Meal Planning System Review: Lily on the Fly

Meal Planning System Review: Lily on the Fly 1It seems that there is no one cookbook or meal planning system that is the end-all solution to the "What should we make for dinner?" question. There are bound to be recipes in each that take too long to prepare or that involve ingredients that are not readily available or that just don't look appetizing. That's why it helps to have several different systems and cookbooks to draw upon when you're lacking inspiration.

Lily on the Fly: Hearty Meals for Hungry Families is one such system. Essentially, it's a "deck" of color-coded cards that feature main dishes, side dishes, and desserts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The system also comes with a 7-slot magnetic card holder that you can stick on your refrigerator for easy access to the next 7 meals on your list.

The cards are cute, colorful, and very handy. Each card features the recipe and a photo of the completed dish on one side - and a convenient shopping list of ingredients on the back side. The ingredients are divided by "section" (i.e. produce, frozen, meat/poultry, etc.) of the grocery store to make your trip even less stressful. Plus, each card features helpful tips and potential side dishes or accompanying drinks/desserts.

Some of the recipes (Southwestern Black Bean Soup, Black Forest Cheesecake, Western Taco Salad) were delicious and easy-to-prepare. Some of the recipes were decent (Cheesy Potato Soup and Lisa's Toffee Graham Treats). And, of course, there were a few (Bar-B-Que Rib Packets) that we didn't like. Of course, you're palate might tell you otherwise, but that's the beauty of having multiple systems. You're sure to find something that looks good to YOU.

Overall, the Lily on the Fly system offered recipes that were fast, family-friendly, and extremely easy to make. Many of the recipes allow you to prepare part of the meal the night before or, better yet, were siMeal Planning System Review: Lily on the Fly 2mple "throw all of the ingredients in a Crock Pot" recipes.

Plus, Lily on the Fly just introduced a new product last week - blank cards so that you can personalize the system and add your favorite recipes!

P.S. Lily on the Fly, it would be great if you introduced "add-on" kits in categories like "vegetarian" or "healthy/organic" to cater to different families dietary preferences...and it would be awesome if the cards could fit into a standard recipe box! Thanks for creating such a fun system!

WIN IT! One winner will receive the Lily on the Fly Starter Kit. To enter, browse the Lily on the Fly website. Come back here and tell me the 3 'on the fly' steps to using Lily On the Fly prior to Thursday, Jan. 31, at midnight. The winner will be contacted and announced on Friday, Feb. 1. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

* UPDATE * The winner is #1 Shelly. Congratulations!

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90 comments on “Meal Planning System Review: Lily on the Fly”

  1. You need to plan on the fly, cook on the fly and shop on the fly - and I sure could use some help organizing myself enough to achieve this!

  2. I simply utilize the meals complete within fifteen minutes know what I need keep book in the car then its possible to plan, shop and cook on the fly of a minute because when in drive through windows Its a blessing for reading and simple planning sarah woods [email protected]

  3. 1-Plan on the Fly; 2-Shop on the Fly; 3-Cook on the Fly. Thanks for the offer; it sounds like a great system!

  4. Since I'm not in the US I can't win but thanks for the heads up on that cookbook. Sounds cool! You always find the neatest stuff!

    Oh by the way...I'm back in the blogosphere!

  5. Plan on the fly, shop on the fly, cook on the fly, wow, this would really come in handy! It would be great to have the plan & shop in my purse or the glovebox for the quick grocery store stops!

  6. Plan on the fly, shop on the fly, and cook on the fly! I have been searching for something like this but could never find anything. I pondered briefly about making such a system on my own before realizing that would never happen. Thanks for the giveaway!

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