Howdy Pardner - Can I Ask a Favor?

circa October 2007, 11 months old

Howdy Pardner - Can I Ask a Favor? 1 Howdy Pardner - Can I Ask a Favor? 2

circa July 2010, 16 months old

Howdy Pardner - Can I Ask a Favor? 3 Howdy Pardner - Can I Ask a Favor? 4 Howdy Pardner - Can I Ask a Favor? 5

I'd like to spruce up my "About" page a bit and I'm looking for a few good "testimonials" (aka - 1-2 sentence quotes) from my readers and/or from companies I have worked with throughout my blogging journey. Would you be willing to leave a sentence or two about why you read my blog or what you think I contribute to the blogosphere/world? I'd be mighty appreciative.

If your quote is chosen, I'll happily include a link to your blog, etsy shop, or company website. Y'All can leave your comment right here in the comments section or send it to me at

Also. One last favor. Will you take my super-fast, easy-peasy, completely anonymous demographics survey? Please.



P.S. If you have a blog, I'd love to read YOUR "About" page and get to know you better. Leave a link and I'll check it out.

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45 comments on “Howdy Pardner - Can I Ask a Favor?”

  1. I appreciate your honesty, your firm adherence to your faith, beliefs and values, and your dedication to your family. It's just an all-around enjoyable blog to read! I look forward to seeing what you have to say next. :)

  2. I have been reading Metropolitan Mama everyday since the day it launched! Stephanie's passion for life and her family shines through in her posts. Well-educated and researched, thoughtful, non-judgemental,kick you in your pants, laugh out loud, light a spark in your soul, yearn for more, do things for others are just a few phrases I would use to describe Metropolitan Mama!

    Thank you, Stephanie for staying true to what you believe and challenging your readers to "think outside the box"

    1. How fun that your "About" page is a video! I just watched it (and you are cute).

      I agree that it's important to keep exercise a priority...and, to tell you the truth, your video just gave ME a little kick-in-the-pants. ;)

    1. I just read your updated "About" page. That is such a great family photo of you guys. You are a good-looking bunch. :)

      P.S. You're a belly dancer? How did I not know that?

      1. thank you so much :) it's funny. that picture, we were walking through one of my happy places - "Cascade Springs" in Utah. I saw someone with a DSLR, and asked them to take our picture with my camera. So we were pretty lucky that it turned out.

        Belly Dancing is so much fun and a really great workout. I do it with my cousin, my mom and my aunt.

  3. The truth is, when I first starting reading MM, I was a little be of a skeptic. We don't agree on everything. But over this last year, I have come to know you as an honest, gracious & thoughtful woman. I come to be challenged & encouraged.
    I also try to never miss a Tuesdays Tours. I can't believe how much web scouring Steph must do to find such great tidbits.

    Here's my about page. It's not too great yet. Working on it...

    1. Uh... Some typos in my blurb.
      "The truth is, when I first starting reading MM, I was a little bit of a skeptic. We don’t agree on everything. But over this last year, I have come to know Stephanie as an honest, gracious & thoughtful woman. I keep coming back to be challenged & encouraged.
      I also try to never miss a Tuesdays Tours. I can’t believe how much web scouring Steph must do to find such great tidbits.

  4. First off...your girls are stunning (like their mom!). Initially, I thought they looked quite different, however in these pictures, the similarity is amazing. I can just picture them as they grow up together -- being best friends!

    Regarding your blog...where to start!? I could go on forever! -

    Stephanie has a way of connecting with her readers on many levels. Her posts are honest, insightful and genuine -- filled with conviction, passion, a zest for life and all that it entails -- the great and not-so-great. She encourages, challenges, and inspires by choosing to live life to the fullest. I am thankful to have found a friend in Stephanie through the blogosphere.

    You know my about me :)

    1. You so need to post pictures on your blog of your beach wedding in New Zealand! It sounds impossibly romantic.

      Also: I agree w/ Markus. Hershey's Chocolate = ick!

