something Wonderful is about to happen

something Wonderful is about to happen 1My first thought when I woke up this morning was a quote that I came across on Etsy a while back: "Wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen."

I like the breathless optimism of that statement. That's a fine way of looking at life.

something Wonderful is about to happen 2My next thought was how beautiful my baby is. She was lying next to me, her arms above her head, her blonde little ringlets a bit moist from laying just so. "I'm going to miss this someday."

And then we did a lot of wonderful somethings.

We went swinging and sliding at the park.

We made peanut butter balls and a card for my husband's grandpa's 90th birthday party tomorrow.

We read books. Lots and lots of books.

And we ate snacks.

Smiley-faced snacks made out of:

  • bananas for hair
  • raspberries for eyes
  • Dove milk chocolates with peanut butter for the noseĀ (they're smooth and rich and good...but I still prefer dark chocolate), and...
  • string cheese for the mouth

something Wonderful is about to happen 3

Yesterday, I put one of those Dove chocolates on my daughter's salad plate at lunch time. After eating, she announced, "I like chocolate better than salad." Duly noted.

YOUR TURN: What snacks do you give to your kids? Do you like milk or dark chocolate better?


***I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of DOVE and received samples of DOVE Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter products and a gift certificate to facilitate my review.

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23 comments on “something Wonderful is about to happen”

  1. Lots of fruits and yogurt. It's been hard to find any sort of chocolate that my oldest daughter can have with her food allergies - so if we do have anything chocolate it's been baked at home with cocoa, or is plain chocolate flavored ice cream.

  2. We have a table off to the side that is perfect height for the toddlers and not too far for me to lean down. So I put crackers, peanut butter and jelly there and I help them make their own peanut butter and jelly crackers.

    They love it. Then we do pieces of banana or whatever fruit was on sale at Sprouts.

    We had mango the other day.. wow did they LOVE that!

  3. Dark chocolate all the way. My husband's a while chocolate guy, and I just can't get on board with's not really even chocolate!

    My son has been loving apples & pears, cheese sticks, yogurt, and cold peas(!) for snacks lately.

  4. Dark Chocolate all the way. Though I'll eat any chocolate offered.

    My girls love dried fruits for snacks. They really like Just Tomatoes Fruit salad.

  5. Our sittle guys usually gets fruit for a snack, but he also loves sharing string cheese with his daddy, and he like cheerios and baby gold fish crackers... and EVERYTHING else we could ever put in front of him. I definately prefer dark chocolate to milk.

  6. I love dark choc. My daughter loves any choc. She eats raisins, apple sauce, yogert, fruit cups, graham crackers, animal crackers, goldfish. Once in a while something sweet or chocolate.

  7. We have cheese for a snack pretty often, we also like fruit, crackers and cookies. I've got to work on making sure we have some healthier snack options around!

    Oh and dark chocolate is my favorite! But I've never been known to turn down chocolate of any flavor :)

  8. My daughter will snack on anything. Her favorite (right now) is avacado. I can't think of anything better than a bit of a perfectly ripe, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth avacado. Yum! My son on the other hand, prefers sweets. A handful of chocolate chips or nuts.

    Chocolate is chocolate...but I love the dark!

  9. Growing up, milk chocolate ruled. Now, I occasionally tuck a bit of dark chocolate in the cheek and slowly suck on it. It's been a learning-to-savor process/lesson.
    After reading The Daylight Diet, we don't snack anymore....not even the dc.

  10. I like dark better. In fact, that sounds REALLY good right now. Might need to make a Trader Joe's run soon! :)
    Right now... I just try to get my kid to eat anything. He is all of a sudden an incredibly picky eater. It happened overnight and for no apparent reason. He LOVES fruit, so we eat a lot of that. Crackers, hummus, cheese... those are all good options. I just made blueberry bran muffins last night and he loves those. But that's about it. No veggies, no meat. Alas. I keep telling myself, "this, too, shall pass."

  11. My kids eat a lot of oranges these days, which seems random to me because I'm not much of an orange person! Other common snacks include graham crackers, cheese, peanut butter toast, and apples. They don't eat much chocolate, though the big girl has recently acquired a taste for hot cocoa in the mornings (in the same mug as my coffee is in, of course).
    I love your smiley face snack! :)

  12. My LO isn't old enough for snacks yet, but my goal for the future is to give him healthy snacks. He likes healthy foods now (avocado is his favorite) so hopefully that will continue into the snack world.

