Day #6 Motorola Talkabout MT350R Two-Way Radios

Day #6 Motorola Talkabout MT350R Two-Way Radios 1Mayday! Mayday! Do you need a super fun gift for a college student, hunter, camper, hiker, or teen? Take a look at the Talkabout MT350R Two-Way Radios by Motorola.

With a range up to 35 miles, this duo is great for outdoor adventures. The set is waterproof, features a built-in flashlight, and can be charged easily with an included mini USB charger.

The NOAA channels provide emergency alerts including tornadoes, winter storms, severe thunderstorms, flash floods, emergency evacuations, and Amber Alerts - so your gift recipient can stay clear of danger (or rush in to help people in need).


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137 comments on “Day #6 Motorola Talkabout MT350R Two-Way Radios”

  1. My family camps a lot, these would be awesome to have while we are out in the woods. We rarely have cell phone service but often take off on the quads so it would be a great way to keep in touch if we needed something.

  2. I have a nephew who's 8 who has been having a hard time. He lives just 4 miles away and I would use these to keep another line of communication with him.

  3. Hello, how are you? Thank you for this opportunity. The Motorola walkie talkie could be very useful out in the fields on the farm.

  4. I always see people using these in the mall. I think I could use them for that at well considering I can never locate my wife.

  5. This would be great for my son and I as my son is upstairs a lot. This way I don't have to run upstairs to get him all the time.

  6. This would be perfect for when my husband is downstairs in the basement and I'm on the top floor. Would be so much easier to communicate then screaming at eachother.

  7. I do not use a cell phone so this would be good for when I go out on my long walks at night to ease my friends and families minds because I have had a stalker and they have been really worried so this would or should ease their minds some. Thank you for the giveaway. Happy Holidays!

  8. You know I never thought about it, but maybe this will help our 4 year old to stay in his bed at night. He could just talk to us on the two way. It is worth a shot!

  9. Ok, don't judge me!!! But My dad asked me to buy some of these on Black Friday because I was out shopping. But I forgot... I felt so bad and I still do.

  10. This would be great to have. We have a long skinny lot. Hubby goes way down to the barn and then his phone rings-for his business. It never fails! This would help!

  11. I refuse to buy my daughter a cell phone, so this would be great to keep in touch with her while she is in the neighborhood!

  12. i love two way radios, since i was a kid. i use to have walkie-talkies by the realistic co. those walkie-talkies had the morse code below the knobs on the front.

  13. My daughter has been asking for some two-way radios. She would be thrilled with these. Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. This would so come in handy for our family as someone is always outside and I worry about something happening!

  15. We could have used these when caravaning with family to Florida earlier this year! We were trying to keep in touch and not lose each other. Cell phones work okay, but it's a lot of usage, especially out of your regular area. My boys would love these outside, too!

  16. I would love these to keep in touch with my two little ones when they are playing outside and I'm sure they would have a blast talking to each other... Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  17. We got a cheap set of walkie talkies for our boys a couple of years ago and they were pretty fun to have around! Now that they are a little bit older, I'm sure these would be even more fun to have!

  18. Our family is making preparedness a priority, now. We have been working on food, but 2-way radios are needed. Thanks for putting these on my list.

  19. Oh. These look awesome! My son would of course be overjoyed to have them, but so would my husband and I. What a great tool when hiking, or anywhere where your. Ell phones are constantly cutting out. I didn't even no I needed them, till I saw them ;)

  20. It would be nice to have a pair of walki Talkies for traveling or hiking. Walki Talkies are prob one of the greatest inventions!

  21. My boys have some friends who live a few blocks away and they've been talking about getting a set of these to use for awhile. They would be so happy if they won them!

  22. This would be an awesome tool for two parents with two children in opposite directions! Plus handy while hiking or out on an adventure! Brilliant!

  23. These are totally awesome! Our 31 year old bachelor son is always going hiking or snowboarding with his friends. The Motorola Two Way Radios would be perfect for him to stay in contact with whom ever he's with. It would help this mama worry less about him. hehe Great Christmas gift!

  24. As adults we love these! I can see my little one wanting to keep in touch with us too. We have used these on trips, visits to Grandma, and other places and they are so handy! I never thought of giving these as a gift however we love ours and I could see someone else loving them too. Great idea!

  25. Those sound so fun! What's really funny is that my hospital is not that far away from me...I wonder if they would be mad if I talked to my preschooler on walkie talkies from the hospital while I was there after having a new baby in January? Lol. Really my hunter bro would probably get them as a gift from me next Christmas!

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