This is a subjective list of my favorite websites/blogs.


  • I don't do "link exchanges" (i.e. "you put me on your blogroll, I'll put you on my blogroll") so this list is the "real deal."
  • The list changes from time-to-time based on my interests and my "season" of life.
  • I hope you will celebrate if you're on the list.
  • I hope you won't be disappointed if you unexpectedly "disappear" from the list.
  • If your blog isn't listed, that doesn't mean I don't read your blog. It just means that I haven't subscribed...yet.

Enjoy perusing...and making new friends along the way!

Mom Blogs:

Favorites 1A Mountain Bride

I'm not a bride or a bride-to-be, but that doesn't mean I can't ooh and aah over pretty wedding-related ideas. Actually, the real reason I read this blog is because Jes and I used to live right down the hall from each other in college. Now, she's a recent bride, a medical doctor, and an NYC resident. And -P.S. - she has amazing hair.

Favorites 2Adventures in Babywearing

Stephanie Precourt writes beautiful prose - short posts full of meaning and poetry. She's a lovely person and she marvels in the wonderment of mothering three little boys and a baby girl.

Favorites 3Emerging Mummy

Sarah is smart, funny, and frank. She talks sincerely, humbly, and boldly about all of my favorite topics - politics, parenting, and religion. To put it plainly, she talks about all of the controversial topics that your mama told you not to talk about over dinner. And that is one of the many, many reasons I adore her.

Favorites 4It's Your Movie

She looks lovely in lipstick. She writes beautiful posts of rambly wonderfulness. She is Erin and you are going to love her. I always smile when I see her posts pop up in my RSS feed.

Favorites 5Lettner Livin'

If you haven't met Nini from Santa Cruz, CA...well, you're missing out. She's sweet, thoughtful, crafty, and fun - and she has two super cute kids. Plus, she is one of the most encouraging people I "know."

mama nash & companyMama Nash & Company

I think Jenny and I would be great friends "in real life." The only thing standing in our way is that she lives in frigid Minnesota and I live in sunny AZ. Not exactly a day trip. Jenny is a 20-something mama of a 3-year-old boy and a baby girl. She likes reading, writing, working out, and...looking absolutely gorgeous within 5 minutes of giving birth (okay, I added that last one, but it's true!).

marvelous kiddo buttonMarvelous Kiddo

Leigh is an artist, an NYC resident, a babywearer, a breastfeeder, and a home birth advocate. She finds the coolest shops and pics. And she takes pretty amazing photographs herself too.

musings of a housewife buttonMusings of a Housewife

Jo-Lynne is laugh-out loud funny. She's a PA mom of three who tells it like it is about fashion, whole foods, blogging, and whatever else comes to her mind.

our family adventures kristen blogOur Family Adventures

Believe it or not, Kristen and I met when we were 14 years old. Now, she's a mom, a missionary, a cloth diaper expert, and an ERGO wearer. She has two tinies who are 16 months apart.

scribbit buttonScribbit

She's tall. She's pretty. She's prolific. And she writes insightful posts about cooking, blogging, movies, and more.

Favorites 6Such the Spot

Darcie is friendly, fun, funny, and family-oriented. I know this because...she's my neighbor and real-life friend! She is a well-connected person, an exceptional writer, a Disney expert, and a skilled baker...not to mention she's gorgeous!

Favorites 7TreasuresInTerraCotta

Donita is a Southern Arizona mama with sense and sensibility. Stop in for book reviews, gardening updates, and introspective reflections.

Parenting Websites:

ask dr sears picAsk Dr. Sears

Gotta love the Sears family. They're doctors, yet they're not afraid to question the medical establishment or the status quo. This is my #1 go-to site for questions about pregnancy, breastfeeding, vaccines, baby care, etc.

Other Cool Sites:

mom bloggers club buttonMom Bloggers Club

The one and only social networking site specifically for mom bloggers (as far as I know). This is a great way to "meet up" with other mom bloggers, to find blogging gigs, and to learn about the mom blogging phenomenon.

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