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FOR HER: a wallet by WalletBe

What do YOU carry in your wallet? I prefer to carry just "the basics": my license, my debit card, my health insurance card, and my grocery membership card. That's about it. For the longest time, I carried around a huge wallet that was designed to carry a checkbook (does anybody really carry around a checkbook […]

Oooh. She's got her new boots on.

Fall sneaks up on us here in Southern Arizona. The leaves don't announce the arrival of autumn. The glorious array of golds, reds, and yellows that sweep so much of the rest of the nation are nowhere to be found. On the contrary, Fall tip-toes in - a bit unannounced, holding Her breath. You see: […]

Are you "down" with DownEast Basics?

My "rule" for buying new clothes is that I generally stick to a $20 or under price tag for each piece of clothing. I make exceptions, however, for jeans, bras, coats, and the occasional piece that I just *know* I'll wear everywhere. Because I am a deal-seeking kind of girl, I appreciate boutiques like DownEast […]

Shade Clothing: perfect for any kind of weather

My 3-year-old and I both enjoy cloudy, rainy days. She calls them "shady days." Inevitably, we will don our boots and head out into the weather (provided it's not pouring). The baby will be on my back and my 3-year-old will run up ahead, overjoyed by the sparkling droplets and the billowing clouds. It's refreshing, […]

Themed Weekend: Fall Fashion

I am a very picky shopper. VERY picky. In fact, if I go shopping and call my husband afterwards, he'll ask me, "Did you buy anything?"¬†And he'll actually be disappointed if I say "no!" When it comes to my clothes, I am quite persnickety - which basically means I have a few outfits that I […]

help for teething babies

At 6 months old, my baby is at that overwhelming stage when babies put everything in their mouths. And I do mean everything. She is super curious about the world around her: reaching and rolling and moving across rooms like nobody's business. And if she finds anything, she'll immediately put it in her mouth. When […]

maxx(imize) your fashion budget

T.J. Maxx sent me on a little shopping spree last weekend. And you should have seen me there. I was pleasantly surprised by the great brand names (and the great prices). I quickly loaded up my cart with things to try on and...I actually found a few things (which, if you ask my husband, is […]

Fashion Finds: for the country girl

I'm an Arizona girl at heart. I like wearing blue jeans and boots. I like enjoying the quiet sunrises and catching my breath at the awe-inspiring sunsets - a brilliant blend of oranges, pinks, and purples. I like the smell of rain in the desert, the towering mountains in every direction, the easygoing mindset. I […]

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