I like Wednesdays

For the past few weeks, every Wednesday has been "Library Day" for us.

Today, the girls and I drove to the library to pick up the books we had on-hold. I request titles ahead of time because - seriously - there are A LOT of children's books that are horrible [Poorly written. Bad messages. Etc.].

I also let my 3-year-old pick out 2-3 books of her own. She almost always chooses CD books and we listen to them on the way home.

That one in her hand is really good, by the way - Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters by John Steptoe.

I like Wednesdays 1

When we got home, we had tea in the sandbox, with the sun beating down on us.

I like Wednesdays 2

And per usual - I took out my camera and tried to capture snippets of our day. This one is a little blurry, but it's still my favorite. 1-year-olds are wonderful.

I like Wednesdays 3

Tonight, I have 1 million things on my to-do list [You think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not]. I'm glad I have a lot of things to do though. "It's a wonderful problem to have," I told Tim yesterday, "We have so many ideas and dreams and opportunities, we can't even begin to keep up."

Despite our crazy to-do list, Tim & I are going to take a break to watch LOST tonight. We always watch it a day (or three) late so that we can pause it at-will if baby wakes. LOST is the 1 and only show we are currently watching. It's a good thing too because we don't have time for more.

YOUR TURN: Do you use the "reservation" system at your local library? Also: are you a LOSTIE?

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39 comments on “I like Wednesdays”

  1. You already know that we've been bitten by the Lost bug. Though, I haven't been all that impressed with the final season as of yet.

    The reservation system at the library is genius isn't it? Especially for moms with little ones. The reservation system allows me to take the kids to the library and spend a long time in the kid section. I get a book too, only I don't have to keep the kids occupied/hushed while I browse. I just pop over to the "M" shelf and pick up my stash. Genius I tell you.

  2. I reserve books all the time at my library -- and I'm so grateful for that service! My local library is tiny, but it's part of a regional library system, connecting just about all the libraries in my region of the state. So, while the selection of books at my physical library is rather limited, we're able to access any book from any library.

    I agree with you on the quality of some children's books. There are some absolutely remarkable books being published each year for children...and then there are those that are, um, let's say less than remarkable. The books that are just cheap tie-ins to various movies or cartoons are just so horribly written.

  3. Lost is the only show my husband and I will regularly watch together (sometimes we'll sit and catch an episode of America's Funniest Videos, though!). Love it! We occasionally use the reservation system at the library when my kids request an old favorite, but usually what they want is always available! I guess not too many kids are looking for Nascar books and they have an over-abundance of firetruck books!

  4. We love love love reserving books! My older daughter loves to have me read novels to her (2 chapters of reading is her reward for getting ready for bed nicely). She particularly loves books in a series. Our absolute FAVORITE is the Magic Tree House series. We just finished #43. It was fun to watch for the library to purchase it, put it on hold, and watch how long it took for them to get it in, processed, and on the hold shelf. We also love Boxcar Children, Magic Attic Club, and anything written by Mary Pope Osborne, author of Magic Tree House books, (she is phenomenal)! We also reserve my younger daughter's favorites, the Ollie, Gossie, Gertie, and Boo-Boo books. They are the such fun board books that she memorizes quickly and "reads" to herself! And of course we've reserved just random children's books and movies I have researched. My kids are frequently known to ask me at least daily to check the library account to see if a book is there yet (we almost always have at least 2 or 3 we are waiting for). Last week when my older one found out that the latest Tree House was in, she went completely nuts and begged us to go get it "right now!" It just adds a different element of excitement to reading around here! I also love to reserve workout DVD's, Diet Cookbooks, and any book related to a particular topic I am researching.

    AND - Lost is the ONLY TV show we watch at all. Love it - totally hooked! I love how the show challenges my memory of all past seasons and my deep analytical thinking skills! Great stuff!

  5. We reserve books all the time. It saves so much time (and money). Not to mention if your kiddo happens to be having an anti-social kind of day running in to pick up a book is much easier than attempting to take time to find it.
    Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters was one of my favorites as a little girl.

  6. I do use the reservations system at my library. It's a big library system and half the time the book I want is in another town. Bonus, they will mail my reserved books to me when they become available and I can mail them back... all for free! So I hardly ever visit the actual library!

