I don't particularly like drinking coffee, but I DO love the smooth creaminess of coffee ice cream (no, I did not eat that entire bowl by myself).

exceptions 1

We usually eat dinner around the table in our dining room, but EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE...we eat on a picnic blanket in the garage.

exceptions 2

She often likes to observe the world from up in my arms, but SOMETIMES...she likes to rock-and-roll all on her own.

exceptions 3

For the longest time, she never wanted to wear dresses, but NOW...she picks them out at least once a week.

exceptions 4

We don't typically find snakes in our backyard, but a few weeks ago - we DID.

exceptions 5

This week, I was reminded that things aren't always black-and-white. In fact, most of the time they're not. There are almost always exceptions...pros and cons...shades of gray.

edited to add: I think this is what makes being a parent so tough sometimes. Every child is a beautifully unique individual and every situation is full of nuances.

Tell me. Do you like coffee ice cream? Where do you typically eat dinner? Have you discovered any crazy/creepy creatures in your backyard this spring?

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18 comments on “exceptions”

  1. I am SO scared of snakes, even little ones like this. We recently found a family of praying mantis! They are beautiful! We usually eat at the dinner table, or breakfast nook, but on weekends we tend to eat in the living room with a family movie.
    I love coffee ice cream. I recently found little coffee ice cream desserts at Trader Joes. Yummy!

  2. YES! The exceptions are what make life so memorable...so full of meaning! I love coffee and coffee ice cream, and we just had a picnic lunch outside today. "This was a great idea, Mommy," says my oldest. Music to my ears!

    As far as what we've seen outside our house...a doe on our driveway and a hawk perched on our deck. My girls got to see both, but I think I was the one in awe. :)

  3. No snakes this year, thank goodness but we have had at least 5 snakes since we've lived here...some rattlesnakes!
    I don't say that I hate much, but I HATE snakes!

  4. In parenting (as well as in my other "gig" of education) we always talk about the importance of CONSISTENCY. However, I don't believe that any of us really want that.
    What makes us good - parents, teachers, people - is the ability to read the situation and make appropriate choices based on the specifics.
    I love coffee ice cream. And coffee candy. And, well, coffee.
    We eat at the dinner table or outside at the patio table, but I love the picnic idea, and can't wait to try it out in our backyard.
    No creepy crawlies yet... but I'm sure it's only a matter of time :(

  5. Ice cream is a favorite food, so I seldom buy it, but I've never tried coffee flavored. We eat most meals at the dining room table, but since building our daughters a picnic table, we eat outside lots.

    Creepy Crawlies - Beware of the scorpion! Our 3 year old was stung this winter in our living room - we bought fancy schmancy spray, check beds almost daily with a black light (scorpions glow under them but blend very well in beige carpet), and cleaned out massive amounts of junk. But alas, I found one running around in the trunk of our car yesterday. While I am usually nice to creatures, I draw the line with scorpions. It was found in the trunk as I began loading my Costco fullness, so it was smashed with a jug of Canola oil. Who knew canola could serve so many purposes?

  6. I took my daughter to the park today and we had a little picnic. My husband is gone for a 22weeks training, so we will be doing a lot of picnics on our own for awhile.

    I look coffee ice cream, and I will definitely finish that portion you have shown....I dont count calories, i eat what i love, and i just try to eat healthy.

    And no I have not found a creepy creature yet, but when i was young, we always have snakes show up at our backyard all the time, one time it was making its way into our living room (gross!)

  7. I have to admit that snakes do creep me out a bit... even though I loved them, and had them, as a child.


  8. Oye! Have you seen my Facebook lately?! We have had Gila Monsters, Rattlers galore so far this spring. We had a centipede in the house last week...yuck!
    I have never tried coffee ice cream. Well, I can't eat regular ice cream but can have soy...I wonder if there is a coffee flavor soy ice cream?

  9. I love this post idea-very cute!

    I'm like you in that I don't drink coffee, but coffee ice cream is my favorite. Have you ever tried the Mudd Pie from Baskin Robbins? It's made with their Jamocha Almond Fudge ice cream and it's fabulous!

    PS. Your edited-to-add hit the nail on the head.

  10. I love coffee everything. I eat coffee beans sometimes. Really.

    This is so true, what you say. It does make parenting challenging, eh? Where's the instruction manual? Ha!
    Do you think this is why God gave us so few "laws" or "rules". So much about life takes discernment & wisdom. The Bible gives so many principles that can be applied differently for different people in different siutaions.

  11. I think almost every situation is a shade of gray. Someone is always going to see it different then you. And parenting is one of the hardest since everyone feels so strongly about what they want for their kids.

    We eat almost every meal at our table. Occasionally Jake will say lets eat here on the floor. So we do lunch on the kitchen floor. And we have picnics in the back yard too, but for the most part we are at the table.

    And as for coffee ice cream...yummy! But I will say that I prefer a cold frappuccino over coffee ice cream any day. And I really enjoy my morning cup of coffee too.

  12. I love the idea of an occasional picnic...way to make an ordinary day special (without spending money)!

    I don't like anything coffee-flavored. Even things people say don't *really* taste like coffee, I try, and that's all I taste. Gross.

  13. My mom used to tell me that there are exceptions to every rule...it's so true.

    Coffee ice cream -- yes!

    Dinner is usually at the table, but I'd love to start doing Saturday night picnics together on our living room floor.

    Snakes and spiders leave me shuddering, but we've found caterpillars and earthworms galore!

  14. so true... there are always exceptions, "shades of gray"

    Now that Goose is crawling he likes to observe the world on his own - he wants to be held right after he wakes up and if new people are around, otherwise - he wants to be down, exploring!

    Sugar always wears dresses - she really likes poofy,fancy ones.

    Snakes - aack! We heat with wood and have a pretty big wood pile in the back yard and I always find snakes out there. Icky, icky, icky.

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