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I love giving gifts all throughout the year. It's a thrill to brainstorm gift ideas for family & friends (I have a running list)...and then to figure out ways to surprise people with the things they want/need the most. I like receiving gifts too, but that's not as important. In fact, I wouldn't mind at […]

10 MORE Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Young Children

Here are 10 MORE super fun stocking stuffer ideas for small children. ***Scroll down to add your own ideas so we can put together a comprehensive list.*** Stretch Island Fruit Leathers (these things are yummy...and healthy too!) Glow-in-the-Dark Space Stickers Paintbrushes Hair clippies or Colorful tights (for little girls). Crayon Rocks Rainbow-Striped Leg Warmers A […]

5 Stocking Stuffer Ideas : For Young Children

The novelty of sorting through a stocking full of treats is enough to make any preschooler's heart pretty much explode with excitement and delight. I can just see my 3-year-old's face now. Her cheeks with be rosy, her eyes will be sparkling, her fists will be clenched from pure excitement, and she'll say, "Mommy! Look!" […]

Christmas Gift Guide continues...

As you know, my 2009 Christmas Gift Guide is currently underway. If you haven't had an opportunity to check out my gift ideas and giveaways, please do. All previously posted contests will conclude on Friday, November 27th. If you still have some shopping to do, stick around. I will be featuring several more fun options […]


The best thing about Christmas is...giving. Hands-down. After all, the season IS inspired by the Greatest Giver of All Time. Christmas is truly about generosity - clearing our calendars and our lives of clutter so that we can see the needs of those around us. It's about giving candid compliments, sincere smiles, heartfelt hellos, and...thoughtful, […]

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