    Nope, no Lost fan here. I couldn't get into it and it was a little too intense and weird for me. The Bachelor/Bachelorette is about the only show we watch here (on hulu) so we can analyze all the people. Fun times! ;)

  7. First and Foremost -- How adorable is your baby! She looks so chill in that picture!

    We love the library too. My oldest is so excited to get her own card this summer! I try to put books on request for myself and a few for the kids, but then I also let them pick something out while we are there. It gives them a chance to find something "new"

    Another Lostie here too. And thank god for DVR's or I'd never get to see a full eppy of anything!

  8. I think reserving books at the library is fabulous...it just saves so much time! I'm trying to read to my son (he's 13 months) but most of the time he doesn't pay attention or he just runs off. =/

  9. I LOVE ordering books and we pick up sometimes 40 items at a time...we always give ours a day to de-germ (we have a made up spanglish word but I wouldn't know how to spell it) ;) One of the dads in our Girl Scout troop is a special agent for the FBI and on the SWAT team. He told his wife to always clean the library books because they find them in all the houses they bust and they are in sorry shape. I didn't need to hear that, I figured...so instead of cleaning we just give them a bit of time. :)

    Hubbie and I watched Lost the first season but then not for a few and then we were really LOST. We actually don't have cable and are loving it, I don't miss all the junk that's on TV. I do miss the Discovery Ch. and the Food Network (I love Barefoot Contessa!) We do movies though and just watched The Blind Side tonight...so, so good~


  10. "We have so many ideas and dreams and opportunities, we can’t even begin to keep up.”
    That is SUCH a good way of looking at a long to-do list. I was so encouraged by reading that. I might print it out and frame it...

    We definitely use our reservation system at the library, especially right now when our closest branch is closed for renovations. Only the reservation desk is open! But I always did before anyway because Elizabeth wasn't always happy to let Mom spend the time to pick out books. I've been working my way through lists of award winning children's books recently. Lots of fun.

    Not a lost fan; which is good because we're struggling to keep up with the Amazing Race, even though we can skip commercials and all the previouslies. Okay... We might watch survivor too...

  11. Requesting books online ahead of time is the ONLY way to go! Thank you for the recommendation of Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters. I reserved it online and am now waiting for it. ;)

    We watch LOST online on Wednesday, and I find it so much better than watching it on TV, which we've done for every other season, because of the reason you mentioned: pause-ability! I'm somewhat deathly serious about LOST, and I really enjoy The Amazing Race (it fuels my desire to travel), but other than that, meh. After LOST is over, I'll just watch The Amazing Race. :)

  12. I only reserve books if I really want to read something and its not available when I want it or if its a new release and hard to get. Now that my daughter is old enough, she loves to pick out her own books. I usually bring a reusable grocery bag and she fills it up...however, I end up going through it before we check out to weed out the garbage (and there is usually way too much of that, sadly). I agree with you-there are so many books that are junk. I end up changing the words-the bad thing is that she is starting to read so I have to be careful with that these days!!!
    Not a Lostie-watched for a bit the first season and then got "lost" b/c I got behind. Have no idea what is the story these days!

  13. Of course I use the reservation service at the library. Our's caps out at 10 on hold at one time...and my list is usually full!

    I'm not a Lostie...I rarly watch TV.

  14. I love the library. We go once a week or every other week. I haven't reserved any books. But I am a dork & if I see a book that sounds good on a blog I go & check the website & see if they have it & if it's in or not. I carry a mini-notebook & have a list of books to get for my daughter. I cross them off as we go. We dvr Lost. I think we're 3 or 4 weeks behind.

  15. We reserve books and the Bookmobile brings it practically to our doorstep. Okay, not really our doorstep but a mile away.

    My one and only guilty pleasure tv show is Amazing Race.

  16. I always put stuff on hold. I have hit the limit too a few times. Right now I have 48 requests (4 are waiting to be picked up). My girls love 'shopping' for books to online at the library. We look up stuff and they pick the ones they want to request. We do it so much that the children's librarian remembers my whole name when she places request while we are there. I also have a huge list of DVD requests I make for my husband. We rarely rent movies we just requesting them from the library.

    I love lost!! I also just started watching Parenthood, on right after but a different channel. I love that they play last weeks with comments. Sometimes they mention stuff I had forgotten, like the two kids taken by the others from the back of the plane.

  17. I most definitely use the reservation option at the library...that way they bring the books right to my location...I love it!

  18. I don't use the reservation system but I should. We often end up with awful books.

    And I am a Lostie. I left for awhile because I got frustrated with the huge breaks and what seemed like disjointed stories with no intention of ever answering questions. I started watching again last season but my husband refused to jump back in. Our favorite show that we always sit down and watch together is Amazing Race after the girls are in bed on Sundays.

