Just Like Cinderella

Just Like Cinderella 1When I was about 14 years old, I came up with this idea to create a collage using cut-outs from magazines that would highlight all of the things that I wanted to do before I died. Some of the things were romantic (get kissed in the rain); others were tactile (touch a whale's tongue); still others were charitable (work in an orphanage). 

Ever since that time, I've done something similar every year...usually every six months. I write down my goals - the silly ones, the noble ones, the daring ones. And I'm always surprised and amazed when I look back and realize that so many of them come true.

I feel just like Cinderella. Except that my prince is handsomer and smarter (Seriously, why does Prince Charming need the shoe to determine if it's her or not?). Oh, and I most certainly do not have mice as friends.

Here are ten of the items on my current list:

  1. Go back to school and get my Ph.D.
  2. Write a best-selling book.
  3. Live in a community where I can walk to the grocery store or a farmer's market (...being within walking distance to a park, swimming pool, and cafe would be nice too).
  4. Run in a Disney-sponsored race (a 5K, 10K, or maybe a 1/2 marathon).
  5. Be involved in "nerdy" research projects that answer some of my most perplexing questions. Example: How exactly does TV affect infant/toddler development AND what "type" of TV (educational, animated, background, etc.) is the best/worst for kids?.
  6. Consult with shopping centers, hotels, amusement parks, libraries, etc. about how to best reach out to families.
  7. Hire a talented photographer to follow around my family for a whole day...every six months.
  8. Master shooting a gun with greater accuracy and confidence.
  9. Take a dance class again - preferably jazz or hip-hop.
  10. "Shadow" a fantastic cook (not necessarily someone who is a chef by trade) who cooks healthfully/organically.
Most importantly, I am always working at being an amazing wife and mother. Those two things always top my list.  

YOUR TURN: Do you write down your goals? What's on your list of things to do before you die?

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4 comments on “Just Like Cinderella”

  1. I haven't written down my goals for a while. Right now I think the one that is forefront in my mind is publishing a novel. But first I have to write one. :)

  2. What a neat idea... I do this at the beginning of the year, but I should do it throughout the year with short term and long term goals.

    I love how your goals are well thought out ones and ones that can really change the world!

  3. cool list. i do something similar but mostly in my head or in conversation with my husband. On the top of my list of things still to do is: take 6 months to travel the world with the whole family making it as educational and fun as possible. Oh and start planning now so that we are financially ready when the kids are in their teens.

  4. #8 and #10 are my faves. Before Levi was born I enjoyed target practicing, but I haven't done it since. And, sign me up for following a fantastic cook around. I love to cook, but could use some tips.

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