mini gift guide :: foodie

Know a foodie? Here are eight gift ideas to consider:

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Do you enjoy eating and creating good food? If so, what kind of food-related gifts would you want to receive?

*** Every week or so, I feature creative gift ideas in specific categories. Let me know if you are having trouble finding a gift for someone in your life (example: Nurse, 16-year-old, Boss, etc) and I’ll publish a list with you in mind.

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9 comments on “mini gift guide :: foodie”

  1. When I make out Christmas or birthday lists for myself, things for my kitchen are ALWAYS at the top! I still haven't seen/read Food Inc but I need to. Have you? Did you read the book or watch the documentary?

  2. There are so many definitions of foodie out there. And always someone more "obsessed" than me... :)
    I would LOVE some high quality stainless steel pans (like All Clad) that are also oven safe. Right now we use cast iron exclusively, but I would introduce the steel into my life without question (I think). Besides, that's what Ina Garten uses!

  3. I would probably consider myself a foodie - and funny enough, I have most of those items in your list because they are pretty darn great. Stainless straws are probably my favorite...we use them constantly and they are worth every penny :)

  4. I love kitchen shears too! Can't cook without them.

    What I really want is a big pizza stone. I have a small square stone pan from Pampered Chef, and the crust turns out perfectly every time, but it makes such a small pizza I always have to split the dough in half and make another pizza in another pan, and that one is never as tasty as the other.

  5. I LOVE my kitchen shears - I use them for everything. Definitely a good gift idea! I'm coveting those mixing bowls... but I do love my cobalt blue ceramic ones - they are just heavy!

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