She poses

Yesterday, I asked if I could take her picture.

Generally, she's not a huge fan of pictures (Unless I'm taking other kids pictures. Then, she wants in immediately).

So, I say, "I'll give you a gummy bunny from Trader Joe's."

She agrees and comes up with this pose:

She poses 1

ME: "Why don't we try having you put your hands on your hips?"

She poses 2

ME: "Now, look straight ahead."

She poses 3

HER: "Can we do a craft now?"

She poses 4

ME: "Okay. Done."

She poses 5

ME: "You are so beautiful."

{I think I like her first pose best}.

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14 comments on “She poses”

  1. Sugar loves to have her picture taken and then she runs to the camera so that she can see it too - picture taking sessions can take a long time around here :)

  2. She is beautiful! I have the opposite problem. When I pull out the camera, Levi comes running. "Take a picture! Take a picture!!" Then he gets super duper close to the camera. I have to shoot fast before he gets his nose on the lens.

  3. Taylor is a total posey-posey girl. She can't smile for reals for a picture because she's concentrating so hard on making a cute/sassy/demure/whatever pose she's going for. Some days it's cute, and some days I wish I could take a picture of her looking like she normally does... :)

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