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Road Trip Gear to Make Your Kids Smarter and Healthier

If you've been following Metropolitan Mama for any length of time, you've probably discovered that our family LOVES road trips. In fact, it's often our preferred mode of travel. We've been to almost all 50 states by car over the last five years...with more trips planned in the coming months! Road-tripping is more affordable, allows […]

How We Travel :: Sunshine Kids Monterey Black Leather Booster

We try not to drive more than four hours on any given day.┬áBelieve me, that's PLENTY of travel time when you have two small children in the car. When we arrive at a destination, we like to stay put for 1 and 2 weeks. Of course, there are overnights here and there...but the longer stays […]

4 Road Trip Tips

It took us 6 hours flat to get from our house to Albuquerque, New Mexico. We only stopped once, a quick bathroom break alongside the road. Everyone was happy the entire time. In fact, it was the easiest road trip we've ever taken. Here are 4 things that kept us smiling on the way... 1. […]

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