  5. There are a lot of good blogs out there. Yet, every now and then you find a blog like Metropolitan Mama and fall in love and smile every time she pops up on your reader. Stephanie is someone I admire as a woman, mother, blogger, and friend.

  6. I am so blessed to know Stephanie in real life. She is as kind, gentle and amazing in person as she is on her blog. I love to read her blog because I do not know anyone that shares so many of my ideas and ideals, as she does.

  7. i enjoy reading your blog because its personal, insightful, educational, inspirational, challenging and real.

  8. I have never left Stephanie's blog without taking away a slice of information that was useful and relevent. Her content is fresh and appealing. I look forward to each new post.

  9. Stephanie- I'd love to give you a sentence you can use for other companies who might want to work with you.

    I spent 2 years as the Social Media & Community Manager for Graco Children's Products and during my time in that role, I built a great, positive and reciprocal relationship with Stephanie. Not only did Stephanie do product reviews that were honest, thorough and got a great deal of interaction by her readers, she also engaged with the Graco brand and me personally, in a very authentic, personable and professional way. She was a delight to work with, she has a great blog with an audience that's as lovely as she is and I highly recommend working with her for your brand.

    I mean every word :)

    1. Lindsay! So good to hear from you! How are you these days? I see that you're an Account Director w/ Converseon now. Congrats!

      I truly appreciate your complimentary words.

  10. I've "said" these things about you before, but here you go again:

    "Stephanie is one of the kindest and most down-to-earth bloggers out there. I love that her giveaways focus on people (her family and friends) instead of on stuff."

    You're great, Stephanie! Thanks for all you do!

  11. Stephanie's passion for motherhood and for enjoying her precious children is contagious....and I love that!

    Her thoughtful, intelligent, intentional approach to tough issues challenges me, even when I don't agree....and I love that too!

    Metropolitan Mama overflows with fun, giveaways, heart-touching topics, beautiful photos, and great community....and who wouldn't love that?!?

  12. I read Metropolitan Mama because Stephanie inspires me to celebrate the joy of raising young children. She also sets a wonderful example of how parenting can be relaxed and fun.

  13. I LOVE Stephanie for many reasons. Through her random topics on life, family, and reviews, she makes me want to be a better wife and mommy. What could be more encouraging?!

  14. I love the way Stephanie approaches life. She seizes the moment with her girls, and her husband. She enjoys her family, and doesn't take part in the common "let's complain about our kids together" theme of a lot of mommy blogs. I love her "Tuesday Tours" where she links to interesting things around the web ranging from interesting news articles from the NY Times, to sweet stories from some of her favorite bloggers, as well as contests, giveaways and even a few random things.

    She makes me want to be a better mother and enjoy life more. She gets me interested in products I never knew, and news and causes I would have never seen.

    She's writes simply, and beautifully. Her posts are short, and easy to read and she includes gorgeous photos of herself and her family in almost every one.

    Metropolitan Mama is way more then just a mommy blog.

    Did you see you made the top 50 mommy blogs on this list lady?

    Congrats! So deserved! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much, Carrington! I just saw that list yesterday and I'm so humbled to be in such good company.

  15. I enjoy Stephanie's blog because she's passionate, genuine and I can relate to her journey through life as a mom. I enjoy the friendship she naturally extends to her readers through her honest and inspiring writing, while encouraging others to participate in the conversation.

  16. How cute is she?! (Answer: very cute.)

    Here's mine: Stephanie is the kindest and most unselfish blogger I've ever come across. She is a breath of fresh air to the blogging community with her honesty and openness, her passion and gentleness. She is wise and funny, the kind of person that makes you want to do life better, with more love, more grace and more laughter. And her readers love her for it. - Sarah @ Emerging Mummy

    You know where to find me:

    1. Sarah! I've read your "About" page before and I love it! We have so many commonalities...especially about our constantly evolving views about what "church" is and means.

      Question for you: Does Brian currently work in carpentry or is that part outdated? I know he recently got a new job...

