SLY Awards

SLY Awards 1

Introducing...The SLY Awards, a special feature at Metropolitan Mama.

SHORT FOR: Somebody Loves You…or, alternatively, Stephanie Loves You

PURPOSE: to honor and celebrate everyday people who are doing good things in the world.

HOW IT WORKS: Every week or two, I feature one person [or one non-profit organization] who is an inspiration to others – someone [or some group] who infuses creativity, compassion, and cheer into the local and/or global community.

PRIZES FOR THE SLY WINNER: The SLY Award winner receives 1-2 products/gifts from sponsoring companies that uniquely fit his or her personality or interests. I also give my audience an opportunity to win those same products!

CRITERIA: People who demonstrate goodness, kindness, thoughtfulness, and diligence…in the everyday (even if that everyday consists of blowing noses or singing silly songs or crafting blog posts).

NOMINATIONS: I am not accepting nominations at this time. The SLY Award winners are all people that I love, admire, or esteem (hence, SLY: Stephanie Loves You). That said, I may open it up in the future for your ideas and submissions.

Congrats in advance to all the recipients of the SLY Awards!


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