It's My Birthday and I'll blog If I want to (or not...)

birthday-steph-3Actually, tomorrow is my birthday.

But I decided to nix my normal "themed weekend" fare in honor of the occasion.

In fact, I didn't blog at all yesterday (gasp!).






  • I took my daughter to the park and watched her laugh as she coaxed me to push her "super high" on the swings.
  • I went on walks in the Arizona sunshine (it was 75 degrees here today).
  • I spent some time reading your blogs.
  • I wrote down my goals.
  • I thought about what life will be like when baby #2 makes her debut in March.
  • I took this cheesy self-portrait.

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35 comments on “It's My Birthday and I'll blog If I want to (or not...)”

  1. You're a looker ;) Happy birthday and by the way I'm totally jealous about the 75 degree weather!!!


  2. Happy Birthday Stephanie!!! Your picture is super cute not cheesey at all. So sorry I am not good at keeping up with birthdays on my own.

  3. Just stopped by to wish you a Happy Birthday! I remembered we shared a birthday from a comment you left last year on my blog.

    Happy Birthday to US!

  4. Ahh now that sounds like a great day. I'm jealous of the 75 degrees because it's been way too cold here in IL.

    Hope your birthday is as special as you are!

    Oh and your picture is not cheesy, it turned out really pretty.

  5. Happy birthday! I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day!
    If jealousy could kill..... *man*, it was only 18 degrees here yesterday, and though I wanted to avoid outside, I couldn't. It was frigid!! What I wouldn't have given for 75 lovely degrees!

  6. Happy, Happy Birthday! Hope it was your best one yet! Sounds like you made it an awesome day!

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