Good-Bye Chemicals ; Hello Clean

If you're a regular reader, you know that I do a lot of product reviews (and giveaways) on my blog.

I've had the privilege of working with great brands like Disney, Sony, Bass Pro, and Radisson Suites.

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I love experiencing the newest products that are out on the market and sharing the pros + cons with you.

But I don't agree to review just any 'ol product. I only agree if I think the product is something that I will use and something that fits our lifestyle...which is why I generally turn down product pitches for processed snack foods, DVDs designed for babies, character-branded kids items, non-family-friendly films, medications, and cleaning products that are comprised of harsh chemicals.

e-cloth logoWhen I clean, I like to clean without toxins. Especially in the kitchen. I don't see how it can be healthy to regularly spray harsh chemicals on to the same surfaces (countertops, tables, stovetop, microwave, etc.) that we eat off of.

That's why I'm a fan of E-cloth. Originally developed for Swedish hospitals, the high-quality microfiber cloth is cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, and utilizes water to clean surfaces. No chemicals needed! You can read more about the "science" behind E-cloth on the website.

e-cloth kitchen packWe tried the Kitchen Pack ($17.98 with FREE shipping), which includes a Glass & Polishing Cloth and a General Purpose Cloth, along with a spray bottle. The cloths can be washed 300+ times and I think the material really does work to pick up grime and dust effectively. I still think I'll need to use soap/cleaners sometimes, but the e-cloth seems great for every day use.

YOUR TURN: What products do YOU use to clean your kitchen?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Kitchen Pack ($17.98). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Sunday, April 5 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #80 Jennifer gersch. Congratulations!

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101 comments on “Good-Bye Chemicals ; Hello Clean”

  1. I would love to try E Cloth!
    My kids are allergic to some many things I worry about the household cleaners I use.
    I also worry about their effects on the enviroment.
    I have had chemical rashes on my hands from some cleaners.....where my skin turned red & peeled!

  2. I'm so sad. I use whatever's handy. If there's a sponge, I use that. If there are paper towels, I use those. If there is a wet clorox or simple green cloth around, I'll use that. Not picky, obviously.

  3. Use Scrubbies, soft scrub for the sink stove and countertops and sponges. retirenaval(at)

  4. I clean with Suds, an all-natural cleaner. I refuse to use any harsh chemicals it burns my skin and hurts to breathe around.

  5. I'm currently using Mrs. Meyers products in the smells wonderful & cleans great! I'm glad it's available at Target now.

  6. Oh, yes please! I would absolutely LOVE to try these out.

    We use soap and water for almost everything. EVery once in a while we will use Windex for the alcohol in it to kill, say, raw chicken juice that landed on the counter.

  7. I clean mostly with good old soap and water. I usually dust with a cloth for dusting that picks up the dust easily, but I can't think what it's called! since my kids help with a lot of the cleaning, I don't like to use too many strong chemicals.

  8. I currently use the strongest smelling sprays I could find. i had a crazy idea that the stronger it smelled; the better it worked. I no longer feel that way and I am tryin to find something better for the house and the people in the house

  9. I have never tried this. I go back and forth with using safe natural soap, baking soda, vinegar- or rubbing alcohol or regular cleaning products. I have yet to find my perfect answer!

  10. This is a great giveaway...I love that they're chemical free. I just found out that I've grown sensitive to chemicals and I'm trying t go green with my cleaning supplies!

  11. Been hearing a lot about this cloth. Would love to win so I could give it a try. I use vinegar to clean and kill germs on contact. I make my own dert., for about 23 cents for a 120 ozs. I've been making all my cleaners naturally and saving lots of money. We use rags instead of paper towels, this would be great. Please enter me, thank you

  12. Unfortunately I don't have any green products for cleaning except vinegar and baking soda. Those only go so far so I generally use 409 or Clorox wipes.

  13. We use bleach to sanitize food prep area and a Simple Green / water mix in a spray bottle for general cleaning, countertops, etc. in the kitchen.

  14. My grandson has been diagnosed with autism. We have no idea how that happened, but we're trying to rid our homes of chemicals and praying for a miracle.

  15. These are a great idea! I don't like using harsh cleaners around the kitchen but haven't really weaned myself off the stuff I've been using forever (Formula 409, which I really don't much like the smell of).

  16. It would be so nice to clean my kitchen without having to use harsh chemicals! I dread the smell of certain cleaners.

  17. so... i'm not very green. i do use cloths but i usually use a clorox kitchen disinfectant.. i feel like i need to kill every kind of bacteria i can

  18. Please don't laugh, but my adult children love to go into my rag bag to see what piece of clothing they can find . In fact one trip brought gales of laughter. I had an old pair of undies in there and I used magic marker to mark it as a rag. My daughter wanted to check my clothing drawers to compare the good the bad and the ugly.

