I want my kids to be...ENTREPRENEURIAL

"Let's do that, okay?" is one of my 3-year-old's favorite phrases.

I want my kids to be...ENTREPRENEURIAL 1She comes up with grand dreams and schemes on a daily basis - some realistic, some not. And then says that little catch phrase.

She'll say, "Let's print out pictures and make grandparent cards. Let's do that, okay?"

And..."Let's wash the cars in the front yard. Let's do that, okay?"

And..."Let's go to Phoenix and Washington and Oregon and Disneyland and California tomorrow. Let's do that, okay?"

Her words are breathless and energy-filled and ready for action.

I want my kids to be...ENTREPRENEURIAL 2I love the way that she thinks...and I never want her to lose that. I want my kids to be innovative and creative - to be risk-takers and hard-workers and inventors.

I'm not sure if my kids will end up being 9-to-5ers in some big corporation or not (and, if so, that's fine by me...), but - in my heart of hearts - I secretly kind of hope not. I want them to have the skills and resources to be able to start their own businesses, create their own hours, and bring their brilliance to the world.

Because I want to teach those things...I strive to model them. I think up ways to grow my business. I work hard and stay up late...sometimes too late. I write down ideas in my notepad.

And...whenever my 3-year-old says, "Let's do that, okay?" ---> I try to almost always say, "Okay."

YOUR TURN: How do you teach your children about entrepreneurship and hard work?

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9 comments on “I want my kids to be...ENTREPRENEURIAL”

  1. I just have to say that every time you mention entrepreneurship I wonder about it. I have none of that tendency and I'm not even sure I have that desire...for myself.
    Hard-work, yes. We do a lot of that.

  2. When we were doing our family "hopes" for 2010, my 5 year old said that he wanted to start his own video game blog. We let him. He named it, picked out what he wanted on it. I'm so impressed with how he has made it his own. (Although, he is a tough "boss". I can't keep up with the videos!)

  3. I try to say "yes" as often as possible to Sugar's ideas. As she gets older I'm sure I'll be helping her set up lemonade stands and making fliers for dog-walking services. :) Right now I just try to include her as much as possible in my work - she always wants to help Mommy with the washer (laundry and dishes) and to vacuum, cook dinner, set the table... so I let her. It slows me down, but it is oh so worth it.

  4. I've always hoped my kids would be their own bosses. But I'll be happy as long as they are doing something that makes them happy.


  5. I'm with you. Every job I've had I've been fired from. It's really not something I want my boys to have to put up with. It's the American way (or at least it was) to pull ones self up by the bootstraps.

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