ta-da - (my new haircut)

ta-da - (my new haircut) 1

ta-da - (my new haircut) 2

My little sister has her cosmetology license (and a brand new 5-week-old handsome baby boy with red hair).

I held him while she gave me a cut with layers. I think it's safe to say that I'm ready to have another baby (so sweet!).

Thank you, Kathryn! I totally love my new 'do...and I love you too.

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38 comments on “ta-da - (my new haircut)”

  1. That is some serious look! You look hip definitely...still rocking like a single lady...I bet Tim is keeping his eye closely on ya when y'all go out.

    1. Thanks for asking, Marina! I took that page down when we redesigned the site because we were planning to redesign the buttons too. Unfortunately, we haven't gotten that far. I'll go ahead and put the page up again in the meantime. ;)

  2. Super cute! Love your curls. Nice work Kathryn...I'm curious about the lipstick too, is it CoverGirl’s Outlast? I still haven't found a color of theirs that is right for me.

  3. Love it! Aren't you amazing at how much more curly your hair is just after a hair cut? Love the layers and it is still long. Your sister did a great job! Praying you find renters for your house!

    1. Tim showed the house to a WONDERFUL potential renter today - I hope she calls back and wants to move ahead. We're praying like crazy!

  4. Steph, I really love your lipstick in these pics. What brand is it? I'm curious. I forgot to ask you about it when you were over. But I noticed it looked great on you and I want to try it! Also it was fun cutting your hair and chatting. I'm glad you like your new "do"! And I love you too. Thanks for holding the babe:)

  5. It's beautiful!!! I love the curls and how defined they are. My curls never look that good. Maybe I need your sister to come do my hair too. I'm glad you got to cuddle the new babe too.

  6. You look beautiful! I love the haircut and congratulations on your new nephew! So glad you went for the layers :)

  7. You get great self-portraits! My blog is seriously lacking in pictures of me....I am going to have to work on that! Love the hair. Isn't it funny how something as simple as a hair cut can make us feel so wonderful?!

  8. Beautiful! Does she work out of a shop?
    Isn't a fresh haircut so... refreshing and almost inspiring? That's weird... but I love a good fresh haircut - even a trim!
    PS love your shades too :)

    1. She used to work at a shop, but she now stays home with her baby boy. Her dream is to run a shop out of her house someday.

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