I'm Going to the Pampers Mommy Blogger Event!!!

I'm Going to the Pampers Mommy Blogger Event!!! 1

I'm going to Cincinnati, Ohio!!! All-expenses-paid!!!

I'm Going to the Pampers Mommy Blogger Event!!! 2I received an invitation last week to attend the Pampers Mommy Blogger Event at the end of July. I seriously started dancing around my living room in my pajamas when I opened my inbox and read it (but don't tell the Proctor & Gamble CEO - that might be kind of embarrassing). 

I'm Going to the Pampers Mommy Blogger Event!!! 3Here's the skinny: I'm flying in on July 28. When I arrive, I'll be whisked away to "take part in a private guided group tour of the Procter & Gamble corporate archives." Sounds glamorous, doesn't it? Wait, it gets better...

Then, it's off to a group dinner where I'll have "the chance to meet and interact with Pampers executives as well as 14 other mommy bloggers. The following day will be filled with exciting programs including presentations, group discussions, and exclusive tours."

I'm Going to the Pampers Mommy Blogger Event!!! 4The purpose of the event is for Pampers to have the opportunity to meet and interact with top mommy bloggers face-to-face to enrich their knowledge about Pampers' dedication to moms and babies around the world.

I am beyond excited and feel so privileged and humbled to be participating...and representing mommy bloggers at the event. 

So here's where you come in. What should I tell the Pampers and P & G execs about moms? Do you have any feedback about their products or their marketing campaigns that I should pass along...?

I'll keep you posted when I receive the agenda and, of course, I'll take lots of photos! Cincinnati, here I come!

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48 comments on “I'm Going to the Pampers Mommy Blogger Event!!!”

  1. How fun!!

    I will say from my Disney Mom Blogger Mixer experience, that they probably have in mind exactly what they want to tell you, but you will learn a lot, and probably one of the most thrilling parts will be mixing with the other bloggers.

    Have fun!

  2. I see these commercials about ~Package of Pampers= 1 vaccine~.

    Those are wonderful for all the third world countries and other's that need it, however, we have organizations here that offer diapers to families who can't afford it- does Pampers donate locally at all? Are they involved in community and local organizations that give to the needs of a US family who desperately need help. In these trying times, it's a necessity.

  3. I LOVE Pampers. I am a diehard Cruisers loyalist. I discovered them with my first baby (well, the Swaddlers first and then the Cruisers) and it was the ONLY diaper I found that didn't leak! So when I had my second I never even used a single free sample of any other brand, because I knew the Pampers were the best. Also, am a freak about their Gifts to Grow program. My cleaning lady thinks I'm a nut because I have empty wipes bags and tons of little stickers from the diaper packages stuck all over my house, waiting to be entered into the computer. I loved when they added the Shutterfly rewards, I used them immediately! I actually considered going to work for P&G out of college (I'm a Chemical Engineer) and have several friends that did.

    So tell them to keep making Pampers Cruisers, especially in the big size 7 which is hard to find because my boys are HUGE and I was using Cruisers for a long time, I didn't like pull-ups while potty training. My daycare liked the Cruisers too better than pullups because you don't have to pull off ALL their clothes and shoes when they have an accident.

  4. Congrats Stephanie! I hope you have a great time.

    I'm also a cloth diaper user but I do use Pampers or Luvs (also a P&G product) when the occasions arise when I need a paper diaper. I too would like to see Pampers produce a diaper similar to Seventh Generation which carries a Chlorine-free,
    Hypo-allergenic, and Fragrance- and latex-free diaper. Maybe they can also make a similar wipes product too!

    On another note I think it is great that Pampers is donating 1 tetanus vaccine per pack of diapers for women in the developing world.

  5. I love Pampers best. I wish they were more enviornmentally friendly though. I feel guilty some times for not using cloth for this reason.

  6. For some reson, I like Huggies diapesrsthe best for boys, but I love Pampers wipes (they seem a bit sturdier). However, I somethimes get Pamper diapers because they have more coupons/in-store discounts which is a GREAT marketing plan.

  7. We loved the swaddlers and switched to cruisers when my son grew out of the swaddlers. We had to stop using the cruisers because he kept getting rashes and I didn't like the "stuff" that seemed to come out from the diaper and end up on his skin. It looks like crystals or beads or something. What is that? : )

  8. I have two comments for Pampers:

    1. I religiously saved my "Gifts to Grow" points. Then when I went to redeem them before Christmas, I had to pay individual shipping for each item. It was outrageous! And now I doubt I'll ever redeem all those points I entered.

    2. We used Pampers all the way through with my daughter. With my son, every time we put on a Pampers, he gets a rash. Every time. Is there a scent in the diapers that is making him sensitive? We switched him to Huggies rather than fight the rash.

  9. How cool for you to get whisked away to Cincinnati! No real questions for the peeps at P&G, I just wanted to say HAVE FUN!!

  10. Very cool. My hospital gave us newborn pampers when both my children were born - however I couldn't keep using them at home because of the scent. I'm very, very sensitive to scented products and their scent is too tough for me to handle. So we use huggies on that fact alone. Most companies are moving toward unscented products these days, I wish Pampers would too!

    Also - I'm one of the moms that does all my diaper shopping online at diapers.com --- they sell Pampers there... but I wonder how Pampers is marketing themselves via these non-traditional outlets like amazon.com and diapers.com - if they aren't, they need to start! Have a great time!

  11. I love Pampers products - I really think the diapers fit little girls the best. But they don't carry them at my local Costco (we only have Huggies) and I want to buy them in bulk!

    I hope you have a great time!

