GIVEAWAY: Girls' Weatheredge Ski Jacket by Eddie Bauer

The weather outside is frightful (meaning that it's still almost tipping the 90 degree mark here in Arizona), but fall should soon be upon us.

I, for one, can't wait for crisp afternoons, cardigan sweaters, and knee-high boots.

For those of you who live where snow and ice are already sneaking in, it's imperative to have well-made clothing for the harsh conditions. This Girls' Weatheredge Ski Jacket, for example, is made with active little girls in mind. An adjustable and removable hood protects little ears. Four pockets ensure that she can keep special treasures stowed away safely without water seeping in - even if she makes snow angels.

GIVEAWAY: Girls' Weatheredge Ski Jacket by Eddie Bauer 1

The thickness of the coat is a happy medium - not so full she'll feel like a marshmallow, but not so thin that the wind will rush right in. It's a flattering and comfortable fit that won't slow her down as she hurdles snowballs at her cousins.

Available in two gorgeous colors (lily pad green and magenta pink), the jacket can be purchased for your 3-year-old all the way up to your 14-year-old.

Win a jacket (valued at $129) for the little snow girl in your house.

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172 comments on “GIVEAWAY: Girls' Weatheredge Ski Jacket by Eddie Bauer”

  1. This Ski Jacket looks adorable. I just got one for my Emma and I think she would already be wearing it everywhere if given the choice. Either way, she will be all set once the cold weather comes. Best of all, I saved $60 off what I had seen it for in the department stores.

  2. I have never shopped there before because they were never on my radar screen. Will be checking them out next time

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  3. I have not shopped at a physical store but I think I did buy a few things for my hubby awhile back. I think they had a good clearance deal on shirts or something like that..Clearance is my way to shop :)

  4. I love Eddie Bauer clothes but i don't buy a lot from them (pricey), if i get lucky someone hands one down to us, since they are such a good product it usually still in great shape!

  5. I have not, but the clothes look very nice! The reason for me not going there is probably because I always pass by it and not notice.

  6. I have not shopped at the mall for ages, as trying to not spend money, but Eddie Bauer looks really nice! Would love this for my granddaughter!

  7. Every now and then I shop there because the products are such high quality, but living on a budget means it's only an occasional thing!

  8. Only occasionally and when I did it was for my husband. Honestly i do not shop there a lot because they are kind of expensive. With a family of five we live on a tight budget.

  9. I have shopped for the kids. Love their dresses. I used to shop at their home store. Bought a bunch of stuff for my son's nursery from there.

  10. I used to shop at eddie bauer prior to having kids... Now, we dont enjoy outdoor activities as much, so ive stopped shopping there... However, i have purchased many eddie bauer baby gear. Our high chair, Play yard and travel system.

  11. I like shopping Eddie Bauer for outdoor wear - and my favorite pair of pj pants came from there - but I've never shopped for my kids at one.

  12. Use to, love the quality of the clothes, still have 2 hooded sweatshirts that are over 10 years old that still look great. They closed the one down that we had here.

  13. I cannot remember the last time I shopped at Eddie Bauer. I love their quality, but there prices are out of my range sometimes.

  14. We do online occasionally...we don't have a mall or store anywhere near us because we live out in the country...but if online counts, then yes, we do =) Because we like their clothes and the style...

  15. I have not- we don't have a local store here, and I prefer to try things on to see how well the brand fits! This looks super cute and practical!

  16. I usually shop their outlet store but rarely purchase stuff at regular price. I tend to be a thrifty shopper and most of the time their prices are too high. I do believe that their quality is great though so at times it is worth to splurge. Love this jacket for my daughter!

  17. No I don't shop there, not because I don't want to but because I just can't really afford to. I wish I could though! My daughter really needs a new winter coat & this is beautiful! : )

  18. I really do like Eddie Bauer's clothing. The quality is good and the styles are usually timeless. That said... I'm cheap :) So I shop the clearance racks and the Eddie Bauer outlet store and never pay full retail - so we don't get a whole lot of stuff from there but what we do get lasts for a long time. I Usually only shop for my husband and I at Eddie Bauer, I shop consignment for the kids!

  19. I shop at Eddie Bauer all the time. I like that I can built up points for a discount. They have the best fitting shirts for my size and their quality is excellent. I love browsing their clearance racks in the back when I'm in the mall.

