I interrupt my regular posting schedule to tell you...

hair-cut-june-2009I was nursing the baby this morning, enjoying the peace and quiet.

When, all of a sudden, I realized that there was "peace and quiet."

Not such a good thing when you have a 2-year-old in the house.

At that very moment, she came trotting out of the office, with a proud beam on her sweet cheeks and a pair of scissors in her hands, "Do I look pretty, mommy?"

My mouth dropped. I surveyed the damage. She burst into tears. I tried to console her, "Next time, tell mommy if you want your hair cut, sweet girl. It's okay - it will grow back. You're still beautiful."

A few minutes later, she looked up at me with a serious expression, "Did my hair grow back now?"

"No, not yet," I said, casually, "It might take a little while."


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48 comments on “I interrupt my regular posting schedule to tell you...”

  1. Ahhhh! Sweet memories! 36 yrs ago, guess my Wendy decided she needed "bangs" to go with her pigtails...she missed the mark, and it was another several months for her hair to grow out to the point where she HAD bangs!! LOL Nowadays, Wendy scolds hairdressers who "trim" her long locks too short! Who knew, right? LOL You handled the situation gloriously! Many moons to go, so fasten your seatbelt, Mom!! Bless you!

  2. Please excuse me for laughing out loud right now. Although I know that it was not a good moment for you it brought back memories of the stories my mom would tell me of the day she came into my bedroom in the morning to find a neatly trimmed pile of hair and a pair of scissors nicely lying next to each other on a mirror. I had gotten up in the middle of the night and done it and left it for my mom to see in the morning :)

  3. My 3 year old did this on Sunday!!! And we had a haircut scheduled for this morning. At least she didn't get to her sisters' hair - and I couldn't bear to take a picture... Our hairstylist made it look pretty. =)

  4. You handled the situation with great calmness and you didn't lose your cool. Good for you! I don't know what I would do...my kids haven't done this yet. Good thing that she is so beautiful!

  5. Oh no! We've only had one minor incident of hair cutting (so far) - and it involved my 6-year-old basically giving herself bangs a couple of years ago. Thankfully she didn't touch the rest of it. And thankfully hair does grow back - eventually. :)

    Your little one is gorgeous no matter her hairstyle!

  6. Oh no! So sorry this happened! Ugh! I am not looking forward to that type of thing, and as much as I love my daughter, I wouldn't put it past her to pull this type of thing :-)

    Good thing little girls look simply adorable with little bobs! Your girls are beautiful!

  7. Just like you when the house gets super quiet and is nice and relaxing and I know both girls are awake I start to wonder what is going on. Our house is set up so that every is very central and no second floor so I hear everything! I have found Lily keeping herself busy while un-rolling the TP (I let her have fun with this) other times I find Lily in Mikayla's room playing with the kitchen.

  8. My son cut his hair last week. I thought at age 5 I didn't have to worry about this anymore! His haircut was easy to fix with a buzz cut. I probably would have lost it if my daughter had done the same thing. At the end of the day, "it's just hair".

  9. AH! She's still adorable. Knock on wood, I've been lucky that my kids haven't done that yet. But my youngest is the "normal kid" of the bunch, so I fully expect to run into this with him someday. A friend of mine's daughter has done this more times than I can count!

  10. Oh, no!! Well, she certainly still is beautiful! My sister pulled that very same stunt the day before we were scheduled for family pictures. We still laugh about it.

  11. My son tries to cut his hair all the time but thankfully he uses toy scissors that don't cut anything. Although... a boy cutting their hair does not really matter much, you can just shave their head.

  12. I did something similar when I was a kid. I wanted a perfectly straight ponytails, so I put my hair into a ponytail and chopped the end of the ponytail for a perfectly straight line. Needless to say, I was forced to wear that ponytail for 2 months, while my hair re-grew. The image still makes me laugh to this day. Your beautiful girl will laugh at this some 20 years later, I promise.

  13. Oh, how nicely you handled that! I think it happens with every child somewhere along the line. My oldest cut so close to his head that his hair doesn't grow back in that spot to this day!

  14. I haven't faced this yet with my own kids, but when I was kid I decided to cut my brothers hair for him. My mom had to buzz it all off after that.

  15. Ohhhhhh no! That is my worse fear with Reece! At least she still looks adorable =) I know when I was five I talked my mom into cutting off my long curls and right after the hair cut I said - can it grow back now?

  16. I'm actually shocked my little one hasn't tried this lately since she is always getting into everything. My niece is known for her scissors and hair combos.... not so good when you are only 3!

  17. I have three girls. Every single one cut their hair at some point--some with more damage than others. I swear, it's a rite of passage or something!

    And you're right--it does grow back, but it's still sad. :(

  18. WOW! Ok....I've told my husband on numerous occasions that when our son is quiet...that's a problem! It's always when he's quiet that something "happens" Fortunately it's been drawing on the wall or dumping Cheerios all over the floor. But thank you for the reminder that 2 year olds (which my son will be in 2 weeks) can still get into mischief! Glad she didn't do more than that!

  19. Oh my! I do think all little girls do this at some point in their lives. I actually used to use my little brother as my guinea pig for hairstyling so beware little sister for future attempts. She still looks adorable! =)

  20. Awww what a doll! And you are an amazing mom for handling it the way you did. It will grow back, it is what it is right? And you'll have a fun story to tell when she's older LOL

  21. It seems like all little girls do that. So cute... I remember when my sister did that and chopped off all her adorable ringlets.

  22. When my 11 year old was 4, I recall walking into the kitchen and finding her surrounded by a pile a pale silvery locks. She looked at me and simply said, "I was hot." After a stunned moment of silence, I replied. "Well, it is summertime. Would you like more hair cut off?" She eagerly agreed and off we went to minimize the damage. I also asked her if she would let me know when her hair makes her feel hot in the future!

  23. O dear! Sounds like you handled it very well though, and she still looks as darling as ever! Hey, it's just a short 'do for the summer, right?

  24. Heh. When I was 7 or 8 I tried to grow out my fringe. And then got tired of the process abruptly and cut it all off close to the hairline.

    My mom was quite appalled. Shortly thereafter was the first time I ever visited a real hair dresser, but they weren't able to do too much to repair the damage!

  25. Oh honey! My bottom lip started to pout when I read that she burst into tears. It all seemed like a good idea at the time...

    But every little girl seems to have this story. You'll look back and get a good laugh out of it soon enough.

  26. Oh my goodness. Poor girl. Poor Mommy too.

    Thankfully neither of my girls have done that YET.

    But my mom always likes to tell the story of my older brother chopping off all my curls when I was 18 months old.

  27. Oh Boo has done that not once...but twice. The first time was the worst, she cut one pig-tail off. The second time she wanted bangs...and she got some short ones.

  28. oh, kids and scissors. should take a poll to see how many other kids have tried this. thankfully, no cutting here yet but the scissors are out of reach for now.

  29. Oh No! Thanks for the reminder to keep the scissors well out of reach... :)

    I remember when I was about six years old I hid in my closet and cut my bangs... my Daddy was sure upset with me for that one!

    Your little one still is beautiful and fortunately hair does grow back... even though it might take a few weeks!

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