  17. Stephanie is the most down-to-earth and inspiring blogger, and catching up on her posts each week keeps me grounded. She's spunky, fashionable, engaging...oh and a great mama, too!

    My site is a little under construction so no about me page yet! Still recovering from my switch to wordpress.

    1. Your "About" page is so cleverly written, Melissa! You definitely grabbed my attention. Especially when you mentioned the boots. I love boots! Cowgirl boots. Ankle boots. Knee-length boots. You-name-it. Well, except for the blogs that pull all the way up your thighs. ;)

      We have similar hobbies - travel, photography, etc. I hope we get a chance to meet in-person someday! Are you going to any blogging conferences this year? BlogHer is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from you. :)

    1. How fun that you have 4 kids! That's what we're "leaning towards" these days too...but we'll see what the future holds. :)

      I admire your meal-planning skills. I seriously need help in that department!

  18. Stephanie-
    A quick heads up that I was only allowed to choose ONE option under the religious and political affiliation question.

    OK and here's my testimonial:

    I've never met Stephanie in person but still, I regard her as a good friend. Stephanie's blog has a way of bridging the distance between moms all over the country (world?!) and making me feel like I could bump into her in a bookstore and we would be sitting over coffee in no time chatting about anything and everything. I love her honesty. I love her controversial topics without being controversial. I love her fun and I love her spunk. Most of all, I love how she inspires me to be the best mom I can be and that's why I continue to read Metropolitan Mama every day.

    1. Sorry about the survey error. It was my fault...and now the survey is locked! Oh well.

      Thanks for letting me know (and thank you for your complimentary words too). I SO hope we get to have that talk in a bookstore someday!

    1. I just read your "About" page. Your girls' curls are so pretty! Perfect ringlets.

      I used to love scrapbooking too...but now my blog is my scrapbook. A mama can only do so much! ;)

  19. The reason I come back to this site everyday is for honesty and heart! You bring both to every post you make. I love your review of products, pictures of the adventures you take, and the way you acknowledge others just like you! Keep up the good work and know you have a follower for life :)

  20. Wow, your girls look so much alike - love them as cowgirls!

    You are one of the most kind, thoughtful, honest and amazing bloggers I know and never step outside your own ideals and values - you've been one of my favorite blogs almost ever since I discovered them. :)

  21. I love being able to bring out outfits the Mikayla wore for Lily. It is the nice thing about having 2 girls since they only were the clothes for a short time before they grow out of them.

    "I read Stephanie's blog because she is a very down to earth person with values, thoughts and ideas that I agree with. Her blog has lots of helpful information and great links. I visit her blog daily."

  22. I read Stephanie's blog as a way to connect with other parents who have similar values as me but enough differences to make for interesting discussions. I enjoy Stephanie's positive attitude toward parenting and life in general.

    PS - I took the survey, but the question that asks "What do you most identify as?" and the choices are Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Republican, Democrat, etc. only lets you pick one option.

    1. Sorry about the survey error! I tried to go in and change it to allow for multiple answers, but the survey is "locked" now that it is underway. Oops! I guess everyone will just have to decide which one label fits them the most. ;)

  23. Why do I read the MM blog? Easy: Stephanie is an intelligent, honest, real & thoughtful writer who has made it her life's mission to do good for others. It's so obvious from the way she talks about her kids, husband, friends & strangers, and even the way she criticizes, that she genuinely cares about uplifting, as opposed to ranting.

    Thank you for all you do, Stephanie!
    My About:

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Soni!

      I just read your About page and I didn't realize that you actually make the Baby Wraps and Skidnees in your shop! I thought you just sold them from another retailer. How talented and creative are you? Very.

      Also - how fun that you grew up in a family w/ 7 kids. There were 6 in my family. Do you think you want to have a big family of your own?

      1. Thank you :) I'd LOVE to have a big family...I enjoyed my childhood more than anybody I know. We are taking it one baby at a time right now...

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