  20. I don't shop at Eddie Bauer: I don't think there are any near me, so it doesn't occur to me to seek them out. For clothes, I prefer to see the clothes in person, even if I end up buying online.

  21. Not usually. I can't afford to shop there. I wish I could because I know that their clothes really last. thank you!

  22. i havent shopped at Eddie Bauer in quite a while, but when I did I noticed there items were always high quality and very reasonably priced!!

  23. we dont have a store anywhere near here. so it would be nice to win it when we go visit others in a colder area

    tuckersaver at hotmail dot com

  24. I used to shop at Land's End when my kids needed uniforms for school. I would wash those clothes over and over and they still looked new.

  25. I have bought a few things from eddie bauer for myself. I tend to think they are sort of "mom clothes." Although I am a mom I try to avoid the stereotypical "mom clothes" as much as possible. I have not bought any of the children's clothes although I find them cute, they are just usually more expensive than I like to spend on kids clothes.

  26. I have shopped there for myself, but I 'didn't realize that they offer kids products. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  27. Um...I have shopped at EB in the past but not in a long time. I suppose we haven't had a store in my area so it was not my go-to store. BUT I think this jacket is wicked cute...and I love the idea of warmth without the marshmellow look!

  28. It doesn't get super cold here but we often head to the snowy mountains to play for the day. This would be a well used item.

  29. The last time I bought something from Eddie Bauer was probably 10 years ago - they have good quality stuff. I need to start watching their clearance though, that's how I shop Land's End!

  30. I have never shopped at Eddie Bauer for any of our family, as a store is not in close proximity. I believe I have seen catalogs and may have looked online before, but that's about it. I have seen baby items at other stores,like their strollers and such. I do equate Eddie Bauer with quality, though, similar to Land's End and L.L. Bean.

  31. I would shop at Eddie Bauer for my kids, but our store doesn't have a kids' section! I like their clothes for myself though!

  32. The closet store is over 120miles away, so I don't go there often but I do shop online occasionally. They have quality clothing, even our car seat is an Eddie Bauer.

  33. Yes, we shop at Eddie Bauer, via catalog, and we also have an outlet about thirty minutes away. I like that they have a lot of business casual clothing.

  34. I used to shop Eddie Bauer, but I haven't in quite a while...just a brand that I forgot about. Would love to win a great quality jacket like that for one of my four girlies!

  35. I LOVE window shopping at Eddie Bauer! Our local store doesn't have a children's section, and my closet is already full, but my children never stop growing. ;)

  36. September is one of the best months in Minnesota. Temps are in the high 60s or low 70s. (Although it's been 90+ the last two days.) Sunshine is plentiful. The leaves are just begining to think about changing. But they haven't fallen yet so no rake cleanup until October at least. And there's no snow or frost to think of yet.

    That said, I was just saying that I need to get the kids to try on all their winter gear from last year to see what still fits and what doesn't. Every year I've bought my kids Columbia coats because they are so durable in the snow and keep them warm but aren't super bulky. I haven't tried Eddie Bauer coats but they look similar. Would love to give that brand a try.

  37. That's your daughter in the photo, right? I glanced at it two or three times before I realized that the child wasn't just a clothing model. Great photo!

    I bought a coat for my daughter last year, just a little too big, hoping that it would last her two years. No such luck. I'd love to win this so I don't have to go out and buy another this year!

    EB makes great clothes. I'll have to take a closer look at their kids stuff.

  38. I have a lovely young daughter who is constantly growing out of things.... :) this would be a blessing for this winter season!! And rumor has it that it will be snowy around here- would love to have a new jacket for her!! Thanks!

  39. I used to shop at EB all the time but I haven't been in there in years. I guess I should check it out again. I had a friend that worked there in college so I would "shop" so I could visit her.

  40. I used to shop a lot in eddie bauer but the clothing is a bit too boxy for me, I prefer a more fitted silhouette. I never knew they had childrens clothing, I guess it's time to check them out again

  41. This jacket is super-cute... if I win it for my daugter Addison, I will have the perfect excuse to get us out of Tucson and off to somewhere COLD this year! Ahhh... :o)

  42. sign me up! Since we live in Colorado we are always have to buy new winter coats for Mikayla and hopefully keep them nice for Lily. One year Mikayla had her snow clothes at school until the very last week! I kept trying to bring them home but it would snow and I would have to send them back!

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