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17 comments on “Ponytails”

  1. My little one let me put a ponytail in once....she's almost 3. Hates it....you are lucky! How did I end up with a girl who doesn't like ponytails? :-)

  2. Very, very cute. I put a ponytail in my babies hair today for the first time too! How funny.

  3. Whenever you post photos of your adorable little girls it makes me miss when my daughter was a little girl..she is 10 now and entering those crazy tween years... I have little ones but they are all boys and it is so different...fun, but different!

    Hug those little girls and enjoy them now...they grow so fast! Love those ponytails.

  4. Good Morning,
    Just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy ready your blogs. Great start to my morning. I always look forward to reading your e-mails. You are such a positive Mom/wife/woman.
    Love seeing pics of you and your beautiful family.
    Your e-mails are always so uplifting.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Cathy (age 53, a grandmother now raising her 18 month old grandson and loving it.)
    from Central Florida

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