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Are you a runner or do you aspire to be one? Keep tabs on this category for running advice, running product reviews, and 5K and 1/2 marathon training plans.

How to Train for a 5K

Repeat after me: "I can run a 5K!" Yes. You. CAN. Even if you're not a runner (Neither am I). Even if you're not as teeny tiny as Darcie or as focused as Lisa or as tenacious as Michele. YOU CAN cross that finish line. Here's how... 1. Decide on a running plan. Health Magazine […]

6 Things I Learned From Running in My 3rd 5K

This morning I ran in my 3rd 5k. I ran my first 5K in December 2007, with a finishing time of 32:59. I ran my second 5k in March 2008, with a finishing time of 28:34. Today, I ran in my third 5K (my first 5K since having baby #2...), with a finishing time of […]

5K {I did it!}

I ran. I finished. I loved it. I want to do it again. Stay tuned for: a rec-cap of my race tips for how YOU can train to run in a 5K running gear giveaways

7 Things I Do to Get Motivated to Exercise

Sometimes I don't feel like exercising. Actually, most of the time I don't feel like exercising.  Until I do it.  And then I'm so glad that I did. As I mentioned previously, the getting started part is the hardest.  Here's how I motivate myself : 1. I wear running clothes. If I put on my […]

2nd 5K - We beat our 1st 5K time by 4+ minutes!

This morning at 8:00 my husband and I ran in our 2nd 5K, benefitting the special needs program at a local high school. We took our daughter in the jogging stroller and pushed ourselves to run faster this time. And guess what? We beat our 1st 5K time by almost 4 1/2 minutes. We ran […]

Fit Mama Friday: Lose the "All or Nothing" Mentality

I go running with a beautiful, talented, kind friend (who also happens to be a website/graphic designer and mom of three) every other Tuesday morning. We meet at 8:00 a.m. at a nearby high school and run 2-3 miles together. While we run, we talk about our kids, our dreams, our husbands, and our businesses. […]

My First 5K

I postponed my FitMama Friday column until today because today was the day of my first ever 5K. If you are a regular reader here at Metropolitan Mama, you know that I've been training for a 5K using Health Magazine's Girls Gotta Move Plan...and it prepared me well. I ran in my first 5K (that's […]

FitMama Friday: Jog Bra Reviews

As a mother, I feel like exercise is something that I can't afford not to do. Other things can be put off or delayed, but exercise improves my health, lowers my stress, and prevents too many diseases to name. So, I'm training for a 5K. I've found that running is the ideal workout for me […]

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