  12. I am so happy for you! That is so exciting...Pampers are the only kind we will buy for Korbyn and they are doing the right thing. Getting in touch with the Mommy bloggers is the best way to spread the word about their products! We love that they are acknowledging us. How exciting for you. Hopefully they will have more and will get to invite many more of this great network of Mommy bloggers!
    Congrats! Shanda

  13. Hooray for you to be chosen for this event. You are a true momfluential. i love reading your blog and your insightful posts and well researched articles and topics. Already you've got excellent feedback from readers that will be cool to bring with you. I'd be interested to hear if they have any eco friendly diapers in the pipeline and what or why the dreft detergent is so great for babies - my daughter was fine with anything -but I am all DREFT now for the whole family as my son kyle is reacting to anythiing else with eczema all over hsi body! A long comment huh? sorry!

  14. Two things:

    1. They need better wipes. Huggies are way better.

    2. They need to make overnight diapers. So far I've only found that the Huggies brand makes these. My little guy sleeps 12-13 hours at night and needs maximum absorption at night.

    HAVE FUN!!!

  15. Ok.. here are my points for the day.

    #1: JEALOUS! How lucky and exciting for you... I'd be dancing around in my PJs too.. with random teenage kids :) I hope you have a blast, too bad it's not in Colorado, that would have been cool!

    #2: What would I like to say to Pampers? Hrm.. No idea actually. I'll have to think about that one!

  16. Hurray for you, Stephanie!!! What an honor - and, I might say, they could not have made a better choice! With your passion for moms, your great writing skill, and your giftedness at analyzing what is & dreaming what could be done better, you would be a great asset to any family-oriented company looking for input.

  17. That's amazing! Congratulations, you definitely deserve it. I'm actually a big fan of Pampers diapers. I find that they fit my baby (oops, I mean toddler) better than anything else. I also think the characters are cute! Perhaps a environmentally friendly version might be a good idea. They're also a little pricey. I hope you have a wonderful time at the event!

  18. First, I'd like to see them get rid of the licensed characters on their diapers. I'm all about simple and plain. Don't like elmo or big bird or disney, etc. And I second the environmentally friendly diaper comments. There need to be more eco-friendly choices out there that aren't bleached in chlorine. Have fun!

  19. Congratulations, Stephanie, on such a deserved honor. We are way past the diaper stage, but I have to echo what some others have commented: I never used Pampers because they were too strongly scented. We are a scent-free household, and never chose Pampers for that reason alone.

    Have a great trip!

  20. I'm going to echo others here and ask them what they are doing to make more environmentally friendly diapers. I don't use Pampers because they are not environmentally friendly. I am sure I am not alone in that.


  21. How exciting! Congrats!

    I agree: ask about any plans for making their products more environmentally safe.

    Also: Why do they keep raising their prices? There have been two price hikes since my son was born, and he's only 10 months old! I love Pampers, they are by far my favorite, but I don't always buy them because of the cost.

    Congrats again! So exciting!

  22. Honestly, before I had kids, I thought it was all a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, but once I became a mom, I realized it's true: Pampers are the only leak-proof diapers. For us, anyway. We rely on Pampers for diapers and pull-up diapers -- can't beat them -- especially when other diaper companies' prices keep slowly rising.

  23. Congrats - sounds awesome!

    I heart Pampers Cruisers (wish they were cheaper but don't see that coming out of your blogger meeting LOL). I agree with a previous commenter - Huggies wipes win hands down though.

  24. That's awesome! Here's something to tell P&G, I would love for them to make Dreft in high efficiency for my front loader washer. I loved Dreft with my first, but now we have a front loader and I can't use it anymore.

  25. Well it's a good thing they didn't invite my, oh so popular self ;), 'cause I would have had to turn them down. I really don't like their overscented diapers. Plus, I'm not name brand loyal. Whatever works well and fits our budget is what we buy. Right now we love Target brand diapers.

  26. Awesome! How cool, and yay for you, Stephanie! :)

    I used cloth diapers with my second, but disposables with my first child. Pampers were great, but we hardly ever got them, as they were among the most expensive brands. They also make Kandoo products, which we have found to be great!

    I would also ask about what (if any) steps they are taking to produce more environmentally sound products.

  27. how exciting! If I was going, I would ask what Pampers has in the pipes for more environmentally friendly diapers, considering the impact diapers have on our landfills.

    additionally, if they are planning on launching any other natural baby products.

    have fun, can't wait to hear all about it! Take good notes for the rest of us!

  28. pampers are the way to go only diapers and easy ups i use. they could make easy ups in bigger convienant boxes. (i have to buy the packs wich only come with 40) i'd like to buy bundles. they could make wasy ups with sides that go back together. my kids always rip there easy up, and then it's garbage, because there is no way to reattach it. it's wasteful. they could add more rewards to there gifts to grow program.

  29. That is so exciting and what an honor you were chosen! See the impact you make? I have to say, out of all of the diapers, I like Pampers the best! They wear the best and seem to fit so it would be more comfortable. My question I think you should ask is given the number of diapers going into a landfill every year and the fact they are not biodegradable, what is Pampers doing for developing a biodegradle diaper, that is affordable to ALL! They would corner the market and make a difference. There you go Stephanie!

  30. WooHoo! Congrats are definitely in order. Here's my question: Why don't they make their training diapers (Easy-Ups?) in smaller sizes? Our daughter has always been super-petite (she's 2 and wears pants sized 9 months) and it'd be nice to have this product available in a size that would fit her.


  31. Guess what? I got invited, too! Haven't decided on whether I'm going or not but it would be great to meet you in person!

  32. I like pampers but I always felt their diapers had too strong of a baby powder scent. Of course I am an unscented kind of gal.
    I hope you have fun, I have only been to chicago once for a day and it was great

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