Day #1 Sahale Snacks & Seeds Family Worship

Don't be a humbug this Christmas! Get in the festive mood with delicious munchies and wonderful music.

Learn about the Character of God with the Seeds Family Worship album of the same name. The 11 songs on the CD focus on 11 different attributes of God. Each song is written entirely from the Bible so as you're listening, you'll be memorizing verses!

Day #1 Sahale Snacks & Seeds Family Worship 1

As you listen and trim the tree, taste the delicious flavors of Sahale Snacks Premium Blends. You'll receive a 4 oz bag of Maple Pecans and a 4 oz bag of Pomegranate Pistachios, packed in a gift tote with a water bottle inside.

Day #1 Sahale Snacks & Seeds Family Worship 2

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* Please note that Sahale Snacks and Seeds Family Worship are two distinct companies and are not affiliated.

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41 comments on “Day #1 Sahale Snacks & Seeds Family Worship”

  1. Nuts. My dad always got nuts for Christmas and shared them with us. They were such a treat for us, since that was really the only time of the year we got them. Now, I eat them daily, but they are still my favorite snack.

  2. It is hard to pick just one fav Chirstmas snack! My mom makes great Italian cookies, my grandma used to make Angel Wings which were like fried pieces of dough sprinkled with confectioners sugar! They were so light and crispy!!

  3. Weird...My comments keep not showing up! I tried to say that I haven't heard of that album and can't wait to check it out. Our family loves peppermint brownies and chocolate chocolate chip ginger cookies this time of year!

  4. I love cranberry salad. I could eat the entire dish. I've also been having a craving for Russian Tea Cakes and Wild Rice is another favorite.

  5. I am so excited about Christmas cookies, especially molasses cookies and sugar cookies. I will also admit to a weakness for those Hershey's Candy Cane Kisses - two or three of those after dinner is the perfect dessert as far as I'm concerned!!

  6. To be honest, we dont make a lot of christmas cookies etc around here-the kids will make 1 snowman apiece after dinner a couple times a week with marshmallows and decorate with chips, etc to eat.

  7. I found those snacks recently and LOVE them - I only wish they were affordable, over $ for such a small bag is too much for this family.

  8. Christmas dessert has always been homemade plum pudding (even in hot Australian Christmas'!) , and I love making brown sugar shortbread as presents (and to snack on!)

  9. My mom always makes chocolate covered things for Christmas. She just melts a bunch of chocolate, stirs in fillings, and drops mounds of it on wax paper to cool. It's super simple, but I really enjoy it. Some ideas for fillings are nuts, coconut, mini marshmallows, rice crispies, raisins, etc.

  10. Egg nog is the best...especially since I've had to go dairy free and now I have to figure out how to make my own!

  11. gingerbread cookies are definitely my favorite Christmas treat!! (PS my blog commenting name is different than my FB name, but feel free to e-mail me to verify-I saw that is one of the other rafflecopter entry things!)

  12. Something that we love to do as a Christmas tradition is to drink hot chocolate (with whipped cream) stirred with a candy cane- we eat that along with homemade Vanocka Braid Bread for breakfast. We also like to have fruit with (real) whipped cream.

    The nuts that you are giving away sound absolutely delicious!

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