't have a couch. Just a Southwestern-style loveseat, passed down to us by my in-laws. It served us well as newlyweds.

We were young and twenty and in-love. In our 324-square-foot apartment. Snug in the snow and sunshine of Flagstaff, Arizona.

Couches {a writing exercise} 1

Then, we moved to the Valley of the Sun for jobs and grad school. We bought our first house and the love seat came with us (but we covered it with a slipcover). For a little while, it was our only piece of furniture in that brand new house - our house with the immaculate vanilla-colored carpet.

Couches {a writing exercise} 2

Then, we moved again. Bought another house and a beautiful Italian Leather Couch. We bought leather because we thought it would be easier to clean when we would - eventually - have kids...and because it was beautiful.

We had kids. And discovered that it IS easy to clean. Except for pen ink.

Man, I love that couch. It's my favorite place to sit in our house, in fact.

Couches {a writing exercise} 3

Couches {a writing exercise} 4

Couches {a writing exercise} 5

* I wrote this post as part of a guided writing exercise, led by Stephanie Precourt of Adventures in Babywearing. Feel free to stop by her blog to read other eloquent, creative, and well-crafted musings about couches (it's actually quite fascinating).

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18 comments on “Couches {a writing exercise}”

  1. that couch looks so comfy!
    My husband and I had a futon for a couch for the first few years of married life. And we lived in a 400 square foot apartment!

  2. I think we have the same rocking chair as you pictured in the first photo! I use it in Lucy's room but have to admit it's not very comfortable, especially for nursing.

    Great post! We're still on our first couch and are desperately dreaming of our next. :)

  3. O.K., so it looks like you and I had the same slip cover! :) They sure do make an old couch look new again! ;)

  4. PS. I love the picture of you and Tim! Gary and I were looking through pictures the other day and commented on how YOUNG we looked when we first got married.....Well, we were only 19 and 20 years old:)

  5. My husband has been trying to talk me into a leather couch for at least 3 years. I've been fighting him for no reason I love yours!...maybe it's time to give in. ;-)

  6. such cute poses!
    we too switched to leather and within 3 days someone decided to write on it. (argh!) Any tips for getting out that ink?

    the leather is so comfy--I can't imagine sitting on anything else anymore!

  7. We have a very old, but comfty couch that we got used from someone. We use a slip cover over it, but I hate to then sit on my couch because it looks messy. Sad I know. I'm trying to get past that! But...maybe I'll never have to get past it and I can just get a nice, new pull-out leather couch (my dream)! :)

  8. Oh the leather couch is soooo pretty!! Growing up, my parents had brown vinyl couches--very easy to clean, but they didn't hold up well when my brother attacked it with the knitting needles....

  9. Our couches are leather too! They are so durable! Ink is the worst!! We have a little....artist...that decorated our cream, leather couch and we will never get it off!

    *You are absolutely adorable!**

  10. oooh that IS a beautiful couch! And cute pictures too :) I can't wait till you tell us what you have up your sleeve.....what could it be?!

  11. For the first 2-ish years of our marriage, we had one ugly couch that we bought at a thrift store for $10. It was hideous, but I loved it as it represented our very very humble beginnings.

  12. I love that your walls are bare and plain. Very much like my home. I like uncluttered and minimalist design.


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