Summer Fashion: Cake Lingerie

There used to be a day when nursing bras were boring. Beige and white were the only color options available. If you were lucky, you *might* find a black bra at a specialty boutique. The sizes were wonky, the fits were all wrong, and they certainly weren't alluring.

Summer Fashion: Cake Lingerie 1Fortunately, we live in a brave new world. Designers have stepped up and created beautiful lingerie options for new mums.

Case-in-point: Cake Lingerie. The Sydney-based company was established in 2008 by a new mother who found herself disenchanted by the underwear options for nursing mothers.

If you're a pregnant or nursing mom, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the options: frills, lace, polka dots, pink, red, blue, black, cream, more.

Beside bras and panties, you'll find gowns, robes, and camisoles. Prices for all pieces start at $29.90 on up.

Summer Fashion: Cake Lingerie 2

If you would like to stay connected w/ the brand, I suggest that you:

Like Cake Lingerie on Facebook or Follow Cake Lingerie on Twitter.

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Plum Pudding Set ($87.80; pictured above). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Saturday, July 17th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Cake Lingerie sent me a sample for review purposes and is also providing 1 lingerie set for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #61 The Jacobsen Family. Congratulations!

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91 comments on “Summer Fashion: Cake Lingerie”

  1. Like many of the other comments, I think my husband would be just as greatful as me if I won an attractive nursing bra! Maybe seeing myself in something other than big sports-style Medela bras would do something for my libido as well...

  2. I love their products especially the Blueberry Torte set...I am expecting my first this winter & I would love to own anything from Cake Lingerie, its all so sweet, feminine & sexy.

  3. that is amazing that maternity under things can be sexy! after 4 pregnancies worth of grannie undies, these would be great during my 5th. i'm sure my hubby would agree :)

  4. This is so beautiful, feminine and sexy. My best friend is expecting her first child and I would love to give her this as a gift cause she is always looking for the perfect bra.

    [email protected]

  5. I'm pregnant with our first and am tired of wearing frumpy undies. Who knew they made sexy maternity stuff!

  6. I'd love to win this! All other maternity lingerie is so drab and bland. This stuff is really cute.

  7. Who knew there were actually sexy bras for mothers who are breast feeding. Total win! I hate plain bras, so this would be awesome.

  8. For the past 4 years, I have been either pregnant or breast feeding. My bra's are so boring!! I don't know what happened, I use to have such cute and flattering bra's. Will be nursing my 4th baby soon, so this would really be great to win!

  9. Wow, this is gorgeous! This would make me feel so sexy and I know my husband would love it, thanks!

  10. It's amazing and pretty marvelous to own sexy lingerie while you're pregnant. Women need to feel beautiful all the time. We go through so much.


  11. Beautiful set, I just found out that we're pregnant and would love to continue to feel sexy for my husband even after my waist vanishes!

  12. What a beautiful set! There's been talk that a second baby is in our very near future and I'm sure that after the practical options I went with during my first pregnancy/post baby that my husband would very much appreciate this!
    I think it would be awesome if stores started stocking "mama lingerie" so you could find it somewhere other than the internet (and try it on)!

  13. I'm so happy that they are finally making cute nursing bras. I was just telling my friend today how tired I am of my plain boring nursing bras.

  14. This is the cutest nursing bra I have ever seen. I am feeling very ashamed in my boring white gigantic bra right now!

  15. It's nice to see that companies are starting to realize just because your pregnant or a bigger girl that your can't feel sexy and are starting to make some awesome stuff for us!

  16. I have added them to my favorites, so pretty, sexy and even in larger sizes for us bustier woman! YAHOO! I hate nude or white nursing wear. Who's husband would like this though ;)

  17. i think it is probably time i got measured for a new bra. i've uh been wearing nursing tanks every day for the past two years. sad i know, but comfy!

  18. Wow...these are a lot more exciting than the boring nursing bras that I am currently wearing! What a great giveaway!

  19. this set is really pretty... i have been looking for some cute, comfortable, and affordable nursing bras that come in my size. this one does, yay! i am a little nervous about ordering a nursing bra online without trying it on first, so i haven't bought any of the ones i've seen. what better way to try one out than to win one? currently i am wearing boring white, but would love to "spice" it up since i know i'll be wearing a nursing bra for quite some time. thanks for the chance to win : )

  20. I love companies that target the market for us nursing and pregnant women. I usually dont find good bras for nursing mothers that actually are functional and look this great.

  21. As a nursing mom, I love my comfy Bravado bras, but they're not always the sexiest thing out there. (Though they are tons better than some of the other stuff I've seen.) I miss having cute undies and would love to try these.

  22. Jenny N. My husband LOVES my pregnant body, too. Yep. Ha!
    Since I am a nursing mom, who is also newly pregnant, these will fit the bill!

  23. hey steph!!! its been a long time!

    I jsut found out im pregnant again! so im totally catching up to you, lol.

    I figured i could start entering for the maternity stuff again :)

    1. Hi Jen! So happy to hear from you...and congrats on baby #2! How far apart in age will your two be?

  24. You don't need to enter me for this more babies here, but this set is so cute. I really think God gives husbands special hearts and eyes for their pregnant wives. I hear it so often, and have heard it from my own, that they LOVE how their gals look when pregnant. How much better to feel beautiful and sexy underneath, rather than have to wear the 'typical' maternity undergarments. Great picks Stephanie!