    I love milk chocolate, but I had to go off dairy 8 months ago because my LO is sensitive to it so I'm acquiring a taste for dark chocolate.

  13. Levi pretty much eats fruit for breakfast, lunch, supper, and snacks. That and oatmeal. He's an oddball over food.
    As far as chocolate....dark chocolate is the best!!

  14. Mmm, dark chocolate is definitely my favorite, but I still enjoy milk chocolate. My mouth is watering now...

    For snacks we'll do things like crackers and raisins, fruit, string cheese, or ants on a log. It depends on the day, our mood, and what we have. Occasionally in the spring or summer we'll have a popsicle!

  15. I prefer milk chocolate, I just don't care for the bitterness of dark chocolate.

    Lily doesn't eat a lot of snacks yet but she has a banana or two for lunch everyday and loves it. I do give her these organic baby puffs and Baby Mum Mum's for snacks or to keep her occupied when she's on my back in the Ergo and I need to do dishes or vacuum. :)

  16. My kids LOVE fruit so I try to keep as much as possible for healthy snacks. I also keep sugar snap peas and baby carrots. I LOVE dark chocolate!!

  17. My little one isn't old enough for snacks yet, but I always try to keep apples, bananas, different kinds of nuts, raisins and some healthy granola bars around for my husband and I to snack on if we need to snack. Dark chocolate is my favorite!

  18. We, too, have varied snacks around our place, though we get the scrunched up nose when veggies are offered for a snack. The stuff I typically try to have on hand are homemade dehydrated fruits (dried bananas never seem to make it more than a few days before they are chomped down), cheese sticks with or without a slice of turkey wrapped around them, fresh fruits (apples with PB is a fav), homemade jerky, almonds, cashews, pistachios, grapes, or any fruit on sale! Don't get me wrong though - they love the fishy and animal crackers as well as the sugar free popsicles any chance they can! As for candy or chocolate, we really don't have much of it around. I only buy it around holidays, as it is way too tempting for ME if it is in the house! But if I had to choose milk vs. dark... MILK ALL THE WAY! Nothing beats a good milk chocolate toblerone! Of course you had to write a post about chocolate when I am in the middle of week 2 of a kick me in the pants diet where sugar is absolutely forbidden. :)

  19. Oh I love your cute little snack! I need to try and remember to do that for my daughter. We actually don't often eat snacks at our house as it fills us up rather than a meal does. I am sure this summer (when we play outside more), she will want and need a snack more often again.

  20. I'm a milk chocolate kind of a girl..and my kids (the 3 who have black holes for digestive systems) will each every single snack I buy before I even get them out of the grocery bags (I know good and well it's the only reason they help me carry in the groceries get first dibs) so I've now come up with a system ..I have 3 old leftover lunch boxes and when I get in form the store I fill each one up equally with whatever snacks (non perishable sp?) that I've bought and each kid gets a box ..and when their box is empty they're s.o.l no more snacks until I got back to store! So far the record for the snacks lasting is 3 days..I told you they were black hole! As far as sweet snacks I try to buy sweet snacks that you have to bake (like brownies or cakes)..that way theres more thought put into do we all need this and not alot of junk food grabbing.

  21. I am watching Food Revolution with Jamie Oliver right now and I am just amazed and appalled at what I am watching. I am thankful that you are feeding your family well, and setting a great example. I realize how fortunate we are to live where we do with heaps of fresh veggies and fruits and that my kids are willing to eat them! Snacks in our house vary. Both kiddos love crackers and cheese, but they also love peas, kidney beans, snap peas, and carrots for snacks.

    Your smiley face lunch plate is very fun. And you have one smart girl...chocolate is better than salad (sometimes). With an Austrian husband who is a self-proclaimed 'chocolate snob' we often have heaps of chocolate in the house, but it is the 'good stuff'. No Hershey's for him. Our 3 year old only gets chocolate from him, and our 17 month old has yet to have any - but he eats bananas like they are going out of production. I like both milk and dark, but prefer dark chocolate with a nice glass of wine.

  22. Snacks vary in our house! I try to keep fruits and veggies on hand, but the kids want their crackers and sweets occasionally too.

    As for chocolate, I prefer milk chocolate, but Dark is starting to grow on me.

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