Dear Audrey :: Five Weeks Old

Dear Audrey :: Five Weeks Old 1 Dear Audrey :: Five Weeks Old 2 Dear Audrey :: Five Weeks Old 3

You are five weeks old - long and lovely and smiley in the mornings.

Sometimes you laugh in your sleep.

You lift your head with stunning strength.

When your daddy talks, it is fully apparent that you know his voice - and you are contented in his arms.

If I try to dress you in frilly and buttony outfits, you protest, preferring the simple comfort of onesies.

Every night, you nurse like crazy before bedtime. I stare into your reflective blue eyes and you hold my hand. Then, you sleep a 6-7 hour stretch (amazing).

You sleep on a queen size bed, right in between your dad and me. I hear your every breath. You inchworm your way across the bed, perpendicular. Tim & I look at each other and smile, clinging to a square inch of our sides of the bed.

Your biggest big sister just walked up and asked, "Are you writing a post about Audrey?" I answered in the affirmative.

She thought for a moment and then told me what I should write..."SAY: I had a newborn baby and I love her so much and we're so grateful for her. And she's so cute. Especially her little toes when you look at them."

That pretty much sums it up.

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15 comments on “Dear Audrey :: Five Weeks Old”

  1. She is so very very lovely!
    I love that you say she "inchworms" :) The mystery of new baby locomotion. No one really sees them move- but somehow they do, right?
    And laughing in her sleep already? How sweet those laughs must be....

  2. So sweet! Our baby is a week and a half so I hope that she sleeps like Audrey in a couple of weeks! Babies are so wonderful!

    1. She looks SO MUCH like Liv when we look back at baby pictures, but she has quite a few of Kayla's expressions too.

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