I want my kids to be...HAPPY

We are sitting at the kitchen table, eating turkey and cheese sandwiches on whole wheat bread...and crunching on plump, red grapes.

"Grapes make me smile," my 3-year-old suddenly announces quite matter-of-factly. And then she grins.

I laugh and look over at Tim, who is loading the dishwasher, to make sure that he heard it...and then I laugh some more. A happy, soulful kind of laugh. Because it is so very good to live here.

I want my kids to be...HAPPY 1You see, there are a lot of things that make us smile in our house. Eating noodles and ice cream and blueberries (not necessarily together, mind you). Riding bicycles. Making sticker cards and peanut butter balls. Reading books. Playing in the sandbox. Watching the rain pour down. Basking in the sun.

I want my kids to be...HAPPY 2When I say that I want my girls to be happy, I mean that I want them to be content - optimistic - grateful - able to see all the good in themselves and in the world. Some might prefer to call it joy, but I don't want to get caught up in semantics.

Stop for a minute and think about this. Is there anyone in your life that radiates peace and positivity, even in the midst of hardships? It's not a fake cheerfulness though or an obnoxious exuberance. It's this genuine light that just emanates from their soul...and wraps around everyone that they meet. I know people like that...and I want that for my kids.

I'm hoping that they choose happiness - today and every day. (Happiness is a choice, after all).

P.S. I'm working on this too, by the way. I'm striving to wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen...

YOUR TURN: How do you teach your children how to be happy/content?

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9 comments on “I want my kids to be...HAPPY”

  1. I believe it is very important to teach my child the difference between happiness and joy. Happiness can be fleeting but having the true joy that only comes from knowing God's peace is what will sustain her through life's trails.

  2. I love that you said they need to choose happiness. It really is up to the child to make that choice- just as we have to remind ourselves that only we can make ourselves happy.

  3. As everyone has echoed, happiness is a choice. And it is such a joy to see and know people who spread true happiness. A common saying in my house is, "Please choose a happy heart." I hear myself asking my daughter if she has a happy heart or not. We try to choose happy hearts as often as possible!

  4. Happiness is definitely a choice. I want to teach my children to be content but to reach to better themselves. I want to teach them that forgiveness, being understanding, extending grace to others - all those things are choices that lead to peace and "joy"- happiness. I want to teach them that no one else is responsible for their happiness - that is something that comes from inside of them. I want them to learn to be content and thankful with a "starter" car or a job that isn't exactly what they want or a house that needs some work - while at the same time letting them know that it's ok to reach for more - to reach for what is better, to find a better job (or better yet be successful working for themselves) to save for a better car to buy a better house - but not to be so consumed with what they want that they are unhappy with what they have.

  5. Yes, I know someone like that, YOU! My husband and I have been reading a book about finding joy in life and so many of the author's suggestions have been reminding me about you! I was going to write you an email about this very topic. :)

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