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Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts for 1-Year-Olds

This is the truth about Christmas with a 1-year-old: One-year-olds love the great wide world and are awed by simple joys. Feel free to wrap up a stick, a water bottle, or a roll of tape. Better yet - give them something that they are not allowed to have (car keys, iPhones, pencils, permanent markers, […]

Christmas Gift Guide 2017

A year seemed like an eternity when I was a child. Now, a year seems like a blink - faster than a blink. We were just nibbling on warm cinnamon rolls, trimming the tree, reading books around a blazing fireplace, and singing carols with joyful expectancy - and here we are again! I can't say […]

Best Stocking Stuffers for Adults 2016

Filling up and displaying stocking stuffers is one of my favorite Christmas "chores." I love the challenge of finding FUNctional "miniature" things for everyone on my list. Below you will find my top picks for the best stocking stuffers for adults in 2016. Book Darts I've been using these miniature metal darts to mark favorite sentences […]

Best Stocking Stuffers for Kids 2016

Stockings have always been among my favorite Christmas traditions. I especially love filling them for my kids because it's exciting to search for "little" things that they will love and use throughout the year. Below you will find my top picks for the best stocking stuffers for kids in 2016. A Little Princess Don't forget books […]

Christmas Gift Guide 2016: Gifts for Readers

If you have a bookish guy or girl on your list, I cordially invite you to scroll through these fresh literary finds. As a voracious reader myself (I strive to read at least 100 books per year in a variety of genres), I can assure you that I would be delighted to receive any of […]

Christmas Gift Guide 2016: Gifts for Babies

If you've ever had or known baby, you know that they are the most grateful of recipients. They will smile broadly at a square cardboard box, a textured stick, or crinkly wrapping paper. So much joy is to be found in the simple things. That being said, if you still have the desire to pick up […]

Christmas Gift Guide 2016: Gifts For A Family

Are you searching for a gift for one WHOLE FAMILY instead of an individual? This can by a great way to go with extended families since purchasing for each person can quickly become cumbersome and expensive. That's why we've put together a list of fabulous gift picks that the whole family will appreciate. Fluted Mugs & […]

Christmas Gift Guide 2016: Gifts for Women

Shopping for women is actually pretty simple. Undecided or uncertain? Go with a box of premium chocolates, a hardcover book in her favorite genre, a new pair of shoes, or one of the below ideas. Casey Clutch by Herschel Supply Co Every woman can appreciate a well-made and handsome leather clutch. The Casey Clutch, in a […]

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