  25. So pretty. It makes so much sense for new mommas to have pretty things during this wonderful time! Thanks for the info.

  26. Ha! I just pulled out my old nursing bras from storage and my heart sank. I remember wearing them and feeling so frumpy. These would be so nice for this next baby.

  27. These are definitely cuter than anything in my nursing rotation right now! I love the idea that you could still look cute while nursing...what a crazy concept, right?! =)

  28. I am expecting #2 in January so this little set would be perfect to own! Its so beautiful and feminine! I love it!

  29. Oh.My.Goodness. This is the prettiest nursing lingerie I've ever seen! I'm due in September and don't have any nursing bras yet, and these are just gorgeous. I'm also in love with the Meringue Bra.

  30. I went to their site and was disappointed that they don't make A cup nursing bras. I'm used to it though. Once my baby is born though, I will wear a B cup for a little while so I still look forward to a chance to win.

  31. Don't have to worry about looking frumpy in these! I'll be staring your posts so I can do research has I get further along as to what to buy!

  32. man oh man, why did I not think of this? I actually wear what looks like moo-moos to sleep in and my undergarmets, well, they look like typical maternity items- gross and boring! I am so glad you told me about cake lingerie! There is still hope! heehee!

  33. I thought I would be off of nursing by now (6 months)... but since Kenzie does not want to take bottles while I'm at work.. she gorges herself when I get home! I have tried Medela nursing bras as well as the target ones & they just don't fit correctly. I have gaps in the Target ones and the Medela ones look all lumpy with the breast pads. The Plum Pudding set is so gorgeous - would love to win it

  34. I think I live under a rock! I have never heard of this company and I didn't know that Pretty nursing bras existed.

    Thanks, Stephanie, I'm off to browse, and probably buy one. I deserve a nice new bra!

  35. I wish I knew about this when I was pregnant! It was so hard to feel sexy and attractive when I was as big as house AND wearing ugly maternity underwear and bras! What a nice gift this would make for one of my pregnant friends!

  36. YES! Our society certainly does not support a "culture of breastfeeding" with the fashions they often put out - it's nice to see some fun stuff for mamas! :)

  37. I'm currently 37 weeks with our first and have been lamenting to my husband about all the "granny" nursing bra options that are out there. (He's not a fan either hehe.) These would be awesome to try.

  38. Those are really pretty. I love that there's more than "white" "nude" or "black." Variety IS the spice of life!!

  39. I've almost given up on finding a cute nursing bra -- or even a nursing bra that I like very much! I think it may even be more difficult than finding a cute pair of jeans!!!

  40. Ooh La la! I would love to win this for my prego sister. She is pregnant with her first child.

  41. Oh my gosh. These are beautiful! I'm due in a few weeks and have been looking forward to bf my baby but am dreading the nursing bras!! Im gonna go check out their site right now and see what else they have!

  42. This looks too pretty to be a nursing bra! I love it, would love to have some other options in my drawer, my nursing camis are starting to bore me!

  43. Bras, especially nursing bras, are not something to skimp on when it comes to cost. I'm finding this out the hard way... I have been looking for a great nursing bra to replace my "poor-excuse-of-a-nursing-bra" collection. How awesome is this giveaway!?

  44. We just had our 6th baby and believe it or not, I am successfully breastfeeding for the first time and am very very happy about it. Winning this would be a great reward!

  45. I'd like to say I'm entering for myself but I think I'm really entering for my husband for the next time I'm pregnant. Ha! My husband is extra attracted to me when I'm pregnant. Does that happen to any one else?

  46. The Cake Lingerie website is beautiful. My favorite is the Strawberry Shortcake collection. the French knickers are adorable.

  47. Wow, I could really see myself feeling sexy in one of these :) I think it's so nice that women are being appreciated in all stages nowadays and pregnancy does not have to be all about getting ready for the new baby but also appreciating the mom.

  48. What great timing for me! I am overdue right now, and will be needing some new nursing bras soon. The ones I have are plain and, quite frankly, ugly. I am excited that there are some out there that look good and are comfortable too! YAY!

  49. Holy Giveaway day - glad I checked my reader. This stuff is so cute! My husband would LOVE to see me in something like this instead of the comfy cotton granny panties I have been sporting lately. I am not sure he will survive another 5 months of them. :)

  50. I agree! I will be nursing soon (in about 2 1/2 months) and don't want to wear the old lady nursing bras I had for my first. They were awful and made you feel awful!

  51. I have been leary to order the "cute" nursing bras because I fear they won't be as comfortable as others but I trust your judgement if you say they're nice - as I ordered a Melinda G one off your recommendation and love it!

    autumn398 @

    1. My Melinda G and Bravado bras are definitely the ones that I reach for when it comes to daily wear. This Cake set is BEAUTIFUL and supportive, but not as "comfy" as the others. I reserve my Plum Pudding bra more for special nights with my husband and/or for when I want to feel especially chic (yes, undergarments do make a difference in how I feel even if no one can see them). ;)

  52. Oh My good gracious I hope I win this one! Nursing bras are sooo unattractive. How awesome that they figured that out and created something flattering. I rarely win but I hoping this time I'm lucky and my number comes up! : )

  53. Oh my goodness, these are actually really cute! I'm expecting for the first time... so all of this is totally new to me. Good to know there are pretty options out there!

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