  19. Isn't the on-line search and reserve tool just the best thing about modern-day 'librarying'? Yep, I just totally made up a new word because it is *that* awesome!

    I love how I can browse, I can check reader reviews, I can get other recommendations, I can keep ideas on the virtual shelf until I'm ready to check it out... It is wonderful.

    We're not into Lost, and I can't say that we have a regular show we are into, but we are loving the West Wing reruns on Bravo right now. We DVR and watch them when we have some down time. It may even be better the second time around, now that we have DVR and can keep rewinding to catch all the brilliant lines, which then work their way into our vernacular.

  20. I LOVE the reservation system at our library! It is perfect for those books that are never on the shelves because they are so popular. You may have to wait, but you get your name on the list and can pick it up when it's ready!

    I haven't watched lost in a couple years...My one show right now is Bones..

  21. I hope you were able to check off a lot on your list!

    I do like the online reservations at our library and don't use it enough anymore.

    I USED to be a Lostie. But Lost lost me. Totally. Hubs still watches it and last night I looked at the screen and didn't know ANY of the characters- it actually didn't even look like the same show!


  22. I wonder what a one year old sits down to think. My daughter does that, and I feel bad because I never want her to worry and to me it feels like she is worried. Or maybe I am wrong....lol. Kids grow up fast i tell you.

    How are you doing Stephanie? I bought your bloggertunity ebook, and it works like magic.


  23. We definitley reserve books at the library. I have been reading 1001 Children Books to Read Before Your 18. There is a lot of books I have never heard of or out of print. There are a couple of very cute girl books, Elsie Piddick Skips in Her Sleep and Mindy, Mady, Mod Stories come to mind. Have never watched Lost.

  24. i've put books on hold at the library. sometimes books you have recommended here on your site. :)

    and yes we too are "lostie's". we download it after the fact so we too can watch it at our own pace and be able to pause it when needed.

  25. I love hearing how library users use the library. Being a librarian it really helps to hear what people like and dislike. I love the hold system. I've put just maybe one or two books on hold for my daughter, what I often do is ask the children's librarians for advice on good books for her to read. They really know their stuff.

  26. I love to take my children to the library, we've never reserved books actually, that's a great idea though. Being a bookworm myself, I've been taking my oldest son to the library for the past 13 years, ever since he was a baby. As I've had more children, I don't find myself taking them to the library as often as I used to, I still love to go.

    My husband and I have honestly never watched Lost. I know there are tons of Lost fans, but we've just never watched it, to be honest we don't really watch too many shows, and we don't have cable or a dvr or anything, so we've been ordering older movies to watch in the evenings through our Blockbuster subscription.

  27. I love the library! It's like Barnes and Noble but everything's free. Currently I only have one book on hold for myself (The Help) but I'm #300 on the list so I'll be waiting a while. My son is 16 months old so he mostly just runs around while we're in the children's section but I'm hoping that just being around the books will encourage a love for reading.

  28. We really need to start going back to the library- I think the big girl would really get it now. Love the pics- esp the lil miss lounging:)
    We are crazy Losties- although it usually takes me a few days to finish the episode as I nod off nursing the babe in the recliner :)Yea for DVR. I love to watch every second- especially the written commentary.

  29. I always use the request system at the library... it is so simple and convenient!

    Nope, not LOST - actually I have never even seen 1 minute of it!

  30. I haven't reserved books at the library yet, but I do peruse them first while my son is looking around or playing in their play area. There are definitely ones that aren't so great in the stacks.

    We are HUGE Lost fans. It's also the only show we watch, and have watched since the first season. I really think it's the best show ever. The themes and philosophical mysteries are great. I like that I can think about that show all week.

  31. I have used the reserve system for my books, but I didn't think to do it with the kids for some reason... I can't count how many times I've picked up a book at the library only to be super disappointed when at home.

  32. We love the library here! Our library day, with storytime, is on Thursday mornings. We also have the same tea set, and we spend hours drinking tea, coffee, hot chocolate! And hubby and I watch LOST the day after it airs as well, for the same reason! :) Enjoy!

  33. We love going to the library so much fun! But I do agree with you on the books. LOST is also one of our favorite shows we don't have television so we bought the seasons at bookmans and have been watching them when we can. We are hooked!

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