  19. Between living in the country and dealing with dust, you also have the problem of rust stains. I am always looking for some new kind of cleaning products and cloths.

  20. I looked for cloths like these at the store and couldn't find any. I've been slowly replacing all the harsh chemicals with more enviro friendly ones. I like the Method and Greenworks lines. Hopefully prices will come down as more companies get with the program.

  21. I must admit I let the cleaning lady do it....I end up using dish soap and water to wipe things down. I would love these cloths!

  22. I'm actually trying to break my chemical habit. I've been trying to clean with vinegar and baking soda for the most part. It's hard. I could use some help!

  23. Since the baby, we don't get much beyond a Clorox wipe on the counters every day or so. I miss having a clean house!

  24. I think this was the product that my friend's aunt was telling her about. It sounds really interesting. It would be really cost effective too if all you need is water and the cloth.

    We use Shaklee cleaning products. I bought the concentrated cleaning products in 2003 and have yet to use them up. (I hope that doesn't make it sound like I don't clean very often!) I also use the Method soft scrub for the bath.

  25. I love Mrs. Meyers products!! Im in love with their baby line right now, but I have their peppermint chrismas scent I'm still using up!

  26. I confess - I use Clorox wipes. I know they aren't environmentally friendly, but they disinfect and dry quickly.

  27. For kitchen cleaning, I use regular dish soap in water; when I want to deep clean or disinfect, I use white vinegar in water.

  28. paper towels with pledge, windex, lysol, clorox, 409, fantastic, arm & hammer (the cleaning bill is high, but i run a tight ship!)

  29. I use Clorox wipes a lot and my husband just bought Sham-wow cleaning cloths,but I haven't tried them yet.

  30. Living in rural country with farms all around these would really come in handy, my windows get so nasty. Thanks.

  31. I love places that offer free shipping =) but more on track - they sound like such great products, I really love all these green companies springing up!!

    autumn398 (at)

  32. I'm currently using Seventh Generation cleaning products, but these tend to leave smears on my black granite countertops. It would be great to have a product that cuts through (and doesn't add to) the film without a bunch of chemicals.

  33. I have been using Simple Green for YEARS and telling everyone it's the best cleaner for everything !! THANKS FOR THE GIVEAWAY !!!!!!

  34. I am trying to get greener so I'm trying to use baking soda and the like to clean. Sometimes I wipe the counters down with dish soap (that's all natural).

  35. I am a neat freak and would love to try new things for cleaning. I'm also starting to like all the new green products that are available.

  36. I have been slowly making the switch to Allen's Naturally products. They make a great laundry detergent that I use for my cloth diapers. I have the glass cleaner and the all purpose cleaner is fantastic.

  37. i hate dusting, that is my least favorite part of cleaning. besides dishes. my house builds up dust quickly

  38. I use an all-purpose spray and degreaser in the kitchen :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  39. I hate to dust over anything else. So if anything can make it faster, less often, or easier I am all for it.

  40. I only use safe things to clean with, too. My daily-use spray is just water with lavendar essential oil. Smells lovely, and doesn't make me cough like mainstream cleaning products do. I've recently realized how wonderful microfiber cleaning cloths are and am wanting to add to my meager stash of microfiber rags!

  41. I've recently become a huge fan of Shaklee products...not only are they "green" and totally non-toxic, they're also ultra concentrated, so one bottle lasts forever & there's far less packaging waste created. I also love using just Castile Soap (all natural & smells like peppermint) from Trader Joe's for cleaning countertops, mopping, etc.

  42. I've also been making the switch from regular cleaning products to Shaklee brand products, which are biodegradable and non-toxic. I feel a lot more comfortable cleaning with those around two small kids. I'd love to try this E-cloth, it sounds amazing!

  43. I like the idea of a perfect cleaning product just using water. We could really use this at our house. The bathroom pack looks pretty good too. Right now we are currently using Clorox wipes. Thank you so much!

  44. I usually just use dish soap and water to clean the counters, stovetop, microwave, etc. I recently bought some Nature's Source by Scrubbing Bubbbles (Well, it was free after rebate). The product is plant based, it seems to clean well and I feel good about using it.

  45. Cleaning products is one of the last areas that I'm getting into where it comes to "greening" our family up a bit. I still use clorox any surface most, but I'd love to try and get away from using chemicals so much. Thanks for the chance!

  46. My house is so dusty it is ridiculous. I could use pledge until the cows come home and it doesn't help. I need to try a new product and see if it can make a difference!

  47. My favorite kitchen cleaner is dishsoap and hot water... speaking of which, I'd better get back in there and try to finish deep cleaning my kitchen today!

  48. I have yet to find a kitchen cleaner I like enough to buy faithfully. I've used the Arm & Hammer and Clorox kitchen wipes for quick jobs and I couldn't even tell you which spray cleaners I ncurrently have in the cupboard.

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