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Day #4 EatSmart Precision Digital Body Fat Scale

I've learned a lot from my husband about body image. When we first started dating fifteen years ago, I was 16-years-old - a dancer, straight A student, newspaper editor, volunteer, dreaming of college and studying abroad. In spite of all this, I fretted over my weight and the foods on my plate. Fast forward to […]

Day #3 Jane Necklace by Chewbeads

Moms of teething babies: you've probably noticed that it's almost impossible to wear jewelry. Babies in the 4-12m age range are experts at yanking, chewing, biting, grabbing, and taste-testing everything in their reach. Instead of giving up on pretty accessories altogether, consider the options at Chewbeads. The Jane Teething Necklace is made up of 100% […]

Day #2 Silicone Loaf Pan by Mastrad

As the evening air turns crisper and twinkling lights appear on houses around town, I enjoy baking up cookies, muffins, and breads with the girls. Bread, we've found, makes an especially nice gift. We have a 4-mini loaf pan and also a larger silicone loaf pan by Mastrad. Tonight I whipped up pumpkin bread and […]

Day #1 Sahale Snacks & Seeds Family Worship

Don't be a humbug this Christmas! Get in the festive mood with delicious munchies and wonderful music. Learn about the Character of God with the Seeds Family Worship album of the same name. The 11 songs on the CD focus on 11 different attributes of God. Each song is written entirely from the Bible so […]

Metropolitan Mama's 12 Days of Giveaways

Welcome to December! Hope you've found some outstanding ideas in our 2012 Christmas Gift Guide. If you resonate with our family's style (simplicity, art, beauty, books, health), then please do stick around for 12 days of grand giveaways. They're all items that appeared in our gift guide. Bookmark this post and I’ll update as each […]


I love giving gifts all throughout the year. It's a thrill to brainstorm gift ideas for family & friends (I have a running list)...and then to figure out ways to surprise people with the things they want/need the most. I like receiving gifts too, but that's not as important. In fact, I wouldn't mind at […]

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