rumble, rumble - I hear it now

rumble, rumble - I hear it now 1Stretch. Blink. Stretch.

I'm bleary-eyed from writing e-mails and sponsorship pitches (gotta fund this trip somehow, you know).

Tim took the girls up Mt. Lemmon to play in the snow and eat warm cookies. They probably went hiking too. And I'm sure everyone oohed and ahhed at the handsome guy with the two blonde-headed beauties.

I feel a little sad that I'm missing out, but I also know that a little daddy-daughters playtime was sorely needed.  (Tim's been working like crazy - showing the house, fixing this, figuring out much that I don't even understand).

They're probably going to drive up any minute. I'll hear the rumbling of our diesel truck and I'll run out to greet them, scooping them up in my arms. They'll tell me stories and I'll breathe it all in. And, even though I have way more to do on my laptop, I'll close it until after bedtime.

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