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Conversations about "Casual Friday" {brought to you by Jag Jeans}

When I was working full-time, I always thought Friday was the hardest day of the week to get dressed. On the one hand, I looked forward to that day immensely because it meant trading in my business suits for jeans or casual skirts. On the other hand, however, I hated it because it was so […]

What I'd Wear Wednesday: 3rd Trimester Corporate Chic

Normally, I'd post a Wordless Wednesday photo today. But since we're all sick and not at the height of cuteness (that's an understatement), I thought I'd take some inspiration from Damselfly over at Growing A Life. She has this oh-so-fun weekly column where she shares what she'd wear...if she could wear anything. If I could […]

Billow: A Pillow...for your feet

Lately, I've been wearing slippers every day.  Well, technically, they're boots. But they feel like slippers - the comfiest, fluffiest, finest slippers ever!  The website touts that the Billow is "the closest you can come to walking on a cloud." While I can't say I've ever walked on a cloud (and, if I had, I […]

BEST OF 2008: See Kai Run

You didn't think I would run a "Best of 2008" series and not include See Kai Run, did you? C'mon now. That just wouldn't be right. SKR is my favorite brand for toddler shoes because these sweet kicks are: sturdy stylish made from sheepskin leather easy to take on and off Our 2-year-old daughter loves […]

Fit Couture - the name says it all

We know quite a few people in our neighborhood so I have to look at least presentable when I'm out walking or running. No, I don't put on mascara or anything like that. But I do try to wear flattering clothes and to pull my hair back in a decent ponytail before hitting the sidewalks.  […]

Sun Protection Zone: Better than your typical swimsuit

I just registered my daughter for swim lessons through the local parks and recreation program. The sessions are two weeks long and cost $2 (yes, $2 for the whole two weeks!), and my daughter loves the water! The lessons will run M-TH so, needless to say, we'll be out in the morning sun a lot.  […]

Layers: Cute Clothing for the Money Conscious

I first heard about Layers Clothing on The Little Window Shoppe blog...and was absolutely intrigued by the cute styles AND the prices. It's not every day I stumble upon a fashionable online site with items that range from $3-65 (yes, their MOST EXPENSIVE item is $65!).  What I like about Layers is that the items […]

Product Review: Blinc Kiss Me Mascara

As a mom, I like cosmetics that are easy-to-use, that look great, and that last a long time (i.e. I don't have to keep re-applying them). My complaint about most mascaras is that they always seem to smudge or flake after daily wear. I end up with "raccoon eyes" and I wonder if it was […]

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